Greenspan Speaks Out

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Sep 172007

I see Alan Greenspan reckons the Iraq war is all about oil.

I see.  Would that be Alan Greenspan, former chairman of the Federal Reserve, and not some other Alan Greenspan?  Maybe it’s Alan Greenspan, a raving overthrower of all that is decent and good and American and freedom-loving in this world?

No.  It would be the first Alan Greenspan who thinks the Iraq war is all about oil.  You know?  The guy who was head of the Federal Reserve private banking cartel that runs American fiscal policy?

Yes.  That  Alan Greenspan.

Anyway, Alan Greenspan, in his memoirs, has said that he thinks the Iraq war was for oil, and not because Iraq threatened the USA in any way, which of course, as we all know, it didn’t.  At all.  Ever.

I can’t wait for the reaction.

What’s Cheney going to do?  Shoot him?  Maybe they’ll treat him to a spot of extraordinary rendition, or maybe they’ll patriot-act him.

Maybe they’ll call him a Commie, the unpatriotic, radical old former-head-of-the-federal-reserve.

Jesus, when these bankers retire, they sure turn into dangerous old terrorists, don’t they?


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    I wouldn’t say it was ALL about oil……… was also about profits for arms manufacturers and defence suppliers. So, not COMPLETELY about oil………………….


    Weel he didn’t really mean to say that at all, of course. He furiously backpedals here.


    It would have been nice had he said something before. He even said that he was disappointed in Cheney. I expect he’ll be in an accident soon.


    The US media are all joking about how everyone already knew it was all about the oil. Funny how they weren’t saying so five years back! In fact, I was menaced, gassed, and truncheoned by the DC police for carrying a placard saying so on several different occasions.

    I’d love to see Alan Greenspan dosed with gas.

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