Nazis in Israel

Now look.  There are fools.  There are total fools. There are dribbling half-wits.

And then there are these guys:



OK.  Let’s think this through.  Say you’re Jewish, or of Jewish extraction, and you live in the remnants of the old Soviet Union, but because of your origins you qualify to get out of the shit-hole you live in.  You can go to Israel.

But wait!  Even though you’re a Jew, you’re also a Nazi.

I’ll just pause there now for a minute, while we all lean back, look at the ceiling and mutter a collective What the Fuck???

That’s right.  You’re a Jewish Nazi.

Right, I’m thinking.  In and of itself, that’s enough to get you put down immediately on the grounds of being a complete imbecile.  What kind of fool would do that?

But wait.  We’re not finished.

You live in some radiation-polluted ex-submarine-building industrial shit-hole where the tap water could eat through an alien’s carapace, the children suck entrails through a proboscis and the women look like Hulk Hogan on extra steroids, with more facial hair.  And uglier.

You get an offer to go to a land where the weather is great and the neighbours are less dangerous than every single unevolved lunatic on every one of the 98 floors in the decaying panelak you call a home.

What do you do?  You go there of course.  Immediately.  And then you immediately start a campaign of hatred against your new brothers, who just happen to be among the toughest,  and most uncompromising people on the face of the planet.

And you expect to survive?

Here’s your Darwin Award.





You might be wondering why the little kick thingy says ZERO.

Well, that’s because deleted this post from their listing.

I’ve sent them two emails asking why, but haven’t received a reply yet.  I’m starting to worry that they might be taking political correctness to new extremes by supporting Nazis’ rights and operating a strict no-offending-Nazis policy. 

Nazi scum have feelings too, maybe they’re trying to tell me?



In fairness to, they fixed the problem fairly quickly.  It was a mistake.

Hint: Next time you write a post, don’t say Jew, Nazi and Israel all in the one breath.  It makes moderators jumpy.

Instead, just say viagra porn gay dildo young nude sex blowjob.

They don’t mind that sort of thing so much.




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12 thoughts on “Nazis in Israel

  1. Oy, vey, they must have felt like kids locked in a sweet shop. Go for it comrades, no one vill ever suspect us.
    Stranger still it took the Isreali (?) police nearly 18 months to get them.
    I tried to explain this to my kids last night, closest I could come was a nigger hatin’ black man, or an Irishman telling Irish jokes.

  2. Saw some reference to this… are they all emigres themselves (possibly ex military?) or 1st generation? Have they done their spell in the IDF? They look like bovver boys, remember them?

  3. Could I be permitted to go off-topic for a sec? I’m wondering if anyone knows what’s going on with Irish Blogs, and whether someone can tell me how to ping them properly. I use their ping page, but I’d prefer to incorporate the thing into my posts.
    Sorry, Bock, I know this isn’t a help forum.

  4. There has been some fuss here in the UK recently about the teaching of history and how maybe there should not be so much emphasis on the 2nd world war and the Nazis in particular. How do we expect our children to know anything if we don’t teach them? All that stuff happened so recently, I was born in ’44, I THINK I remember my father saying ‘the war’s over’ but maybe not, I tried to teach my children as much as I could and I think I succeeded, I’m rambling but you might know what I mean.

  5. I heard about these guys before from a pal that had been in Israel, I put it down to drunken shite talk. Then I hear it on the news, unbelievable. They should be made watch all the footage from the concentration camps and see all the photos and look at the piles of reading glasses and empty suitcases. The Nazis were not only systematic they kept systematic records, these morons families were probably murdered by Nazis.
    They should be made to research their own family history and learn what complete and utter idiots they are.
    And another thing, are the Israelis going soft allowing this sort of thing to go this far?

  6. Sorry for deleting your post, it was by accident. We are getting huge amounts of spam on and I often have to delete twenty posts at a time.

    I haven’t received your emails, I’ll look into why this is. Thanks.

  7. Squid: Yeah, but these are a special case, even by idiot standards.

    Snookertony: Indeed. “Let’s get organised and wipe ourselves out.”

    Conan: I don’t know. They’d be ideal for knocking down Palestinians’ houses and driving bulldozers.

    Nora: Dunno. Anyone?

    Manuel: You could probably add a very tasty sauce.

    Mary: The Holocaust should never be forgotten. They should also teach what the Israelis are up to in Gaza and the West Bank.

    Tim: It looks as if the Israelis are tolerating it, which seems incredible.

    Zucchini: Thanks.

    Gavin: Thanks for sorting that out.

    Darwin: Well maybe you should think about giving them an award. They deserve it.

  8. I knew a gay, black, jewish, gypsy, communist nazi once. He first forced himself into slave labour, building a house. Then, he marched himself one hundred and fifty miles to another location and started all over again. When that house was finished he stuck a burning cross on his lawn and then gassed himself. After being pulled from the chamber in time, he had an epiphany and went on to be chief speech writer for Donald Rumsfeld.

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