Te Morituri Salutant

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Sep 092007

Well, Bertie is finally going before the Tribunal to explain how he was given a pile of money and a house by his builder friends while he was Minister for Finance, and how there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a finance minister receiving huge financial gifts from property developers.


I was just trawling through the back catalogue and I thought it might be useful to refresh our memories of previous bile-filled outpourings, so here you go, in no particular order.


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    The only tough question facing Bertie is: did he effectively perjure himself by swearing a false affadavit in the matter of his finances when separating from his missus, in order to avoid being taken to the marital cleaners.

    Hence no bank account… no property… sleeping on floors… renting not owning… borrowings and ‘debts of honour’ rather than donations/dig outs… and no paper trail…

    There’s always been someone ‘holding’ for him.


    Will the Green’s withdraw from government if Bertie takes a beating at the hands of the Mahon Tribunal?


    are you becoming a bit obsessed ????


    Conan: I think he has a few other tough questions to answer. For instance, why he handed the children’s hospital to the Sisters of Mercy. Why he used your money to underwrite the child abusers. Why he changed the Finance Bill to benefit a single company. And a few others besides.

    Caoimhin: Hard to know. The Greens seem to like the smell of power.

    Macdara: Certainly. I’m obsessed about some day having a democracy in this country.


    He’s well protected in all of that other stuff by collective decision-making and cabinet confidentiality. Those questions are for historians when the papers – if they exist – are released.

    And of course the child abusers’ bosses in the dioceses around the country still have a near-exclusive franchise on education (especially at primary level), the balance being controlled by their minority counterparts.


    Well, as I always say: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit! And on a more serious note: Brutus ad sum iam forte/ Caesar aderat/ Brutus sic in omnibus/ Caesar sic in at.


    Mr Darwin: Civile, si ergo. Fortibus es in ero. Gnoses Anni, thebe trux. Vatis inem? Causan dux.


    we have democracy its just that you dont like the results it gives just like bush doesn’t like the results it gives in the Middle East.


    Macdara: As long as we have such a corrupt bunch in government, we haven’t got democracy.

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