Portuguese Police Get Sense at Last

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Oct 032007

I see that fat fuck, Goncalo Amaral, was finally sacked from the McCann case. This serial abuser, who would rather torture the McCanns than do any real work, has finally stepped over the line by accusing them of manipulating the British police.

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I wrote about this fucker a little while back, here, and I’m glad to see that common sense is finally beginning to prevail. Even in Portugal, it seems, there’s a limit to the level of police incompetence they can tolerate.

Maybe now, after the body-in-the-fridge slur, and the body-under-the-church theory and all the rest of it, we might see a slackening off of the holier-than-thou brigade. You know, the people who never once in their lives made a mistake raising their children, because they’re so fucking perfect, unlike the rest of us. Not to mention those people, barely out of their teens, who never once in their lives had to take responsibility for anything, never mind raise a child, but who nevertheless flooded the message-boards with self-righteous condemnation of two people who must be going through hell because of their negligence.

They make me fucking sick, these fools who were so quick to point fingers at the parents of this poor child.

I don’t care if the McCanns were negligent. It doesn’t matter: nothing that the Moral Majority can do to them will compare with what they must be doing to themselves.

But I’m still glad that fat fuck Amaral is off the case, not that he spent much time on it anyway. By all accounts, when he wasn’t stuffing his fat fuck face with face-fattening chocolate fuckers, he was at home asleep, dreaming up insane things to accuse the McCanns of, as a substitute for doing any actual detective work. (That, of course, is when he wasn’t beating the shit out of suspects in other cases, it seems).

Good man, Goncalo. Our kind of policeman. He’s the ideal man to investigate the deaths of Diana and Dodi, and I have the very suspect for him.

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    What was the official reason given for taking him of the case?


    Body in the fridge? don’t be ridiculous!


    I don’t care if the McCanns were negligent. It doesn’t matter: nothing that the Moral Majority can do to them will compare with what they must be doing to themselves.

    Yeah, but who cares about that?


    You got me there.


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    I know that nobody wins any prizes for slagging off Mother Theresa and, although she undoubtedly did much good, she also did untold harm. In her Nobel Prize winning speech she identified “the worst threat to mankind” as abortion, and preached incessantly to the third world that it was more righteous to get AIDS than to use a condom. A struggling soul? Certainly. A mixed legacy? Certainly.

    The way the McCanns have been pilloried by the self-appointed self-righteous is sickening. I cannot imagine a worse situation for any parent, but we’re all so quick to judgment of them.


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    Sam PCB: I’m hoping to win the Nobel Prize for Slagging Mother Teresa.

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