The Jesus Christ Lizard

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Jul 182007

No. I don’t mean Charlie Haughey but it’s still the most ridiculous thing I ever saw, apart from the Preznit, of course. After you’ve finished laughing at this fucker, head on over to Cap’n Purplehead and enjoy the two John Prine songs he put up. Still relevant after all these years.

And I shamelessly stole this from Mulley. Sorry Mulley.

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    So that’s that. David Icke was kind of right. Jesus was a lizard?
    Got any film of him doing the water/wine gig, or up on the cross?


    jaysus fuckin christ! LMBO@ya’ll…i lost count of the fucks, cunts, shites..btw, wtf is up with the “ginger” stuff?

    i love you, man!


    Isn’t it just the best?


    Howesy: He was right. Cuba did actually sink. What a prophet!

    Savannah: ginger is what the Brits call red hair.

    Mr Mulley: Correct. It is the funniest thing ever.

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