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150 Riot Police forcibly Evict Nuns from Polish Convent

You see?

You see?

This is the fate that awaits me for laughing at Ratzo.

And of course, then there was that ugly matter where I accused Mother Teresa of murdering Princess Diana. That was a bad business.

I knew it would happen in the end. It was only a matter of time before the Vatican sent out stormtroopers to enforce its will, and God knows, what better country to do it in than poor old priest-ridden Poland, in the grip of the Kaczynski Clones, Lolek and Bolek.

Here they are, the two fine Catholic leaders of Poland. Child actors once upon a time, and now the joint magnificent leaders of a magnificent, faithful catholic country, such as our own magnificent country once was. Before the evil unbelievers such as myself took it over and started to disagree with the Catholic Church.

(And to laugh at the ridiculous, corrupt power-mad child-abusers, and to make fun of them, and most important of all, to say NO!)

But still, some stories are so strange, so weird, so bizarre, that they require no embellishment.

Last week, in Kazimierz Dolny, 150 police stormed a convent to evict a community of nuns who had defied the orders of the Vatican. The Vatican had instructed the nuns to replace their Mother Superior, a charismatic leader who claimed to have had visions.

The nuns left, carrying guitars, drums, tambourines and similar instruments of mass destruction after a locksmith opened the gate and police in riot gear rushed in. They arrested the Mother Superior and a Franciscan friar.

According to reports, some nuns screamed at police, calling them servants of Satan.

They were disobedient, said Mieczyslaw Puzewicz, a spokesman for the Lublin diocese echoing my own view of women. Damn it, you can’t have women being disobedient. And if the State security apparatus can’t come out against disobedient women, then what the hell has this world come to? After all, what are police for, if not to attack women who disagree with the Vatican?


It seems that about 150 police in riot gear went into the compound to find the nuns defiantly singing religious songs and playing instruments.

Now, in many ways, these were brave police. Imagine storming a compound where sixty-five nuns are singing Kumbaya badly, all at the same time. I wouldn’t be able to do it, but it seems these Polish police are made of tougher stuff than me. I suppose it’s a hangover from the Communist era, combined with extreme Catholicism.

Lublin Archbishop Jozef Zycinski called the police operation a last resort meant to help the ex-nuns:

Today’s police intervention was a sort of act of desperate aid for people who for the past two years have lived in very unusual conditions, in a closed environment, in seclusion, in uncertainty, where various forms of thought take shape.

(Archbishop Zycinski later denied that he had actually been referring to the Vatican).

According to reports, when the convent’s electricity was cut off earlier this year, sympathetic local residents brought them them food after dark.

OK. Let’s just take a moment to reflect.

This didn’t happen in the fourteenth century. This happened last week, in Poland, a modern European democracy, or so we’re asked to believe. Last week, in a modern, enlightened country, a member of the European Union, 150 riot police launched an assault on a dissident convent to enforce the Vatican’s will.


And then people wonder why they’re leaving Poland in their hundreds of thousands to come to Britain and Ireland? Figure it out!

16 replies on “150 Riot Police forcibly Evict Nuns from Polish Convent”

Good man Bock, glad you spotted this affair. It is indeed bizarre, and tragic for the families of the poor young girls brainwashed by this cult.

You forgot to talk about the dirtbag of a Franciscan who entered the nunnery and allegedly set himself up as a bit of a messiah.

Furthermore, the nuns are on the run – nobody has a notion where the fuck they are hiding out. I reckon it might be in Kaczynskis closet – but that’s just a hunch!

Paddy: More information on the dirtbag of a Franciscan, please. I thought he was just a bit of a hanger on.

If he was one of the dirtbag Franciscans from Medjugorje, that would be good, considering I was planning to do an exposé on the Medjugorje scam soon. It would neatly bracket the Mother Teresa exposé, I thought.

More information on the Mother Superior too, if you have it.

Were the police not just enforcing an eviction order?
Is it really relevant that it was for the vatican?

That’s right, Peadar. It doesn’t matter that 150 riot police enforced an eviction notice that just happened to be on behalf of the Catholic Church.

What could I possibly have been thinking?

You beat me to the Kumbaya quip. Drat!

The church hates women and it especially hates uppity women who have the nerve to be anything less than compliant doormats.

The pope rat dog will haunt my dreams tonight, Bock.

HQ: It’s hard to get good nuns these days.

Medbh: What’s that you say about my beloved little liebschon, Ratzo? Be careful — he’s a sensitive soul.

Dick: It has been suggested.

sorry to interrupt but I wanted to comment on sth: “150 riot police launched an assault on a dissident convent to enforce the Vatican’s will” – sorry dude but that wasn’t to enforce the will of vatican. Those nuns occupied the monastery illegally. It is church’s property and the church paid for it…. It is the same thing as if you evicted any other squaters:-) or maybe you think that some nuns are more than ordinary people and should be treated in a better way? Besides that not only polish press made allegations that the franciscan found in the monastery abused the young nuns sexually, so, honestly, I’m very glad they were evicted…..

What is it with dumb bloggers. Jesus. I kinda understand dumb people often have trouble keeping quiet but to actually runa blog to advertise your stupidity to the world is surely madness, since it is not just being dumb in a local pub but for all the world to see.

The police were acting on an eviction order. Happens all the time. Everywhere. A legal eviction order is enforced by the police, all other options ( like asking the squatters to leave) being exhausted. In this case the nuns were effectively squatters. Now I have a 7 year old nephew who could have worked that out, and probably would have if he took to blogging. Adults should know this stuff, and if unlearned enough to not know, at elast have the minor mental capacity to look it up. Google it.

But why blog if you are incredibly dumb? I know Bock is a fake name but even then – how embarrassing for you.

The word “Dumb” when used before the word “Cunt” according to my thesaurus, is often used as a derogatory term. Another version would be for example.. Oh dear, I appear to have trodden in an ‘asdasd’. Or.. I have to change the baby, his nappy is full of ‘asdasd’.

The word ‘Bock’ on the other hand when examined, means, Person of great patience when faced with asdasd’s who are plainly just ‘dumb’.

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