Fuck the government

I have to tell you something that mightn’t surprise you too much. I am really fucking pissed off about this Aer Lingus shit, though not for the reasons you might imagine.

No indeed. After all, as everybody has pointed out, Aer Lingus is a private company, and entitled to act any way it wants. That’s the way of the new world we live in. We’re all entitled to act any way we want as long as it makes us as much money as possible. In fact, it’s a philosophy I was discussing with my young son this very morning.

Son, I said, only one thing matters: self interest. There’s no such thing as social responsibility, nor ethics, nor any of that other shit. Money’s what matters. Oh, and power. Power too. Money and power, Son.

So, he said, when you get old and fucked and I want your money and your house?

Ah for fucksake, Bullet, I told him, have you learned nothing? When I get old and feeble and can’t fight you every morning like we do now, just kick me in the head and sling me into the cheapest shit nursing home you can find. Forge my signature and steal my house. That’s the way of the new Ireland. Got it, Son?

Fuck you, he replied, and kicked me in the head. He’s a good kid and I’m proud of him.

Anyway, Aer Lingus is headed by an accountant.

Let’s see now.

Conscience? Accountant?

Accountant? Conscience?

Nah. As they say here in Limerick, what would you expect out of a pig only a grunt?

The people I’m really pissed off at are not these drab grey bean-counters now running Aer Lingus, but, as usual, the demented, retarded, crooked, stupid, half-witted government we possess, whose leader lives on a different planet. The assholes who sold off Aer Lingus because of the PDs’ ideological belief in the goodness of the free market. It’s like believing in the goodness of a bear-pit. Let’s sell this fucking thing off, and the kind, generous free market will take its responsibility seriously.

Which it did, by promptly telling the Mid-West region of Ireland, with all its industry and all its citizens, to fuck off, as it’s fully entitled to. And what’s more, as was fully foreseeable when our half-witted government sold it off.

I’d like to remind you of another ideological decision, to sell off our national telecomms provider, including all its infrastructure. Thousands of small investors (though not me, in case you thought it was just sour grapes) bought shares in Telecom Eireann, and those same thousands of small investors were royally fucked when the shares immediately plummeted.

No bother, you might have thought. Why didn’t they just wait a while till the value rose again?

Because that’s not how it fucking works. Because a fucking asset stripper like Tony O Reilly could move in, buy a majority stake, and legally force all those small investors to sell their shares to him, at a loss! I swear to you, it’s true. While meanwhile, those miserable fucks in government continued taking their bribes from developers to fuck Dublin people in the arse by replacing their proposed town centres with gigantic fucking shopping centres, and our current prime mincer was up to his bollocks in accepting large dollops of cash, for fucking what? While another fucking crook of a minister, Burke, was accepting equally large amounts of dosh for giving our national energy resources away, free, to a crowd of murdering fuckers from Shell Oil! Is it any wonder I’m angry?

Or that I might be angry about our Prime Mincer locating a children’s hospital in the most unsuitable site in all Ireland because his former employers, the Mercy nuns , an oxymoron if ever you heard one, have something on him from his time working for them, the fucking gobshite? And as for the sick children and their families? Well, fuck ’em! Good man Bertie. Meanwhile, doing fuck-all about vested interests in the health service

Don’t let me stop there, for fucksake. The ghost of Haughey isn’t dead enough yet. The spawn of Haughey lives, undead, unjailed. Did you know that these fuckers signed a deal with the Catholic Church, bailing them out of almost all the money they would otherwise have to pay out for child abuse in institutions they ran? Did you know that the taxpayer has so far paid out €1.2 billion on behalf of the child-fuckers?

That’s leaving aside the casual assholery of e-voting stupidity and non-blowjobs.

For fucksake, is it any wonder I’d be angry?

Roads? Trains? That’s the least of our fucking problems in this fucking country as long as this crowd of crooks are in power.


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  1. Jesus Bock calm down before you have a heart attack. Step back from the brink, the service was profitable so there will be a clamour of Airlines looking to fill the Gap.

    And Sure isnt Belfast part of Ireland too ! By the way I have close links to the Airport down there and they would be far better off trying to improve the service too and from the Airport than harp on about being fucked about.

    If Knock can have an Airport then Shannon can get a railway to Limerick and Galway.

  2. Ah fuck it MacDara, every now and then it’s good to have a go at the fuckers. I haven’t done real ranting in a while.

  3. Loved the rant, although I am one of those free market believing fuckers. McDara is right, it’s profitable, and someone else will, ahem, “wing in”, and make some money servicing the Mid-West.
    Governments shouldn’t be running airlines or phone companies. Remember the bad old days when it took a few months to get a phone, or even though Aer Lingus serviced Shannon only the wealthy could afford flights. Guess who is running the health service – and look at the state of that. Of course the US free market Health Service is dreadful too. There has to be a middle ground.

    Question – Are there other Air lines currently flying the SNN/Heathrow route ? If not I will be pissed off! Thats how I convince my company to let me fly to to SNN instead of London direct, getting me a weekend in Limerick before business in London. No flight = me having to go direct.

  4. Sorry, but ‘free market’ is NOT an excuse for what’s happening here. The government, funded by us, alloted the Heathrow slots to Dublin, Cork and Shannon. This is the equivalent to a major piece of infrastructure. Over the years a lot of business and enterprise was built on this infrastructure. Sorry, but you can’t just close it. It’s like closing a road that has always existed.

    It is certainly worth asking why our government sold off ownership of these slots. As pointed out at the time they could’ve sold Aer Lingus, without letting go of the slots. And if this then made Aer Lingus worthless, then tough. So why did they hold on to 25% of Aer Lingus at all? Well basically so union members in Bertie’s north Dublin wouldn’t be screwed over by a deal like this, I guess. But the free market can rule in the mid-west, apparently. That’s okay.

    Also – one of the stated reasons the Ryanair take-over was blocked by the government was to protect the sacred Heathrow slots. That’s exactly what they said. They play the ‘national-interest’ card very selectively.

  5. You forgot the M3 through tara thing. If it’s not bad enough they’re assfucking us now in the present, they’re flattening any semblance of a proud history we might have. And lying to us about it… And they said after the woodquay incident that at least they’d learned their lesson. Lying fucks… There’s now two gangs of gardai in the country, beating the shit out of civilians and protesters in the name of government underhandedness. It’s grand though, it’s not like we need them on the streets or anything… Fuck sake…

  6. Excellent diatribe, Bock. It was so disheartening to read that thousands will lose their jobs over this move based solely on profit. Shannon is a lovely airport that was free of all the hostile “security” garbage you have to endure everywhere else. It was actually pleasant to visit when I was there in April.

  7. WJJ and Medbh: I have to go to bed, ok? I have a serious day ahead of me tomorrow. Just don’t ever get less than angry about the fuckers. Ever. Stay angry. Use the force. Or the farce – it’s your choice.

    Use the farce, Luke.

  8. its hardly free market if the Government pressured Aer Lingus to move its operation from seemingly profitable to underdeveloped, in the middle of nowhere, Belfast International.

  9. I couldn’t give a flying fuck for the Western Capitalist Military complex which is now impeded cause it’s lieutenants can’t get to their western capitalist military complex’s European capitals fast enough. Fuck them , let the fat fuck fucks swim.

    That said, I don’t know how this deal was done. A divisive move from a consensus Bertie is confusing. If he had to give something, why didn’t he take a slot from each of Cork , Dublin and Shannon ? There wouldn’t have be any outcry cause it would have been perceived as “statesmanlike”. He’s cobbled together a mix and match all sorts for his current government, secret deals left and right, all in the name of continuity. And now a move where he will alienate the whole south west of the country. I don’t fucking understand.

    The move itself has nothing, absolutely fucking nothing to do with Air Lingus management. This is pure politics, and high politics as Mikey Noonan called it .

    Does this leave the American troop movements to Iraq as the biggest single revenue earner in Shannon, now ?

    Willie O’Dea versus Michael Martin, Shannon slots versus Cork slots,a no brainer. Willie hides behind his moustache. Probably got the ministry for keeping stum. His current outrage as ever, is hilarious.

    What about our intrepid journos who all missed this . Fat dumb and happy from the tribunals, they missed the biggest story of the year when it was well known in Air Lingus for the past 9 months. If this move had been outed earlier it wouldn’t have happened.

    The timing of this is putrid and reeks of cowardice and opportunism. Shame on our elected officials. Cowardly cunts all of them.

  10. Sniffle & Cry, you don’t understand this from Bertie??
    I do. It’s utter complacency by a government heading for 15 years of uninterrupted power.

    It was bound to happen. Shur Bertie isn’t even going to fight the next election, what does he care anymore? I’m absolutely not a party man, but I know you’ve always got to keep politian’s on their toes. That’s why I voted Fine Gael. And would vote FF in future as need be.

    I shutter to think what else this government is going to get up to in the next five years!

  11. The free-marketeers John Mc and Macdara might like to explain how new Heathrow slots will be opened up to allow another carrier to exploit the business opportunity that exists.

    Air travel is a highly regulated market, not least (as Gary implies) by the limited infrastructure available.

    Of course, this was all entirely predictable but it didn’t stop the people of the mid-west voting in the usual plethora of FF gombeen men.

  12. My god, Bock … this place must be a great outlet for you altogether. If you couldn’t let off here you’d be clutching your chest and grabbing for an aspirin.

    Blog for your health, everyone!

    [This ad was brought to you by The Irish Heart Foundation]

  13. Ah now Bock there was no need to call that fucking asset stripper Tony O’Reilly by his common name.

    Show a bit more respect for the hungriest fucking asset stripper of them all, Sir Anthony O’Reilly.

  14. WJJ: Good

    Paul: Yeah. And they’ll suffer while we wait.

    Niall: Let’s ask the question loud and clear. Did this come from Bertie?

    S&C: Now we’ll see how Willie slithers out of it, the double-talking little shit.

    Gary: I wouldn’t be surprised if they invaded Iran.

    Copernicus: Dead right. It’s one of the weaknesses of the single transferable vote system (though there are many advantages too).

    Nora: You should try it.

    Kit: Stand up and fight.

    CologneMike: You’re right. I should have called him a fucking bollocks.

  15. Hiya

    I m living in Limerick since a year and work for a company based here who send products all over Europe.
    As a French we know whats means to lose jobs but if the Mid West start to lose some companies it ll be an excuse and you will all blame Air Lingus..

    Just one think I need to know: What a fuck compagnies in Mid west care about Air Lingus?

    For the fret??? they all works with DHL (Air Lingus was the worst in 2k6 to lose the luggages and the fret)
    For the people who needs to go to London, they can go to Stanstead by Ryan Air, or Heathrow via Dublin with BMI…
    Anyway if the connection between Heathrow and Shannon is SO valuable, dont worry an other conpany will make it.

    Air lingus’s decison may be criticise but all the drama around it, is bulshit!

  16. Great rant. Keep up the good work. Better still,get elected to Dail Eireann.! With Joe Higgins shafted by his own theres a vacancy.
    On second thoughts dont bother. Your only allowed a 3 minute diatribe there every 6 months.

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