I wasn’t going to write about this. I just wasn’t because it doesn’t bear thinking about, but in the last few days the whole thing has become insane, and you know what’s really pissing me off? All the self-righteous experts over here, nudging and winking, passing judgement on the McCanns, with absolutely no information whatever to go on. Not that ignorance ever stopped a lynch-mob.

How do I know they have no information? Because the Portuguese police seem to have no information either. What’s going on over there in Portugal? I can’t figure it out. Do you know what’s going on, and if so, would you mind telling me?

What are the police saying? That Kate McCann killed the little girl?

Oh right. So they were out at dinner, when suddenly Gerry McCann, slaps his forehead. Shit! I forgot to murder the child before we went out.

Don’t worry, Love, soothes Kate. I’ll nip back to the apartment now and do her in while you’re finishing your dinner.

I feel such a fool, says Gerry.

Don’t worry about it, chuckles Kate. I’ll be back in a jiffy.


Scenario One: The child was abducted. This has not been ruled out.

Scenario Two: The child was accidentally killed in the apartment. OK. Why would they even try to hide it? Why would they go through this charade of having dinner with their friends?

Scenario Three: The child was murdered. by the McCanns.That makes no sense at all to me. Parents take their three children on a family holiday to a popular Algarve resort, but change their mind and murder one of them.

The cameras of the entire world have been pointed at these people since the child went missing. I find it very hard to believe that anyone could so thoroughly dispose of a body in such a short time that the following gigantic search failed to find it.

The latest innuendo concerns an allegation that traces of blood were found in a car the McCanns hired twenty five days after the little girl disappeared. Oh well there you have it then. They’re guilty!

Eh, no. Not quite.

First, we don’t know how the samples were collected, or how the chain of evidence was protected. We also don’t know whether the parents’ clothing was already contaminated with blood from some innocuous nosebleed or the like. And finally, Portimao is not a big place. It is not beyond the bounds of coincidence that the McCanns might have hired a car previously used by an abductor. It would be an appalling irony if this turned out to be true, but it’s far from impossible.

However, this is straying dangerously close to rigorous thinking and, of course, logic is the last thing that scandal-mongers and finger-pointers want, because it spoils their fun.

I don’t know if the McCanns killed their child. I hope they didn’t but I don’t know yet. Just like the self-righteous finger-pointers don’t know while they beat their breasts and tut-tut at the McCanns for being bad parents.

It must be great to be perfect.


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  1. Sounds like the Jonbenét case all over again. On a different note (not to sound callous but) how many people have gone missing around the world since Maddy, that we haven’t heard of–or is only the cute little white girls we care about? (Rhetorical question. Ans:yes).

  2. Spot on, Bock. There’s no circus like a media circus and the subject matter rarely matters. The McCanns have only gotten a break when Posh Spice gets a new hair do.

  3. Oh it’s tiresome all right, Bock. There’s a whole slew of ‘I always knew there was something funny about them…’ doing the rounds, even though it’s perfectly bloody normal to question the parents. I”m going to reserve any finger-pointing until there is something to point at.
    Now, I must attend to my hangover. Good day to you.

  4. Bock, check what the Portuguese websites are saying: 1) Portuguese police are forbidden by local law to talk about an ongoing investigation; this pisses off the media, who has turned against the police, blaming them for obeying the local law… 2) The McCanns are blamed for leaving three kids under 4 unattended while they go out to dinner; they could wake up and cry, get out of bed and do all kinds of things that could get themselves injured without being cared for by an adult; 3) Could the parents have killed Madeleine? Yes, and tragic as it seems, there have been many other terrible cases in the recent past. A woman in the US launched a nation-wide search for her missing child a couple of years ago, and three days later confessed to having killed her (just an example); 4) the speculations in Portugal are: a) the McCanns planned to forge an abduction with an accomplice, they drugged their kids so the acomplice would kidnap Maddy while they had dinner, but something went wrong and Maddy got killed, the whole media hype is a cover-up; b) the McCanns drugged their kids so they wouldn’t wake up while they were out dining, but Maddy died by accident and the whole media hype is a cover-up. So far, nobody knows what happened, so let’s not point fingers at the McCanns, but let’s also not point fingers at the Portuguese police… Pointing fingers at the police in L.A. got O.J. cleared of a murder, which now everybody believes he actually committed…

  5. I’m with Nando on the Portuguese police. I reckon they are doing their job, perhaps the only problem is the time it’s taken for them to do certain things – ie, is the chain of evidence intact in every respect.

    If the Irish and British police kept their traps shut and processed cases in a similar manner I believe we’d be happier with them. I recall your reaction to the O’Reilly conviction. I agreed with you on that.

  6. Darwin: that thought crossed my mind too. There’s a touch of the World Vision mindset about it all. Adopt a child, forget about the bigger problem.

    Cap’n P: Precisely! Media bullshit.

    badgerdaddy : I must get advice from you on being perfect. We could compare our perfections. Or perfect our comparisons.

    fatmammycat : Squinting windows, I tell you!

    nando1301: I’m not ctriticising the police. I’m having a go at the people here who haven’t a clue what’s going on but still feel entitled to blame the McCanns.

    Conan: Like I said, I’m not saying anything about the police, although if the most recent assertions are true – that they offered Kate McCann a deal – I’d be worried.

  7. Bock,
    I’d agree with the last poster in that there could be a far more sinister aspect to this latest development. There has been another case of a disappearing child with detectives being charged with serious crimes in regard to the investigation and the way it was handled and also with beating a confession from the mother amongst other things, a bit too a lá donegal for my liking.

    Have we considered a chance that someone in the legal system may be involved in an abduction? Similar to questions raised by you before in relation to Dalkey. Could something else be taking place here?

    Anyway to be honest who knows exactly what is going on, firing muck in all directions is becoming a media habit, take the poor misfortune whose reputation is in tatters after being the first suspect.

  8. I can’t be bothered reg’ing on p45 to fight the fight, but I do agree 100% with you.

    Another reason I think it’s likely they’re innocent:

    They’re not stupid people. If they *had* killed the kid, there’s no way in hell they’d have concentrated that much media attention on the case for so long.

  9. I have many thoughts on this but I’ll try to keep it short and not say everything I’m thinking:

    An item to throw into the mix: there have been *suggestions* that the McCanns were sedating the children and that maybe Madeleine died accidentally from this. *If* that had happened, they would probably both be struck off, as doctors. This could — in theory — be a cause for a cover-up, if people panicked.

    Don’t forget that the child was not seen publicly from 2.29pm on the day of the night she allegedly disappeared. So, there were hours available between that and dinner, if some accident or other occurred, not necessarily with sedation.

    I wish the McCanns no harm. None of us has enough info regarding the forensic evidence the Portuguese police say they have. But I understand that there are quite a number of British detectives working closely with them. And out of respect for Portuguese law, they are saying nothing. I happen to think that the xenophobic reaction in the UK to the police in Portugal has been nothing short of disgusting.

    The McCanns’ media spokesperson has her own PR business, and apparently after her arrival the campaign got a little too “slick” for some people. [Of course some UK media would prefer to follow this story than handle more difficult topics, like the deaths of British soldiers in Afghanistan while the opium crop there continues to multiply and provide most of the world’s heroin.]

    “… the initially well-meaning, but now ill-advisedly slick publicity campaign being masterminded by failed Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate and party activist Justine McGuinness — a freelance PR who recently had to be dissuaded from arranging a photocall for Kate McCann at a Portuguese orphanage.”


    Maybe their media campaign got out of hand, or even out of their control.

  10. MacDara: Thanks. I try to stay drunk as much as possible.

    Tskwarek: Interesting link. Thank you for that.

    Zucchini: Another interesting angle. However, my complaint is about the rush to judgement. Thwe McCanns might be responsible. I don’t know, but neither does anyone else.

    Alastair: Yeah. But the media campaign seems to be a major factor in people’s antipathy towards them.

    Nora: As I said, we don’t know who did what. I wish people wouldn’t be so quick to point fingers without knowing anything about the facts.

  11. Family now back in Britain and requesting privacy.

    I must inhabit a different planet – they have driven a concerted publicity campaign for months and now want it turned off, just like that, in Britain of all places?

  12. Maybe, but then on the planet I inhabit I don’t recall ever thinking it a good idea that children – of that age, or a good deal older – be left alone for any length of time in separate premises.

    In other words, in the absence of someone found culpable for the disappearance of their child, thay had to expect the focus to shift back on them for they are – at least – culpable for the circumstances which allowed person or persons unknown to make off with their daughter. Maybe they’re not that bright?

    If the Portoguese police are working with a time framework in which there is no third party verification of the child’s presence after (approx) 2.30pm then they have to question the parents’ account.

  13. Agreed. I would never leave a child unattended. For fucksake, I have a teenager who feels oppressed because of the scrutiny he’s under. But I don’t think anyone suggests that the McCanns are blameless in the whole thing. Their idea of child-minding borders on the insane. However, that doesn’t make the self-righteous finger-pointing any less nauseating, in my opinion.

  14. tbh.. I would never ever leave a child unnattended in an apartment on holiday to go out to a restraunt. Who cares if its on the other side of the road?! I dont blame them for abducting her whilst eating im just saying they should take some responsibility.

  15. The porto police are trying to say the McCanns drugged the child so she woundnt wake up while they were dining. Read it in a paper somewhere looking for it now.

  16. Ciaraa: Nobody is saying the McCanns are blameless. They fucked up in a big way.

    Turf: Yes. I heard that. The Portuguese police are saying a lot of things off the record, much like our own police do.

  17. I respond to bock at P45, where he posted on the same topic using the same pseudenom.

    Read the last comment at

  18. “In the vast majority of cases, harm done to children comes from the hands of parents, carers and people within the family.
    Also the last people who report seeing someone alive are well worth looking at.
    The McCanns fall into both categories here and will have always been near the top of the list of suspects.”

    That’s a former British detective. It makes sense to me. There is no evidence whatsoever of abduction.

    As for leaks from the Portuguese police: I’ve read that they *have* leaked information in the past few weeks, quite deliberately, in order to put pressure on the parents. And that they have been keeping them under constant surveillance during that time. I’ve also read that there were British (police) body language experts in the room next door when the McCanns were questioned.

    Now, if you were watching a fictional crime investigation on TV, you’d find all that non-pass-remarkable? Well, I would.

    Sky News took on this story almost like a crusade on behalf of the McCanns. They haven’t reported it as a “news story” in any objective fashion.

    Given what’s going on around the globe, it suits the Murdochs of this world to distract the public with this “human interest” story and not cover, e.g. the protests against Bush and APEC in Sydney.

    I’m not finger-pointing. I’m trying to stand back and look at this as a case of a missing child. *One of many*. I wonder how many sanctimonious Sky News reporters could give us the name of one child who was found dead and mutilated under the dead bodies of his/her parents in Iraq in the past few weeks.

    Parents who had *not* left the child alone.

  19. I will be actually disgusted if the parents did murder her. That would be sick.

    Ive herd that their Hire Car has Madelines blood in the back seat in The Sun. Fishy or what?! Im a newspaper enthusiast :D

  20. asdasd: Eh, what?

    Nora: I haven’t criticised the police too much. All I’ve complained about is when people jump to conclusions too early, based on too little evidence. The McCanns might well be guilty: I’ve said this all along, but right now, the evidence isn’t in the public domain, and I wish people would try to be a little bit less certain of their guilt.

    Ciaraa: The Sun? Oh well, I can’t argue with that.

  21. But look at it this way – why are the parents not charged with child abuse and why do they still have custody of their children – they should be charged with child endangerment and neglect!!!!!

  22. There’s a petition online asking:

    “that Leicestershire Social Services fulfil their statutory obligation to investigate the circumstances which led to 3 year old Madeleine McCann and her younger siblings being left unattended”

    Over 17,400 sigs so far.

    And investigations are under way to ensure that donations made to the Find Madeleine Fund (on their blog) don’t go to fund a defence team.

    I must say, even though I was one of the ‘suspicious ones’, I’m shocked.

  23. lol. well i read other papers it even had it on bbc news and sky news even though it wasnt REALLY blood and it wasnt reallyy 100% match it was 88% what are the police trying to do?

  24. UK in USA: What country should they be charged in? Are we not all guilty sometimes of being less than perfect parents?

    Nora: What a load of shite. Why don’t they charge the thousands of skobies who let their young children wander around the streets all night?

    Ciaraa: I haven’t heard anything about that part of it yet.

  25. As Kate denies killing Maddie, but refuses to answer the questions and there is also too many evidence of death, there must be some other explanation. Probably Maddie was still abducted and Kate simply killed someone else in the flat.

  26. Stalin

    There is little point in the McCanns taking a lie detector. Firstly this is not now required as the case had been archieved pending further information/leads (Mc’s breath a sigh of relief!), secondly a lie detector test is inadmissable in court (again a deep sigh of relief from the Dr’s).

    Kate McCann offered to take a lie detector test last year, when pushed to take this test she retracted her offer claiming that it would serve no purpose due to the fact that it is inadmissable in court.


  27. bock

    Hi. Have a look at the video of the cadaver dogs sniffing the scent of human cadaverine in Apartment 5A and in the McCanns’ hired car. It’s on YouTune now and I think The Sun’s website also has it. Then tell me Madeleine didn’t die iin Apartment 5A

    Tony Bennett
    The Madeleine Foundation

  28. The Madeleine Foundation my arse.

    You’re a self-appointed vigilante trying to convict people outside a court of law. You have no standing in this case.

  29. Bock,

    I note your comments. Have you seen the video clip yet of the cadaver dogs detecting human cadaverine – the scent of death – in two places in the McCanns’ apartment, on Kate McCann’s clothes, on Madeleine’s T-shirt, in the car they hired? These dogs have never been wrong on 200 occasions, or to put it technically, they have NEVER previously given a ‘false positive’. Would you be good enough to address this evidence, please?

    Is it possible that members of The Madeleine Foundation, rather than being ‘self-appointed vigilantes’, might just be concerned to achieve justice for Madeleine, the girl left alone by her parents, together with her 2-year-old brother and sister, for 6 nights in a row, whilst they went out a-wining and a-dining with their Doctor friends and wives?

    And what evidence do you rely on for believing there was an abduction? Surely not Jane Tanner’s ever-changing stories of what the abductor looked like, aided and abetted by a ‘cognitive therapist’ who helped her remember, 6 months later, things she could not remember hours after she claimed to have seen him?

    Let us have a proper debate about these evidential issues.

    Tony Bennett, 7 Sep 2008, 5pm

  30. Bock,

    You said we were ‘trying to convict people outside a court of law’. I believe I am the only person yet to have attempted to bring the McCanns before a court of law. That was to answer child neglect charges in Leicestershire and Rutland Magistrates Court, last November.
    Under the Children and Young Persons Act 1933.

    The application for a summons failed because the Court was not persuaded that they had jurisdiction to hear the application. It did not fail for any other reason.

    Tony Bennett, 7 Sep, 5pm

  31. Would I be good enough? No Tony, I would not.

    You are not a public prosecutor, you are not a member of Madeleine’s family and you are not the police. Therefore you are nobody and I will not help you to satisfy your morbid needs.

  32. Bock,

    Thank you for the courtesy of allowing me a couple of contributions on your blog.

    It is clear that we are miles apart on this issue and destined to remain so, I would think.

    So our exchange will end here.

    I wish you well

    Tony Bennett, 7 Sept., 6pm

  33. Bock,

    The case into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann has been archived pending further information coming to light. The PPO’s decision to archive the process is neither an admission of innocence or guilt of the McCanns; it is a lack of substantial admissible evidence.

    Upon reading a reasonable amount of the 11,000 pages of the released files it becomes clear that all is not as the McCanns would like us to believe. There is no evidence to support the thesis of abduction, in contrast there is evidence to indicate the presence of a cadaver in apartment 5a, the Renault Scenic & several other items belonging to Kate McCann and one McCann child. There are clear contradictions in the statements given by the McCanns and their friends; in addition there has been clear indication of political intervention from the UK Government in the case of Madeleine McCann from day one.

    My desire is not to persecute the McCanns but to discover and learn the fate of Madeleine McCann, my ultimate aim being to see justice for the child & to see the implementation of legislation making it a criminal offence to leave children under the age of 12 home alone. I am in full support of the Madeleine Foundation and echo many, if not all, of Tony Bennett’s beliefs.

    Sharon Bradford

  34. All of these comments have come together in a little flood, and my experienced nose warns me of a mini-campaign.

    I think these comments are orchestrated and I must check to see if it’s happening elsewhere.

    I suspect it is.

  35. Bock

    I stumbled across your page whilst doing a search of recent google blogs on Madeleine McCann. You must be aware that when a reply is posted on here it pushes it the top of the blog listing if viewing by most recent. Given that someone posted on the 5th of September this pushed it up the list. As my posting now will keep it to the top of most recently updated blogs; i expect you will now get more posts as a result of this.

    No orchestration on my behalf.


  36. Thank you Sharon. I’m not interested in keeping this post at the top of anything. I’m just sickened that self-appointed vigilantes continue to pillory Kate and Gerry McCann who have been convicted of nothing.

  37. I see the anti McCann brigade have infiltrated your blog.
    They are notorious obsessives and its best to ignore them. Ignorant fuckers that they are.

    Tony Bennett and his so called foundation are being watched closely by the McCanns.

  38. hahahahahahaha

    have ye seen that interview James Whale did with bent tit… James nearly puked..basically told the fucker to fuck off.. wooo hoooo

    its on youtube

  39. Tony Bennett is a pompous, evil-minded prick who gets his kicks, and a feeling of importance, out of persecuting the McCanns.

    He’s an abuser.

  40. Sharon Bradford is a liar, she is one of Tony Bennets foot soldiers. Nasty, lying, vindictive woman who is hounding the parents of a missing child. She goes by the name of Bugalugs1970.

  41. Katie Smith has Bennett’s number. Check out her blog. She’s hilare at taking the piss. (not as good as your blog tho bock)hehe

  42. Kate and Gerry McCann will be appearing on the Oprah Winfrey show, it’ll be interesting to hear their side of this sad case and good for Gerry for resisting the temptation to stick one on Bennett who was sitting right behind him at the Culture, Media and Sport Committee. Oh and Katie Smith’s blogs are excellent.

  43. Bock,

    I know that I am behind the times on this case, but have you confirmed that the Tony Bennett in the blog above is one and the same Tony Bennett, solicitor, who attempted to press a case against the McCanns.

    If so, I have just learned that he has been jailed for defamation. Is this true?

  44. Bennett was not jailed for defamation. He received a 3-month suspended sentence fpr contempt because he continued to spread false allegations against the McCanns in violation of a court order. I have no reason to doubt that the commenter using the name Tony Bennett is the same person.

  45. WOW ! I cannot believe my eyes.. Dantes inferno meets the flood from the wide open doors of 5B….

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