Oh Dear Jesus!

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Jul 302007

Well you know how it is with these festivals.  Excess.  More excess and then another bit of excess.

Excessive amounts of excess.

When I ‘m a bit better, I’ll tell you all about the festival, and the lunatics we met and the Blind Boys of Alabama, and how we almost accidentally killed a major country star with a sniper rifle, and Tom Russell, and a man from Nashville with a big gap in his information, and Kristofferson who can no longer sing but is nevertheless better than ever, and mud, and Aimee Mann, and rain, and Richard Thompson, and old guys with huge spliffs, and Richmond Fontaine, and being up all night with the neighbours drinking beer and singing, and Steve Earle, and hip-flasks.

But for now, I’ll just leave you with one thought: aaaarrrggghhhh!

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    I used to fancy the chee-aps right off of Kris Kristofferson. Tell me, is he still all grizzly, hairy-armed manliness? Were knickers thrown?


    Well, let me put it to you this way Sam, if you’ll forgive my crudeness. There wasn’t a dry woman in the house.


    Nothing exceeds like excess


    Sounds like a good time was had.All the festivals here are cannccelled due to the situ but I heard after the even that nigel kenneddy did play a small venue.

    Maybe I will make it home for the banjo festival in Longford.


    An hour by hour one line summary, please! And is the caravan all right, or did yiz burn it on the way out?


    Yes, “on a Sunday morning side-walk wishing lord that I was …… . ”
    Y;-) Paddy


    Unless Alabama 3 were involved, I don’t want to know.

    And what kind of a man calls himself Kris? And appears in Blade? Good God.


    The path of excess leads to the Department of Corrections.

    You just mentioned several of my favorite people, I can’t wait to hear what happened.


    Sweary, a Kris is a wavy-edged Malay dagger… that may be the Blade connection.


    I thought with a post title like that you’d be off on a rant about the Dawkins book.


    Sounds great but I can feel your headache from here.


    Eolaí : Oh how fucking true

    MacDara: We’re having a piss-up in Limerick you’d be welcome to attend.

    Conan: I will, when the liver gets a small bit better

    Paddy: Steamed?

    Sweary: I can’t understand why they didn’t play at it. What was that about?

    Captain: I have every intention of it, just as soon as I aid my recovery by going out and drinkling to excess some more.

    Mr Darwin: You’ve been reading my mail.

    Rockmother: Maybe I could sell the concept to Dubya. Inflict hangovers remotely on Muslims. Great.


    When you figure it out, let me know.
    I want to inflict something remotely on Dubya.

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