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Unlike most bloggers, I don’t normally make a list of crazy Google searches that brought people to this site, but I have to make some reassurances to one particular individual.

To the person who Googled “did Leonard Cohen kill his wife?”, the answer is no. He didn’t.

Hope that clears up any confusion.


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I have yet to make one of those Google search lists on my blog but when I do, you’ll be a part of it.

I’m sure someone was looking for you when they Googled these terms:

Photos of flaccid robber

Father Ted hairy baby picture

Well Bock, all that you have achieved in making your point on this issue is the even greater certainty that from here on in, every daft fucker who wants to google “did leonard cohen kill his wife?” will be google-directed to your blog!


MJ: They probably didn’t show it in Canada, but I reckon most of our Irish and British readers would agree that Father Ted is a candidate for funniest sitcom of all time. The Hairy Babies episode is definitely a candidate for Best of Father Ted.

Conortje: I know Leonard Cohen didn’t kill his wife, because I did!

Mr Dare: He once thought he could overthrow fascism through music, so you could have a point there. I’ll look into it.

Manuel: Nice picture to have in my head. Thanks.

Dr Thunder: I checked out your blog. It isn’t the shittiest ever. When are you moving to WordPress before Blogspot drives you crazy?

Mr Nut: Every lunatic comes here anyway.

Mr Headley: Sorry about what?

Mr Darwin: An album with the greatest song title of all time, produced by a maniac. Well remembered.

Sassy: Yeah. I did a post on bondage furniture that got a lot of traffic. I might post it again for the laugh.

Medbh: Well, it might be the end of a sentence.

“When selecting a Munster prop forward . . .”

“If you’re looking for a potential all-in heavyweight wrestling champion . . .”

“If you need somebody to drink twenty-five pints of beer . . .”

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