An Oldie But A Goodie

Knock! Knock!

Who’s there?


Bang-Bang-Bang-Bang-Bang who?


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4 thoughts on “An Oldie But A Goodie

  1. Bock I was blogging today about the non carrying of the Irish flag by the rugby team. This is the first time I noticed it but it seems its been going on a good while. Do you know if that is true and when they started ?

  2. I am reminded of the old joke:

    Monsignor Horan wanted a celebrity to perform the grand opening of his new basilica at Knock.

    First he asked the then leader of Fianna Fáil, C.J.Haughey. He couldn’t do it.

    Then he asked that famous local politician, Pee Flynn. He wasn’t available either.

    His third choice was the Virgin Mary. He called her up and she agreed.

    She descended from the clouds on the appointed day and addressed the multitudes.

    If she had known Knock was such a beautiful place, she said, she would have come before.

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