Saddam Killed Nelson Mandela

Even I wouldn’t believe Bush could be this stupid if I hadn’t heard it for myself.

Here’s Dubya in his own words:

“I heard somebody say, Where’s Mandela?’ Well, Mandela’s dead because Saddam Hussein killed all the Mandelas.”

You don’t believe me?

OK. I wouldn’t believe me either without evidence, so here you go. Listen to President GW Bush in his own words.

UPDATE: I received a couple of insightful replies to this.

You are an idiot, says Jimmy the Dhimmi of Tufts University, in his thoughtful academic way.

Dom helpfully explains that Bush really meant Saddam had killed everybody of Mandela’s character in Iraq. Isn’t it a good thing Dom is on hand to interpret Dubya for the rest of us?

He also explains that this was a joke story, though I’m not quite clear if he means the video is a forgery.


UPDATE 2: I’m overwhelmed by the love coming from America for this post. Some guy by the name of Steyn linked here and it’s resulted in every Bush sycophant on the face of the planet spamming me. Hey, no problem! Everyone’s welcome here. I was so touched by the love that I felt the need to post a thank-you HERE


UPDATE 3: What’s really strange is, nobody defines exactly what I wrote that they disagree with. It might be a good idea if somebody would quote the offending words. Perhaps Mr Steyn would oblige.


It’s been an interesting experiment and I think the reaction exposed something they didn’t intend to reveal (perhaps even to themselves).

It seems to me that they were most angered by what was in my mind at the time of posting, rather than what was actually posted.

They didn’t want me to take down the post, but rather to recant and be remorseful for my “error”.

At times, it was closer to a mediaeval heretic hunt than a 21st century discourse, and it goes to show how far America has moved away from freedom of thought, never mind freedom of speech.

Don’t forget, these are the same people who would lecture you about defending freedom, peace and democracy.

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89 thoughts on “Saddam Killed Nelson Mandela

  1. Yeah. Saddam whacked Elvis and also, I think, Hank Williams. As if that wasn’t bad enough, he hired Mother Teresa to kill Princess Di.

  2. You’re pretty late with this. Everybody else knows it was all a joke story put out by Jon Stewart and others.

    For the record, Bush meant (and said very plainly) that people of Mandela’s character can not be found in Iraq because Sadam executed all of them.

  3. Shit, Dom. Are you serious? You mean the glove puppet didn’t really mouth those words?

    Well, I suppose I’l have to change it for the hysterically funny one where Dubya says Iraq was responsible for 9-11. Or the even funnier one about Saddam having weapons of mass destruction.

    Everybody else knows those joke stories would have been put out by Karl Rove and others.

    By the way, people of any character would be hard to find in Iraq after the American assault and occupation.

  4. You are an idiot.

    If I said to you, “Don’t count your chickens before they hatch,” and then you replied, “Chickens? What do chickens have to do with this?” Who is the moron?

  5. “You are an idiot”

    Is that what they teach you in Tufts? What’s that the American for, Jimmy?

    As for the moron question, well, I suppose it depends what half-wit you happen to support, doesn’t it?

  6. Apparently Bock ditched class the day they taught about metaphors.

    This is an old issue, Bock, and when the entire context is heard, everyone with any brains recognizes that Bush was saying “Iraq doesn’t have any people like Mandela because Saddam killed them”.

    There shouldn’t be any reason to make up fake reasons to consider Bush dumb. The ironic thing is you’re making Bush look smart in comparison.

  7. Even I wouldn’t believe Bush could be this stupid if I hadn’t heard it for myself.

    The irony is strong in this one.

  8. This is absurd. You have totally misread Bush’s statements, but you are not alone. This was quite the news story for a while there, but that’s to be expected when everyone has an itchy trigger finger to paint Bush as stupid.

    Bush’s comments rise from someone asking him “Where is Mandela?” As in, “Where is the Mandela who can help reconcile post-Saddam Iraq?” This is a poignant question, and Bush gives a poignant answer.

    This is a shameful excercise in willful misinterpretation of words from someone you disagree with. It’s not the first time it’s happened and it won’t be the last, I’m sure. But I just want you to understand that it appalls me to think that you think I’m so stupid to fall for this. It offends me.

  9. Man, it’s just so sad to see my name associated with someone so clueless.

    And to top it off, Bock just keeps digging that hole deeper and deeper.

  10. I heard Lincoln said “a house divided against itself cannot stand.” Helloooo– there’s more than one house in America, Mr. President.

    Also, John F. Kennedy is not a Berliner. He was born in Hyannisport, Massachusetts.

    What a bunch of dummies, these presidents. Good thing there are bloggers to straighten things out.

  11. Nothing funnier than an oblivious, arrogant moron. Thank you for being you, Bock. This is the funniest blog I’ve read in some time. Keep up the low standards. LOL

  12. Yeah have to agree with most of the comments here. It was clear what Bush meant. But he said it badly, and I knew it was going to get pounced on.

    Like others have said there’s hundreds of other legitimate clips of him showing he’s stupidity (and one war).

    “The Complete Bushisms” as recorded on Slate. This will keep you entertained for hours:

  13. This is the most embarassing blog post in the history of the internet. Congratulations Bock- you did it!!!! You are officially the dumbest, most cluelessly arrogant, “blogger” in the history of the internet. Wow- that made my day…knowing there are people like you out there…well, I’m speechless…but I can type.

  14. Un. Be. Lievable.

    I have not seen such raging buffoonery since…since…I don’t know, comparisons escape me. Maybe Johnny Fairplay dry-humping Il Duce and then being “shocked, shocked” when he got tossed backstage comes close.

    I just described the Bush quote to my (admittedly brighter than most) eleven-year-old music student. He immediately got it. But I guess not every adult with a blog has neurons to rub together, eh?

    I wonder what future generations will say about the way the Internet democratized expression. They’ll cite many benefits, I expect. Chief among them may be: “Blogs allowed just anyone to post their thoughts without gatekeepers or editors. Society’s dimwits thereby became more easily identified.”

  15. Bush is such an idiot.

    After six and a half years in office he should realize by now that he can’t expect lefty journalists and bloggers to keep from skewering themselves when he’s up there handing out dangerous things like metaphors.

    It’s a good thing Dom was on hand to apply the band-aid.

    It would be better if lefties would put down their safety scissors, quit eating paste and grow the hell up.

  16. I guess we can’t ever say “Elvis has left the building” again, or people will think we believe The King is still among us. Let’s come up with some more….this is getting to be kinda fun.

  17. “I suppose I’l have to change it for the hysterically funny one where Dubya says Iraq was responsible for 9-11. Or the even funnier one about Saddam having weapons of mass destruction.”

    Yeah, I would be interested in you putting up something where W said Iraq was responsible for 9-11. When you planning on doing that?

    And the funnier one? Are you only going to post Bush or will you be adding the ones where Clinton (both), Gore, Reid, Polinsky, Kerry, Edwards, The English, French, Germans, oh pretty much everyone in the world, said the same thing? Because that would be awesome.

  18. Bock? where are you bock? hello? hey braniac! yoo hoo….anybody home?

    might want to take this post down. “Idiot” is a fairly accurate one word description except that it leaves out the hate-filled bush derangement syndrome heart motivation.

  19. I understand PETA is launching a campaign to stop people from killing all those multiple birds with one stone.

    And who the heck is that Statue of Liberty to ask for all those huddles masses yearning to breathe free? Some nerve, that statue has.

  20. I’m tempted to say Bock is taking the ridicule well…but the scary thing is…he may not even understand what all the commotion is about. Hey Bock- we are laughing at you bc. you really thought Bush thought Saddam killed Mandela and did not get the metaphor…therefore that equates your IQ with that of a six-year old. No kidding- kids learn metaphors in 1st grade now- how great is that??

  21. I heard somebody say “Lincoln freed the slaves.” Why did that bastard have so many slaves in the first place, huh? Talk about HYPOCRISY!

  22. Bush should use rhetorical devices like beetle-traps* more often.

    I blame public education. And Jon Stewart, who is pretty lost without a script.

    * Simile

  23. mcg, yes he did say it badly.

    He should have said: “the Iraqi Mandela is dead”. And used “Iraqi Mandela” instead of just “Mandela” throughout the speech. It was also rude, since Mandela is still alive. But then Bush is a bit of an idiot, isn’t he.

  24. Hey Bock,

    The other day when I told my boss I was dying to go on vacation, I really didn’t mean I was, ya know, about to die. It meant I am really looking forward to leave town for awhile. Get it?

  25. Don’t let your head explode over this one:

    The teacher descended upon the exams, sank his talons into their pages, ripped the answers to shreds, and then, perching in his chair, began to digest.

  26. Bock:

    Hopefully you’ve seen how your eagerness to make a point overtook your native intelligence.

    One of the most important lessons I’ve learned in the ten years since college has been restraint. Not that I mean one should leave things unsaid that need saying, but that we are all well served by taking a moment to reflect on what we are about to say or write, and ask ourselves how prepared we are to live with it.

    I have never been disappointed when, upon such reflection, I have made edits, kept my mouth shut, didn’t hit send, or rethought my position. On the other hand, I have been disappointed many times when I’ve gone off half-cocked.

    While I certainly disagree with you on much, please don’t let the shame of this incident scare you from being involved. Also, though, please do not let it be a factor inspiring you to raise the mental drawbridge and resist learning where you are mistaken. Criticism, no matter how cruel, is almost always helpful, so long as you let it be.

    Besides, how many people can say they’ve been skewered by a man as funny and insightful as Mark Steyn?

    Cheers, Karl
    Blogging at PA for Hizzoner

  27. Everybody, hold on. Don’t you know that VIDEO killed the RADIO STAR!!

    Rush is dead, long live Rush

  28. “mcg, yes he did say it badly.

    He should have said: “the Iraqi Mandela is dead”. And used “Iraqi Mandela” instead of just “Mandela” throughout the speech. It was also rude, since Mandela is still alive. But then Bush is a bit of an idiot, isn’t he.”

    No, he said it clearly. The only mistake was assuming the people who would hear it were more intelligent than they apparently are. It also wasn’t a bit rude, since it, by the usage, contains enormous praise for the actual Mandela. His being alive isn’t even relevant to this usage. The only idiot here, is you. Well, and Bock of course.

  29. Thanks Bock –

    Mark Steyn linked to this, cleverly with the line ‘life is an allusion,’ (by the way – that’s first a pun, then also a metaphor) so, now you’re sort of famous. One of the symptoms of not manifesting Aspergers syndrome is an ability to comprehend context, to not be transfixed by the literal. But I think in this context, you’re not a moron, you just spilled your candy in the lobby, or, if that’s too removed an allusion, you came too quick. :-)

  30. So it’s Mark Steyn who’s driving this traffic! I remember reading his syndicated articles in the Irish Times before they got rid of him. He was a neocon cheerleader leading up to the war in Iraq. How’s the war going Mark? Man, talk about an idiot! Sorry, “useful idiot” is probably the correct term.

  31. “The only mistake was assuming the people who would hear it were more intelligent than they apparently are”

    Reminds me of the time when a black councilman in Wash. D.C. was giving a presentation on the city’s finances, and he said that the entire city government needs to be more “niggardly” in their approach to spending tax dollars. Hoo-boy did the shit hit the fan – he almost had to resign. (For those unfamiliar with that term, it essentially means spending less money, or being frugal.)

    The blacks in attendance thought he was saying the other N-word. What was sad was that the Wash Post had to explain the word to the whole city. And they still wanted the guy’s scalp. Idjits.

  32. Well, Bock, the good news is you’ll probably be in the Wall Street Journal.

    The bad news is that you’d be the subject of a “Spot the Idiot” segment in Best of the Web Today…

  33. You have to be pretty thick to watch that clip and not get the allusion Bush is making. Not even late stage Bush Derangement Syndrome can explain such an idiotic literal interpretation. Hey Bock, Bush actually said “Saddam killed all the Mandellas.” So I suppose this proves that Bush believes Saddam not only killed Nelson, but the whole Mandella family, right?

    You probably shouldn’t call the President “stupid” in the same post that proves you to be as dumb as a bag of hammers.

  34. Bock, don’t worry about the criticism. I want you to know how very impressed I am that a retarded person like you can even maintain a blog. Figures of speech, metaphors, analogies — these are all very abstract things and no one expects you to understand them.

    You are an inspiration to use all. A RETARDED inspiration, to be sure, but an inspiration none the less. Now you enjoy your brownie while your brother plays football outside with the neighbor kids.

  35. Hey, Bock! Helloooooo?

    Anybody home?

    By which I mean: are you or anyone who is a member of your family literally inside your house at this time?

    Thanks, I needed a laugh.

    By which I mean . . . oh, never mind.

  36. Given Bush’s track record, the very idea of him coming out with any sort of ‘metaphor’ is pretty staggering. I see his prophets have arrived in droves to interpret him for us! (and you have to love their monikers.)

    Saddam did not kill all the “Mandelas” (someone Bush sanctimoniously refers to, despite the fact that the USA supported the apartheid regime in South Africa). If he had, e.g. Muqtada al-Sadar would be long gone, among others. Nor did he kill all the highly educated people in Iraq. Pre-invasion, there were more Ph Ds in Iraq (per capita) than in the US of A.

    Bush IS the “world leader” (hah!) who referred to speaking ‘Mexican’ is he not? The one who referred to Africa as a ‘country’? The one who said, “All of us in America want there to be fairness when it comes to justice”? The one who announced in Sydney recently that he appreciated the welcome to the ‘OPEC’ [APEC] summit? And went on to offend all Australians by calling them Austrians? That’s when he’s not walking into doors.

    Personally I’ll go on calling him a stupid asshole until they put the pennies over my eyes. I’m not entirely sure what language he speaks but it sounds like Manglish.

    And given all the stick he’s taken for his ridiculous malapropisms, it’s no suprise that his supporters directed each other here in droves, where they thought they could point the finger at someone else.

    Since they have so much time on their hands, maybe they’d actually read about what their country is doing torturing detainees, against US law and Article 3 of the Geneva Conventions. It’d be more productive than listening to Bush telling them that “Mandela is dead”.

  37. Bock, keep telling it like it is.

    Don’t mind this Greek chorus from the Presidential ante-room.

    The President speaks perfect American and is well able to articulate his own thoughts without trained eleven-year-olds and their parents supplying a spurious translation.

    If there is any subtlety in the President’s otherwise perfectly clear English it is surely a covert instruction to the CIA to make sure Nelson Mandela does not complete his 90th year on this earth.

    If the President’s earlier instructions regarding Bin Laden are anything to go by Mandela will still be with us for some time to come.

    Biba el Bock!

  38. Look, I’m no fan of Bush and his administration. I tend to not like dangerous criminals who destroy liberty at home and build empire abroad, who lie and manipulate and intimidate and brainwash their own people into supporting it.

    Even so, it’s pretty obvious from both the video and the quote that Bush meant exactly what “Dom” said he did. This is a perfect example of creating something from nothing, which is really unnecessary and kinda lame considering the easy pickins this guy produces on a regular basis

  39. This is great. I never experienced the American way before. Some of the people are making a reasonable point, but most are mouthing variations on “you’re an idiot”.

    So that’s what debate is in America. Thank God they can’t blow up our planet. Or overheat it.

    Or — DOH!!

  40. Well, it is clear that Bush meant all the Mandella-like people who could have arisen were killed by Saddam. But Bush is still wrong. The reason there is no democracy there because they have had zero experience with democracy or democratic institutions in their fiftenn hundred year history. And if there was a “Mandella” to arise, you can be sure the insurgents would kill him or her, too.

  41. Dylan described this astonishing “Bock effect” best in his “Idiot Wind” — “Idiot wind — it’s a wonder that you still know how to breathe.”

  42. The line is “You’re an idiot, babe.
    It’s a wonder that you still know how to breathe.”

    It’s about a woman.

    Your point was?

  43. GuyInCT: Sorry for overlooking you. Did you say “fifteen hundred year history”?

    Wouldn’t that be a thousand years more than yours, or am I mistaken?

  44. Bock: Still waiting on that video you threatened to show, Bush’s “Iraq was responsible for 9/11” claim.

    No? Nothing?

    And as long as you’re correcting people, it’s “D’oh!” Can be found in the OED.

  45. Bock: “…most are mouthing variations on “you’re an idiot”.

    So that’s what debate is in America. Thank God they can’t blow up our planet. Or overheat it.

    Or — DOH!!”

    This is what’s funny. Isn’t the very post we’re commenting on a “variation on ‘you’re an idiot'”, in this case you calling Bush an idiot?

    Instead of being a man and saying, “Gosh, ya know…maybe I was being an idiot. Sometimes maybe I should think before I post!”, you turn it back on all the people who are rightfully calling you on your idiocy, suggesting that we’re threatening to “blow up” and “overheat” the planet. But it’s the pedantic correction on someone’s paraphrasing of Bob Dylan where your smugness really comes through loud and clear.

    People like you are unbelievable! And when a simple acknowledgement of your error would be all it takes!

  46. As you appear to be such a hopeless “literal lizzie”, here’s a “bon mot” whose meaning you might want to take to heart; (and I suppose it’s necessary to point out to you that when I say “take to heart”, I don’t really mean that you should cut yourself open — unless you really insist upon it, of course — and place your computer inside your chestal cavity):

    “Quit while you’re behind”.

  47. Texasyank:

    Shit, you seem to be right. The only thing I can find is Mr Bush saying Iraq had nothing whatever to do with the 9-11 attacks.

    It’s HERE

    So just remind me again, what exactly was the invasion of Iraq for?

  48. John R: Again, please forgive me for overlooking your comment.

    There is one slight difference between me and Mr Bush.

    It doesn’t matter whether I’m an idiot or not. I may well be a blithering fool, and many of my friends might agree with you about this, but luckily for the world, I don’t control a gigantic army.

    Unlike Mr Bush.

  49. “but luckily for the world, I don’t control a gigantic army.”

    Really so far the only ones in the world unlucky that Bush controls a gigantic army would be Saddam and the Taliban.

    (And it’s unlucky for innocent Iraqi citizens that he didn’t control a larger army.)

    btw, I think it’s worth mentioning that by “army” I mean US military force which for the purposes of my use here includes the US Navy, US Air Force and US Marine Core. I felt it was important to point that out since you seem to have a hard time understanding basic English.

  50. So you lied when you claimed to have a video that doesn’t exist.

    All I wanted to know.

    I was quite ambivalent about the invasion of Iraq myself.

    But to watch you compound ignorance with dishonesty with ad hominem.


  51. I guess snarkey repleys to posters is your way of admitting you were wrong? How about trying to be a man and admit it. You were wrong. Say it silently a few times… I was wrong, I was wrong, I was wrong. Then say is aloud. Now write it like an honest man with a shred or honor.
    I just learned from your site that we Yanks killed 5% of Iraq. Wow that’s a lot! An honest honorable count no doubt. I wonder what percent of Germans we killed during WWII? I guess by your methods it would be near 90%?
    But then again the terrorist Irish would have been safe from Hitler because they were neutral. I’m trying to say your culture has been wrong headed for a LONG time. You should understand that about your cultural assumptions.

  52. abw: Gotta correct you there. The whole world is unlucky that this man wields so much military power (or did you forget that other people share this planet with you?)

    Texasyank: Lying? Certainly not.

    Here’s Mr Bush saying “before September the 11th, many thought Saddam Hussein could be contained.” What do you dedeuce from that statement? Was he perhaps using another one of his metaphors?

    Anyone who denies that Bush and his administration used 9-11 to support the war in Iraq is delusional. When I have time, I’ll put up further information, but I don’t intend to follow your agenda on it.

    Ralph: Wrong about what, exactly? Please specify.

    Regarding the mortality count, this is based on figures estimated by that well-known lefty rag, The Lancet, and if you wanted to stop the clock at July 2006 and pretend there hadn’t been a single Iraqi death in those fifteen months, the figure would still be 600,000. You seem comfortable with that level of mortality.

    On the Irish thing, which of course is a red herring, would you remind me when an Irish government ever engaged in a war of aggression on foreign soil?

  53. Just in regard to the statement about the great bloody army and how happy the Iraqi people should be that the U.S. is saving them from themselves, you could ask the last guy who got the Victoria cross in the U.K. what he got it for? And all the Australian Soldiers in Vietnam that died, any I’ve met are not too impressed with the ability of U.S. soldiers to not hit their friends.

    Or maybe have a glance at the little number at the top of the page that keeps increasing? Unlike others, I Don’t personally blame the soldiers, I blame the training regime that creates people who follow orders at any cost and the Muppet show that sends them into places they should stay the hell out of, but how else would the big war factories stay going if the yanks didn’t have a good bloody war every ten years or so.

    Now that Sentiment against the war is building in the states and there is going to be a withdrawal from Iraq I’m scared that the next presidunk will invade europe next. ‘Sept we have no oil…….. Maybe they’ll attack Chelsea F.C. to bring the boss under the thumb?

  54. Jeez Bock, you certainly kicked the bee hive !! Why do these Bush sycophants resort to personal insults rather than answer the questions ? I’d like if one of them could give me a good reason for invading Iraq. It wasn’t because of 9/11, if it was they should have invaded Saudi Arabia instead. It wasn’t because of weapons of mass destruction ‘cos there were none. And don’t trot out that ‘deposing the despot’ crap, that argument can be dismissed with one word – ‘Pinochet’. So why did Bush destabilise the Middle East ? It is a far more dangerous area now than before the invasion. Why did he create a recruiting base for Al Qaeda in a country where they didn’t have any foothold ? Come on boys, answer that one – without any personal insults please.

  55. “So just remind me again, what exactly was the invasion of Iraq for?”

    Lemme help you out here, Bock:

    The Iraq Liberation aka “Regime Change” Act of 1998:

    The Authorization of Force Resolution of 2002.

    You’ll find a whole lotta reasons, if you would only be honest enough to look. If you are REALLY honest you’ll see that Bill Clinton and the Congress sought to get rid of Saddam too, for much the same reasons.

  56. Jesus, Effinayright, that’s the best example of monumental arrogance I’ve ever seen. You justify an invasion by reference to your own “Regime Change Act”. As if it was some immutable law of nature and not just a criminal conspiracy dreamed up by Rove, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld and Cheney.

    Incredible double-think. America truly is becoming the new Soviet Union isn’t it? Which is very sad for a country that used to pride itself on liberty and freedom of speech.

    Why don’t you pass a “No Foreigners Laughing at Our President Act”. That’ll shut us up. You can send in the Marines to liberate us, or better still, the Blackwater goons. Just as long as you don’t bring us Peace and Democracy. I don’t think we’d survive that.

    And while you’re at it, you can pass the “No More Global Warming Act”. That’ll save the planet.

  57. I see how this works. You ask for reasons other than WMD or 9/11 for the Iraq invasion. I give them to you. You say in response: you call those reasons!!!??

    LOL!!! You really do think the sun shines from your fundament, don’t you. Or is a case of you spending WAAAAY too much time at the village shabeen….

    Bottom line: Bock, an anonymous twit, does not define or validate US national security concerns. We went to war for OUR reasons, which are not subject to YOUR veto or your limp-wristed waving them off as inconsquential..

    And of COURSE Ireland’s never waged an “aggressive” war on foreign soil : for centuries it was filled with bog-hoppers ruled by D-list British “nobles” who found it quite easy to cow an illiterate and ignorant populace, genetic traits Bock obviously carries to this day.

    But we also note your little dodge with that “foreign soil” bit: I suppose you’ve forgotten that recent unpleasantness with the North, which certainly sees itself as “foreign” to Eire. Quaere: Do you still burn votive candles in front of Gerry Adams’ portrait?

  58. Ah! The mask slips. Now we’re making progress. At last you’re beginning to reveal your true nature.

    Bog-hoppers? Do I detect a hint of the same contempt and casual racism you display towards the Iraqis? I suspect so.

    Thanks, Effinayright. Now we know what we’re dealing with.

    And by the way, the question I asked you was what Irish government had engaged in a war.

    The IRA were never anything but an illegal organisation in this jurisdiction, or perhaps you didn’t get to that bit on Wikipedia?

  59. Bock – you have definitely touched a raw nerve here! Methinks they doth protest too much! ;-) If Bush were a true statesman he would not need the support of the redneck cowboys who have camped on your blog. If it looks like a fool and sounds like a fool it probably is a fool! One swallow does not make a summer – and nor does one intelligent response make an intelligent president – unfortunately for all our sakes! This is just a case of a million monkeys banging on a million typewriters for a million years that will eventually reproduce the entire works of Shakespeare. Bush has talked so much shit over the years of his reign that eventually some of it had to rhyme! I’m with you on this – this is after all the same Bush who thinks you can impose western democracy on a tribal culture! If it were not so tragic it would be funny!

  60. Woooops I spotted a little typo in my earlier comment, I should have said

    “Any Survivors I’ve met are not too impressed with the ability of U.S. soldiers to not hit their friends”.

    It’d be kinda hard for the non-surviving friends to talk to me of course……….

  61. Let’s face it, Senor Bockmeister, you’re nothing but a typical namby-pampy Liberal tree-hugging gun-hating peace-loving bleeding heart Euro-weenie.

  62. Bock,

    Why don’t you just admit your mistake about this and move on? You really do look like a dead-ender retard here.

    And it’s “we peace-lovers…” (who are not apparently grammar-lovers).

  63. Because I don’t consider laughing at Shrub a mistake. It’s almost a duty.

    By “retard” are you referring to people with disabilities?

    By the way, a Bush acolyte such as yourself is on shaky ground lecturing anyone about grammar.

  64. This is hilarious. He starts a thread with the sole purpose of calling someone stupid and, instead, clearly exposes his own lightweight intellectual and reasoning capacities. And then he resorts to ad hominem attacks on people who simply wanted some sort of acknowledgement for his error. In so doing, Bock seems to have pulled off the neat trick of becoming a troll in his own blog comments section. I was beginning to think he defined blogging mediocrity (not that he’s alone in that), but maybe he is a singular talent after all!

    It’s funny: he labels all of us who are offended by this manufactured non-story (to which he’s well over a week late, I might add) as “Bush sycophants”. There are plenty of bona fide Bush missteps, malaprops and tongue twisters one can go to to make the case that “Bush is stupid”. This isn’t one of them. What it is, though, happens to be a wonderful look into the overreaching of a rabid mob of smug, arrogant jerks who think they’re so so clever.

    I’ve got this page bookmarked, man. Is there some Top 10 list of BDS Self-Parody? This is up there with that dude on Huffington Post who said that, after four days, black Katrina victims were resorting to cannibalism. Bock isn’t anywhere near that good!

  65. John R: I will ask yet again: what error are you talking about? Specify the exact phrase or sentences you want me to withdraw.

    Bush’s statement stands on its own merits as an incredibly stupid thing to say, and yes, it illustrates yet again how dense and insensitive the man is.

    Now, if you want to see ad hominem comments, you need only look at the majority of replies to this and related posts, starting with the immortal, though well-worn “you are an idiot” and descending ultimately into racial slurs.

    Many contributors, such as yourself, have been at pains to point out the mediocrity of this site, and yet, you fall over yourselves in your clamour to respond. For an obscure and mediocre site like this, as an earlier commenter put it, I seem to have kicked the beehive.

    God knows what you’d be like if I ran a proper site.

  66. John R: I will ask yet again: what error are you talking about?

    It starts with the blog entry title, “Saddam Killed Nelson Mandela”. Your initial reading of the video clip was that Bush meant that literally.

    For which you are as stupid as you accuse Bush of being in the first line of the blog entry.

    Now it appears that you’re trying to backpedal on appearing to have suggested that Bush meant that literally and are trying to soften things by saying making such a metaphor was “stupid”. But all this does is expose you as a disengenous liar.

    Look, I’m not some super genius. Sometimes I’m slow on the uptake, too. Sometimes I misunderstand things or take them out of context. I know this, and when told about it I at least acknowledge it and sometimes go so far as to apologize for it; I certainly don’t see the occasions where I’ve misunderstood something as opportunities to attack people trying to get me to correct myself. That’s just plain indecent.

    But then again, I don’t have a public blog with which to memorialize my random outbursts of idiocy. You do. And boy, oh boy, looks like you are taking full advantage of it.

    Now, just like a troll, I predict you’re not going to have anything productive to say in response to my post. I like to think I’m a fair person; though definitely on the right, I find it absolutely galling whenever anyone has their words or intentions wilfully taken out of context by people with an agenda, and that goes for anyone of any political stripe. Doing so is an injustice to the discourse in which we all seek to take part and work together.

    But fairness, objectivity, sincerity? Nah…that ain’t you. I certainly don’t need to look at the rest of your “site” to have you figured out. You make it so easy!

    *Sigh*…I really shouldn’t be feeding the troll….

  67. John: Unless you’re psychic, you cannot know what my reading of the video clip is. However, like many others replying to this thread, your double standards are breath-taking. You fill your comments with schoolyard insults while at the same time accusing me of abuse.

    What is it about the title you object to? Would you like me to reveal to the world that Saddam definitely didn’t kill Mandela?

    After that, you can point out the rest of the offending text.

    Now, John, if you glance at my previous comment, I did not say anything about a metaphor. I said his statement is stupid. Your leader’s use of that phrase was utterly ludicrous, not least because Bush himself is responsible for killing far more Iraqis than the evil Saddam ever managed, and because, far from encouraging the emergence of a unifying figure like Mandela, his actions have brought about a hotbed of Islamic extremism where none existed before.

    Now, if that’s not stupidity, what is?

  68. John: Unless you’re psychic, you cannot know what my reading of the video clip is.

    Huh, wha huh?!?! You mean you intentionally write a blog to be unclear so people can’t know what you mean?

    What is it about the title you object to?

    Dude, asked and answered. Your initial reading of the video clip was that Bush meant that literally, which is ludicrous on its face, which shows the space between your poorly considered thought process and clicking “submit” on your blog is paper thin, and oh for crying out loud I’m feeding the troll!!!!

    You know, there are people out there who are critical of the Bush administration and the war in Iraq and are, like, good at what they do. Perhaps if you subtracted your voice from the din, their message would have more resonance.

  69. Tell you what, John. There will be no meeting of minds on this.

    I think he’s a dangerous fool and you don’t.

    I think the rest of us who share this planet are entitled to cry out and resist his insanity in every way we can, including ridicule. You don’t.

    There is no middle ground.

  70. Holy fuck, Bock! It looks like you have the entire remedial wing of the Hitler Youth I mean the far right enthusiasts’ boys club commenting on your site. Who would have thought that there would be that many idiots out there. Still, I s’pose it takes all sorts to make up this world – fast being fucked in the arse by American foreign policy.

  71. Well, said Cap’n! You are obviously much smarter than the likes of John R. Why, you just proved it with your 13 year-old profanity and cliche-ridden comment. Really, bravo! You sure showed us.

    Erin go bragh!

  72. As you’re on the subject of smarts, Nomennovum, and as you’re still pretending to have Irish roots, learn to spell “Eireann go Brea” properly.

  73. You spell it your way, I’ll spell it mine. Go look it up. It’s like Arabic, dude. The Irish, the illiterates that they were, did not invent the Roman alphabet. So, they hardly know how to spell in their native tongue.

    Erin go Braugh.

    Éirinn go Brách.

    Erin go Bragh

    Haven’t seen your particular version, though, friend.

    But, live and let live. You say Mumbai. I say Bombay. You say Peking, I say Beijing.

    Whatever makes you happy Bock, makes me happy.


  74. As I said on the other post, Nomennovum, that’s a high standard of debate you have going there.

    Since you’re so upset by my criticism of your government, maybe you could clarify this.

    Are you the same Nomennovum who stated as follows, HERE:

    “I do not trust the government and do not want ANY expansion of its powers. None whatsoever.”

  75. You’re trolling your own blog. You’ve already asked me that question in the other thread.

    Errrinnnn gouhgh braaah!

  76. I am so sorry, bock, but you are a total moron. Mandela is still alive. In fact, I think he’s on TV right now…..

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