Foot and Mouth Disease

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Aug 102007

Am I the only one worried about the fact that Britain’s fight against foot & mouth disease is being led by someone called Debbie Reynolds?

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    Sky news now theres a new suspected outbreak, outside the protection zone.


    So I see. Luckily we now have a United Ireland, with Ian Paisley defending Irish cattle resolutely. Definitely not British.

    And, eh, martin McGuinness. Oh, eh, and Gerry Adams.

    Oh, right. Ok.

    And Michelle Gildernew, Sinn Fein.

    What the fuck? Brits out, says Paisley.

    Dead on! says all the former unionist farmers.

    We agree with Ian, say the Provos.

    Aye, says Ian.

    What the fuck?


    Really it’s quite appropriate as Debbie’s an old hoofer.


    Yeah it’s a confidence thing. “How Can I Be sure?” as wee David Mullet used to say.


    Hi Mr.Bock. Gee I just got here from a Google search for “ireland lunatic foot and mouth fuck.” (viz. last few posts).


    Sure wasn’t she the mother of Princess Leia so she must have the force.


    Spare me, I thought I was having a psychic moment. Larry springs to mind.


    MJ: True enough. I didn’t think about it like that.

    Galwaywegian: It’s like somebody saying “and now, a briefing from Dr Fred Astaire”. No!

    Mr Darwin: Wel done for fucking finding us, blowjob, porn, fucking sailors, tits, Limerick.

    B3N: Jesus, you might be right there. Was that Debbie? Fuck me sideways, where’s Luke?

    Kit: Larry? Larry who?


    Hey, Gaywaywegian, why the hell would they ask for Dr Fred Astaire, it’s foot and mouth not a fire at an oil well…
    (It’s an old one but still fuckin’ great one…)

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