Three Leaders, Three Standards : Bertie, Olmert and Suu Kyi

As I write this, Georgia are pounding the living shit out of Namibia, and all I’m thinking is, why the fuck couldn’t Ireland have done that?  

And then I’m thinking who the fuck cares?  Look at Burma.

Here we are, living in a corrupt, fucked up little country, where senior politicians have no shame.  We have a prime minister — minister for finance at the time of the donations — who can’t remember skulking around with the price of a house in cash in a duffel bag, and who sees nothing wrong with doing so.  His party supporters see nothing wrong with such a senior politician being given this money by a circle of businessmen (or by one single company, depending on whose theory you prefer).

A tribunal discovers all kinds of irregular money transactions involving this politician.  The same politician tells the tribunal three or four different stories to account for this, and even suffers an attack of amnesia over some of the details.  Trivial details, admittedly, such as when and where and why he changed the price of a house in Irish currency into the price of a house in British currency.  One of the judges on the tribunal accuses our prime minister of telling them two diametrically opposite stories or, in other words, what would be called perjury if he did it in a court of law instead of at a sworn tribunal.

Has this man no fucking shame?,  I ask myself, and I hear you laugh a hollow chuckle.

Shame?  Are you fucking kidding?  Bertenstein?


Ehud Olmert, Israel’s prime minister, is currently being investigated by police over a property deal. 

Did he get money? 


Was he given a house?


Well, what the fuck happened?

Oh, they think he might have bought an apartment at a good price.


Can you imagine anything remotely like that happening in Ireland?  Can you?

Can you imagine a policeman so much as glancing at our revered Leader?  Like fuck!  Unless he happens to be a mutant Ninja career-suicide policeman who has no plans for any sort of promotion ever again, and who wants to spend the rest of his days counting ragwort plants in Wolf Hill.

And they call Ireland a First-World country.

Over there in Burma, you have a crowd of monks standing up to the murderous thieving bastards who hijacked democracy in that country and grow rich out of child labour and genocide. 

Over there, they have the incredibly courageous Aung San Suu Kyi who has sacrificed a lifetime in defence of the  principle of democracy. 

They have priests who care nothing for property or money or power or buggering little children, but who have the courage to risk everything by standing up to injustice.

And our politicians would probably call Burma a Third World country.

The worthless, crooked, thieving bastards.


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13 thoughts on “Three Leaders, Three Standards : Bertie, Olmert and Suu Kyi

  1. All I can say is: Amen, Bock.

    Burma looks like exploding, and more brave pacifists will die.

    Meanwhile, how much do you bet that Bertie will maintain the (his) status quo?

  2. Bertie won the motion of no confidence earlier this evening.
    Quelle surpris? Non!
    Y’know it’s worse that we all KNOW he’s going to get away with it. Makes me sick.

    “They have priests who care nothing for property or money or power or buggering little children, but who have the courage to risk everything by standing up to injustice”.

    Sounds like a different planet!!!!

  3. I’m just back from reading the latest from Burma. Two monks dead and a civilian as the military open fire.

    Over here Bertie’s seen as some sort of an economic mastermind riding the Celtic Tiger all the way to the bank. I’d like to see just one, just one politician take some responsibility for something. Before I die. Tenner says he gets off with it.

  4. Nora: Maybe we need some of those monks over here.

    Mairéad: You’re right. Different planet:

    Sam: Welcome back. I thought you might have gone out of business.

    Let’s not assume anything yet. I hope he gets nailed and it isn’t beyond possibility yet.

  5. Thanks Bock. I hate this divisive fucker now, just as much as I hated his motherfucking role model, and I loathe FF. The ongoing denial of an appalling vista in this country is evil. It strikes to the heart and divides generations, well in my family anyway. I cringe when I hear my 80 year old father defend these rapid mercenary me feiners, cause he can’t conceive of such corruption, of a FF King with no clothes, and justifies his arguments by pointing at all the other corrupt fuckers in Dail Eireann. Institutionalised and abused into denial.

  6. It’s amazing to see clergy fight the status quo rather than support or hide behind it.
    Bertie’s quite the resolved operator to get through 17 hours of testimony while saying nothing. He’s already gotten away with it.

  7. Sniffle: Don’t hold back, now.

    Flirty: I’d be nothing without Bert.

    Medbh: I must put up an example of Bertie-tribunal-speak.

    Audrey: There’s no-one here going to tell you who you can like or not like. It’s about Bertie’s behaviour, not his personality.

  8. What is becomeing more dangerous in Burma is that the Burmese are calling on Thailand to join in on their struggle as they see as what is happening in Thailand is the same. So they have common ground.

    Now having lived there and if THAT was to happen, the region is going to go up like smoke.

    And one again, it will be the poor that will suffer the most.

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