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Isn’t it great?  We’re back into this shit again.  As the Dickler was remarking to me last week, it’s nine full months of rugby, but that’s because he’s a rural fucker in a rural fucking place where they play only rugby, so he can fuck off.  In other rural parts of County Limerick, it might surprise you to learn, they also play hurling, and tomorrow we have the semi-final of the All-Ireland hurling competition.

Jesus, I really must put up a video of hurling for our international visitors.

[Note to Bock: show hurling video!]

Of course, today we had the rugby friendly with Scotland which didn’t go well.  At all.  Not in the slightest. At all at all, in fact.

They won, and that isn’t the sort of information we really need in advance of a World Cup, though in truth I’m driven to agree with Filthy Richie’s analysis of the situation.  We’re fucked.

Hard to disagree with Filthy Richie’s view when you examine the performance of the Irish players.  Paddy Wallace is a complete disaster at Number 10 and, if we ever, by any fluke, manage to meet New Zealand, and if there’s a God in the universe, which there isn’t, will this non-existent God please fire a thunderbolt  straight at Paddy Wallace before we suffer the national humiliation of this fool meeting the sublime Dan Carter?  Please, non-existent God?

Oh!  In case you missed it, Scunthorpe United drew with league favourites Charlton, one-all.  Not a bad result for Scun.  Not bad at all.

I don’t know much about GAA, but I hope Limerick win tomorrow.  Come on, lads!!  Or something.

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You might get a surprise. Remember, these guys have jumped from League Two to Championship in two years, and Nigel Adkins is an absolute revelation as manager.

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