New Political Party in Ireland

Riddle me this: how do you know if something is located in Dublin?

Simple: it’ll have the word National at the start of its name.

The National Gallery.

The National Aquatic Centre.

The national broadcasting station.

The National College of Art and Design.

The National Museum.

The National Theatre.

The National Maternity Hospital.

The National Botanic Gardens.

The National Library.

The National Rehabilitation Hospital.

The National Concert Hall.


Then, of course, there are the International Financial Services Centre, the Central Bank, the headquarters of the GAA, the IRFU and the FAI.

Is anything national located anywhere else in the nation?

Well, at a rough approximation, no. There isn’t

Now, people will tell you there’s a very good reason for locating every significant public facility, every significant medical, academic and sporting facility in Dublin. A third of the population lives there, you’ll be told. (Which of course means that two thirds don’t, but we’ll leave that to one side for a minute.) Every day, more and more people are piling into Dublin, placing more and more strain on resources, and that’s why we have to locate everything in Dublin.

But of course, if you build it, they will come. And if you insist on having a spatial strategy that places all the nations’s resources in one single urban area, it’s bound to swell up like a rotten pumpkin, isn’t it? Dublin now occupies the same land area as Los Angeles, if you can believe that, and this sprawl has eaten up more than half of the entire budget for Ireland’s transport needs for the next five years. More, in fact, when you see that all of the motorways are also laid out so as to service Dublin by radiating out from it to the other towns and cities of the nation. In addition to that, all the railway lines do the same thing.

Is this insane or what?

Combine this with a dangerously parochial and condescending attitude towards the rest of us, among Dublin-based politicians, journalists, judiciary and all the usual smuggorati of any capital city, and you have a very worrying recipe for social exclusion.

It’s obvious that the government couldn’t give a toss about any Irish citizen who lives in the Western half of this country. We exist solely to provide votes and taxes. Our local infrastructure and industry are irrelevant to central government, as is the quality of our lives, and the current Shannon debacle is only a single example among many.

We don’t matter: it’s that simple as you can see by reading any of the dismissive comments on any of the discussion boards.

So where does that leave us?

Well, I have a suggestion.

For years, we’ve seen in Ireland how a single-issue candidate is courted by governments, fawned and scraped over. Placated and bribed. Despised, maybe, but nevertheless indulged.

Good. If it can work for one, it can work for many.

Since the Dublin establishment offer us a big, cheery Fuck You!! let’s offer them one back.

Let’s establish a Mid-West party and let’s fling out all of the miserable self-serving crooked government-party politicians who offered us that cheery Fuck You!! as they headed off to shove their snouts into the Dublin gravy trough. The same miserable fuckers who are too cowardly now to stand up and say no, on behalf of their constituents. Who, if they had the slightest hint of guts, would make Shannon Airport a general election issue and vote against their own slithery leader if necessary.

For years, we’ve had crooked Fianna Fail governments propped up by every sort of goose-milker and heron-strangler. I wonder what they’d do if they saw half a dozen of their precious local representatives flung out of office for their feebleness, and replaced by half a dozen angry people? Let’s establish a shamelessly selfish Mid-West Party, dedicated to bringing home as much of the cash as we can force from the government, for infrastructural, health, cultural and educational projects here.

If they want a new East-West repartitioning of Ireland, let’s give it to them.

If naked political greed can bring so much benefit to the East coast, well, two can play that game.

Vote Mid-West!


kick it on

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Why does it have to be a mid-west party Bock? Why not a ‘Not Dublin’ party and portion the wealth out fairly to the rest of the country. I’m sick of Dundalk getting all of the funds allocated to Co.Louth just because that other Ahern cunt is from there while the great historic town of Drogheda (Ireland’s largest town I might add) gets fucking nothing time and time again!!

Agree on all counts, but I think your ‘Mid-West’ moniker is too limiting. How about The Real Ireland Party (echoes of John Hinde), The Provinces Party, The Fine Here Party, or (my favourite!) The National Party. We could use Dublin Zero as our postcode, as in ‘Ireland 1 – Dublin 0’.
National Monument

Mr Nipple: Because, as I said, we have to counter nakedly greedy parochial Dublin-based Fuck-You politics with nakedly greedy parochial Mid-West based Fuck-You politics.

Mr Darwin: It has to be a local movement to put pressure on the invertebrate politicians we currently have. It has to be obviously self-interested and contemptuous of the rest of the country. This is the New Partition.

Anyway, as you know well, a party with national in it will dissipate most of its energy campaigning against sex shops and shouting things at immigrants. I like the monument though.

Branedy: I’m not running. I’ll be the Karl Rove of this movement. When sober enough.

Remind me, where did they put the National College Of Physical Education again? And the national Technological Park? And where would you find the National Self-Portrait collection? And the national Coaching and Training centre?

Fuck off down to the Dock Road for yourself and get a few rusks from the National Rusks Company and have a think about it. If there was to be a Nationall Institute for Stabbings and Shootings, where would you put it?

PS There was a head found in a bag in Dublin today. The gardai are looking for someone missing a head. Maybe they should be looking for someone missing a bag?

The Bolted Nut

Benny: The national Stud is 28 miles from Dublin and that’s only because they couldn’t find a field in Dublin that was free of syringes.

Mr Nut: Does the NCPE still exist? I thought it was subsumed into UL. The National Technological Park is a load of shite, and the national Self-Portrait collection is like national guitars and National Steel: outside the scope of the present discussion, not being in any way government-driven. National Rusks, I think, might fall into the same category of irrelevance, though no doubt you’ll have some fact to fling back at me. The next thing you’ll be talking about is the National Ballroom, and the National Bakery Company.

If there was a National Institute for Stabbings and Shootings (NISS) it would, of course have to be based in the National Capital. In the National Interest.

Just as well it wasn’t a handbag.

“Let’s establish a Mid-West party and let’s fling out all of the miserable self-serving crooked government-party politicians who offered us that cheery Fuck You!! ”

It’s being doNe Bock. It was called the PD’S.

LOL you just post your idea and the first two responses are already disagreeing. Where will the HQs be Bock?

I have a question.

Since two thirds of the population don’t live in Dublin, does that mean 2 thirds of the TDs didn’t get elected in Dublin?

If this is so, then how is it that they aren’t representing their constituents but, still get elected.
Using the logic that, TDs will do anything to get elected, I conclude that the people of the South and West are either content with their situation, or are too stupid to do anything about it.
If you want investment, demand it. If you don’t get it then make sure your representative feels your wrath.
That is how Democracy* works isn’t it?

*I have no faith in Democracy

Mr Help-us: The PDs were just FF Lite.

Dan Dare: It’ll have to be somewhere deep in the Mid-West, I suppose.

Niall: That’s my point exactly. Kick ’em out! Replace the bastards!

Maybe you’re right. A blatantly self-interested parochial party is the way to go.
By the way, I found another ‘National’ exception, but by JAYZ it’s a hard thing to do! For every one outside Dublin, there’s fifty inside the stockade. The National Folk Theatre of Ireland

If you’re voting on geography what’s wrong with voting out the representatives of a constituency if they don’t represent the constituency they were voted in to represent? Wouldn’t they learn quick enough then?

Eire Nua wasn’t all bad.

Manuel:That shower of fuckers wouldn’t last five minutes.

Eolaí: That’s the idea, only on a wider scale. But it’s more than that. It’s about establishing an unashamedly self-interested local party. It seems to be the only way to go in this country.

Is there any National Park in Dublin Bock, heh? No. And what about Bord na gCon? Bord na gConts might be more appropriate but at least they are outside the Pale.
See you in the pub tomorrow as usual after I collect my dole. Can’t wait around though, I have a wall to build.


mmm.. wat about ur policies? are u right wing, centre, left? and hasnt the government already intoduced de-centralisation but nobody want 2 leave dublin cause theres nothin to do beyon the so called ‘pale’? wat about the endless housin estates bein built in the middle of nowhere with no schoos or shops or a proper infrastruture? ave u seen dublin? Its a kip, endless housin estates with no amnieties?!! wat the fuck?! The only consolation is that now the houses market is turnin for the worst and these ‘builders’ (u’ve kept FF in gov) are loosin their bullshit low skilled jobs and the fuckwits who bought these houses/apartments to rent as an investment r goin broke! haahah!

hi, want to play with me on pat the copes seat in donegal with the new island party, the party that you cant join, issue based only like fantasy football, but how would you ensure donegal voters who have been bought off by fianna fail for years would actually engage in the notion of issue based democracy, more pain may be required.

ann sweeney love your irreverance

The Little Poland Party ?
Seeing as they clean up two billions a year out of this country in dole, rent and childrens allowances just by jetting into Dublin Airport .
Wouldn’t it be lovely if we got all that money every week from the good ol USA just by flying into JFK :-)

Interesting. I always ask for sources when commenters quote figures because you wouldn’t believe how much shit people make up off the top of their heads. Could you let us have your source please?

Dole : 200 Euro per week per person.
Rent Allowance 120 Euro per week per person.
Childrens allowance : Average 50 Euro per week per person .
CWO payments : Average 30 Euro per week per person .

Total social welfare bill per annum per person , taking a rough figure of 100,000 immigrants claiming now ( there’s probably more ) .

100 x 52 x 400 = 2080000000 Euro = 2.08 billion Euro per year .
So , minimum of two billions Euros , QED .

Interesting. The 2006 vcensus shows a total of 163,227 residents from the rest of the EU, excluding the UK. Of these, 112,806 are listed as Catholic, which is the religion claimed by the overwhelming majority of Poles. These figures indicate a Polish population of approximately 100,000 prior to the crash when they began to return to Poland. But let us assume that none of them went back. In that case, your calculations indicate that all Poles are on the dole.

Where is your source for this assumption?

Creative use of a calculator there – you should run for Finance Minister in the next government.

Any chance that you’d have the figures to hand for the contribution that these same people made in taxes, PRSI, levies, etc. when they were working, Michael?

– and I won’t go into Health , Hospital , Education costs , probably the same again with medical cards , prescriptions , free education to third level , we see two-thirds of the 6 billions to be cut and taxed in tomorrow’s budget .
Meanwhile the Polish Government , for instance , pays 145 Euro a month dole per person , fiver a week childrens allowance , though they’re twice as wealthy as us .
The two Brians had better go and have a friendly chat with the Polish and other such governments to try to get them to pay their citizens at least enough to live in their own country , with their own families , as I believe they would much prefer .

First of all I am talking about the dole , for which no contributions are paid or necessary .
Of course those who paid PRSI are entitled .
Bock, the 2006 census was taken after only about over a year after Poland and the others acceded to the EU , and even then only three EU countries undertook to pay them social welfare , Ireland , the UK and Denmark .

In 2008 before the crash there were an estimated 400,000 Eastern Europeans in Ireland , out of which approx 80,000 on the dole , 46,000 plus Polish persons on the dole here . These are the last figures available before the crash.
There are no further classifications officially issued since the crash to the best of my knowledge .
I am not criticising these people , if I were Polish on the dole in Poland I would probably do the same .

I am criticising their government for being cruel , hard -hearted , even brutal and inhuman . We did all we could for them while we were making hay , we can’t now that we’re bust – while the Polish Government is amongst the wealthiest in the EU .

I have no objection towards trying our level best to pay incoming black immigrants fromAfrican countries or people from the Third World, whose governments have nothing . In fact I think that’s what we’re here for .

But we should not have to pay for the inhumanity of Eastern Euiropean governments , such as the Polish Government . They should be warned by the EU , if it was any good!

Bock , there are no sources, our own government has made certain of that .
The calculations I offer are simple arithmetic based on projected figures .
Even the UK government cannot say how many Eastern Europeans are presently in the UK !

As you know such censi are only taken about every five years .
The next such census should be next year then , 2011 .

But I doubt if anything like this will be allowed to get out .

I want to add that I also have no objection to thousands of UK citizens now here for the better Irish dole , as England stood by us in our mass emigrations , and I think we owe them for that .

But I do feel that an official meeting about this between the Irish Government and the Eastern European governments is long overdue , and also to put pressure on them to enable their own cirizens to live in some dignity and decency at home rather than being hunted out of their homelands . I believe that those who are paying the piper , the Irish , UK and Danish governments muct all put pressureon them , and on the EU to force them to conform to recognised norms in social justice , rather than making it impossible for all these people to live in decency and dignity at home .

BTW I don’t see why their religion is quoted here or what relevance that would or should have.

I am sure the CSO Would have the exact figures you seek .
But even if the problem is proven by those CSO figures to be half what I project , we are still paying out a Billion Euros a year in social welfare alone that the Polish Government should be paying out , not our government , and happy and proud to pay it too if they were any kind of a reasonably concerned government at all .
I also think that it’s a scandal that Romanian people here do not qualify for some sort of decent assistance from us , as they have absolutely nothing as you can see , nor has their government – I pay them what few Euros I can when I see them in our streets , poor people, but I can’t keep it up or I’ll be looking for assistance myself!
Fair is fair, I believe that these Polish governments have a lot to answer for :-)

For now , until I get the exact present figures from our CSO , which I hope to do , we are paying out between one and two billions per year to these Polish exiles cast out by their own government to wander where they like , as they do .
My point is that we can’t keep on doing it , that either ourselves , the UK and the Danes will have to seek urgent meetings with the Polish Government , or the EU will have to do something about this , which is now assuming an epidemic of refugee proportions throughout Western Europe.

A few Polish people I asked and talked to about this recently told me that they’ hope to head for Canada next . Meanwhile their government is coining it – and a couple of them actually agreed with me about the cruel and callous nature of their own Polish Government in this regard .

Michael — It isn’t up to me to go looking for CSO figures in support of your claims. Until you have statistics for Polish unemployment in this country, you have no basis for discussion.

Aw shucks , Bock , the dogs in the street know it :-
It’s just not quite’ PC’ is it . to mention it at all !

When you address such matters you must differentiate , else you’ll end up paying for everybody . This ‘ Pcism’ is totally contradictory in that it actually differentiates people itself on national, racial, religious and cultural differences !
But it never adresses itself to inhuman governments responsible .
Any Polish Government worth its salt would be happy and glad to look after ots own people , therefore it stands condemned.
Anyway , I’ll get on to the CSO myself first thing tomorrow.

But in the meantime neither you nopr anybody else can defy the fact that there are at least two millions of Polish people spread right across Western Europe, mostly in France, the UK and Ireland .

And all the fault of their own wealthy government and economy that does not want to know them , now or ever .
Failure to address such problems because of PCism is not the answer .
Now I hear proposals for us to cease Overseas Aid , wonder will PCism mention that ? They won’t even bring it up, much less object as I have to my TD .
The fact is that even more are arriving here , and into the UK and France, and nobody in their right minds are travelling to Ireland for jobs!
They are a people economically driven out of their own country by the policy of their own government . Why else did they tell me the subhuman rates of welfare in Poland , which I checked , and found sadly to be true.

The Polish Government is now in a better position economically than every other State in the EU except Germany !

Michael — When you get logical about this we can have a discussion, but for now, it’s finished. I have better things to do with my time.

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