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This is a section of the Shannon that flows through the University of Limerick campus:

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The University engaged the Eiffel company of France to build this footbridge which will wind its way between the little islands in the river:

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Work has been going on for quite a while now, and we’ve all been watching it develop with great interest, but recently, after what seemed like endless preparation, the deck sections arrived and were finally put in place.

I’m grateful to Squid for this time-lapse video showing the deck being assembled.

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    Looks like a gorgeous piece of architecture. I can’t wait to see it when I get home.


    I love your civic pride, Mr the Robber. It’s so at odds with just about everything else I know of you.

    Nice vid, though.


    John: I’ll put up a pic when it’s finished.

    Mr Stranded: Pride is important. Tell me what you know of me.


    Um, that would be telling?


    Wow, it’s so green. And there’s water.

    I feel like I’m living on a different planet. Our “rivers” are concrete channels with trickles of dirty sludge and litter and abandoned cars and shopping carts in them, and our “bridges” are ugly freeway overpasses.

    I’m jealous.


    Love the design of the bridge, Bock. It flows just like a river.


    That vid is brilliant, great way to capture the event! Little builders scurrying around and crawler cranes looking like kids toys! Brilliant!

    The bridge is gorgeous too. ;-)


    Fat Sparrow: I’m sure there are many green places in the USA, just as there are some littered, filthy places here. Don’t be too hard on your place: it’s probably all an illusion.

    Medbh: Indeed. I’ll keep you informed how it develops.

    Aisling: It reminded me of a strategy game. Command and Conquer, maybe.


    Excellent, an Eiffel tower for Limerick… except it’s a bridge. Hope it won’t have some horrid corporate name… like the Tony Ryan Bridge. Who gets to ‘open’ it?

    When I get the gondola going I must float down the river for gawk.


    For once, an excellent piece of architecture that has a purpose, instead of that humungous hypodermic that stands on O’Connell St as a testament to the junkies that live in it’s shadow.


    Conan: It will be called the Living Bridge.

    b3n: If you killed all the junkies, the spire would look fine.

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