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Why Aer Lingus is leaving Shannon

Aer Lingus operates full flights into and out of Shannon every day. It will also operate full flights into and out of Belfast every day.

So what’s the difference?


The Shannon route carries a mix of passengers, some of whom have just arrived at the ticket desk and bought a fare at the top price. Others have booked months ahead and got their tickets at a very low cost. The rest are somewhere in between.

The Belfast flights will be packed with civil servants and politicians frantically shuttling back and forth to London in the new euphoria of a Northern Ireland where Paisley thinks he’s Irish and Gerry Adams is a Unionist.

These civil servants and politicians couldn’t give a flying fuck what a ticket costs and they’ll all be paying top dollar, meaning plenty of extra cash per flight for Aer Lingus. Furthermore, because these politicians and civil servants are all dealing with Westminster, they want to go to Heathrow so they can take the Tube straight there.

That’s the reason our government acquiesced so meekly to this proposal. It suits their new agenda, which is the repartitioning of Ireland. The North-South divide is finished. Now we have the East-West partitition, where all resources will be concentrated in the Eastern half of the country, and the West will be left as some kind of theme park, and maybe a source of holiday homes for Tribunal people.

You know something about this new repartitioning? You won’t see any Provos out on the streets throwing petrol bombs in protest this time because the plan suits them, and it’s going to make them all rich. Lucky old Provos. So much for their slogans about a United Ireland.


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Damn those uppity Northerners, getting some jobs.

“You won’t see any Provos out on the streets throwing petrol bombs in protest this time because the plan suits them, and it’s going to make them all rich.”

How’s that then? Eh?

Manuel: That’s a bit unfair. I’d be delighted to see Northerners getting jobs if it didn’t involve job losses for this region.

As for the money, I think the Stormont thing is going to be one huge gravy train for some prominent individuals, and mark my words, you will not hear any complaints from Sinn Fein about unbalanced development of this country.

Badgerdaddy: Do you reckon they’d prefer Gatwick?

That’s a good question… If they start flying to the City of London airport, you’ll have them bang to rights, I reckon.
Heathrow or Gatwick, they’ve both got ‘Xpress’ trains into London – half an hour faster than regular trains, slightly more frequent and four times as expensive. I wish I were an accountant, thinking up japes like that.

I’m burbling.

Aer Lingus decision to move the four Heathrow slots to Belfast will have seriously negative economic implications for the mid-west. After all the hoo-ha of the National Development Plan and the linking of the west through rail and road infrastructure the carpet is thus ripped from under the feet of the gleeful Willie O’Dea faithful. From the moment Aer Lingus was privatised this was there was a real danger that this could happen: that our ‘national carrier’ would cease to be a ‘national carrier’ and would do as it has just done i.e. examine its options abroad (I know I might anger some ardent nationalists here but Belfast is outside this state!). One always has to question the wisdom of an island nation selling off its only state-owned airlink to private intersts (oh, sure, jaysus, we could be held to ransom.. oh wait! NO!) The fact that our short-term thinking politicians who floated Aer Lingus in the first place are not around to answer the questions is just further testament to how miserable and cowardly they really are. They don’t care about anything now that they have successfully fooled the gombeen people of Ireland to elect them for another painful five years. By the time the next elections come around we’ll probably have swallowed some opiate sweetener such as the SSIA and vote them in again.
I have no objections to Belfgast growing an developing, I have no objections to Aer Lingus, a private company (although the state is a major share-holder) deciding where and how it will do its business, I do, however, object to the government absolving themselves of responsability for the negative impact this will have on Clare, Limerick, Galway and further afield. It is the direct result of the sale of Aer Lingus… once again, short term gains somehow win out over long-term prosperity. We are a nation of amadán-leath pingin Paddies and we reap what we sow!

Jesus, in my vanity I just re-read my typo-ridden rant, the fury overcame me, sorry about that. The fury continues!

Where , oh where is Dirty Willie?

Say you knew that it was likely to come to a stage when you may have some back-benchers in your own party voting against you if a motion was proposed by Fine Gael and Labour that, (taking a forinstance) a decision to combine the governments voting percentage with Ryanairs voting percentage giving an Aer Lingus board majority and reverse a decision like this? Say, this decision was made ages ago as a sweetener to REV. IAN (who is clasping the red hands with glee..) maybe now we also know why Teffy Teeshock needed the Greens as extra numbers when he really didn’t need them, Hell it would reduce our Carbon Footprint wouldn’t it if Shannon had to close and all those durty manufacturing industries had to go with it over the next few years???

Combine that with the fact that it is likely that another major employer in the Mid-West is likely to be departing, on the plus side taking the dirtiest, most polluting and most poisonous industry known to man with it but also on the minus side many many jobs along with those which ARE going to be lost because of this decision.

Exactly how many FF Mid-west TD’s are there anyway, has anyone done the sums? Would the Government be likely to lose such a vote and have to go forward with the motion if it was proposed by the opposition? I’m beginning to think that maybe the idea of a East West partition is looking very likely. Just do the sums from some of Bocks previous posts in regard to the amounts of money being spent on infrastructure on Dublin Vs. everywhere else in the country and you’ll get quite a scare.

Yes you can say that this is extrapolating a lot but it fits nicely as a conspiracy theory anyway…Now someone more intelligent than me can put these things together and come up with 5..

Hell we’ll all be travelling to Cork for a flight to Heathrow even if it’s only over to London for a flaming Munster Match….. (I’ve even used Aer Lingus from Shannon to Heathrow to get to Leicester, it being cheaper even after car hire than a Ryanair flight to East Midlands for the game…)

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