Invading Iraq: Cheney’s Thoughts

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Aug 302007

Here’s what Dick Cheney said in 1994 about invading Iraq.

(Thanks to Grainne for the link.)

Meanwhile, here’s General Anthony Zinni’s take on how he saw things in the lead-up to the invasion. American Generals don’t come any more senior than this guy.

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    Such clarity and understanding! Where did it all go wrong?


    Wow, this guy really seems to have a firm grasp on the nuances of the middle eastern policy. It’s too bad we don’t have someone like him in the whitehouse right now…


    Yeah, where are they now. Colin Powell’s propaganda sale was crucial for getting the centre ground on message. Has he recanted yet?


    please put this up , remember talking about this over some brown sugar and the big ball


    Pure Evil.
    They want to destabilize the region while they rape, plunder, and loot for their personal gain. That’s what changed. They figured out a way to get to the oil.


    Nice to see there are still people who think Dick’s contradictory statements have any bearing on George’s thinking or the 30% of the US electorate who would still vote GOP even if Dick and George were caught doing rude things in a public lavatory.


    That 30% don’t know where they are or what they’re doing half the time. Have you seen this one?

    Miss Carolina


    Swiss Job: It’s a different Cheney. They’re now using the T-3000 model.

    Captain Smack: Indeed. Who is that masked man?

    Conan: I must look for some video of Anthony Zinni. That would be interesting.

    Joey: I’ll try and find a version without the intro and other comments in it.

    Medbh: Correct. Day is now night and black is now white.

    Dick: We have a somewhat similar hard core of true believers over here.

    Nora: That’s fuckin hysterical.

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