The Real Macaque: Mad Monkeys Murder Mayor

I see Delhi is overrun by hordes of crazed, homicidal rhesus macaque monkeys. The other day, they attacked Delhi’s deputy mayor, SS Bajwa, who suffered fatal head injuries when he fell off a balcony trying to escape from them.

The Delhi authorities have even tried to use bigger, tougher monkeys Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucketto scare them off, and it worked for a while but the relief was only temporary. The little shits started to cooperate and eventually, by sheer weight of numbers, they overpowered the ferocious langur monkeys working for the City.

It seems these little muggers are everywhere, attacking people, stealing food, behaving like complete bastards, breeding uncontrollably and with no respect for any kind of authority. They have a sense of entitlement but no understanding of responsibility. They’re infesting the corridors of government buildings and the civil servants have to run between offices for safety.  You can’t just go out and shoot them, because Hindus revere them as symbols of Hanuman, the monkey-god, and commonly hand out food to them without regard for the consequences.

We have a problem something like that in Ireland, but we call them scumbags. Just like the monkeys, they feel entitled to be fed and housed, though they don’t know why.  And just like the monkeys, they have no sense of responsibility because they don’t think they’re part of the society that feeds them.  We can’t shoot them either because our High Priests of political correctness wouldn’t stand for it. The scumbags are seen as symbolic of the lowlife-god: Knackerman, and the government honours them by giving them free houses and money.

It’s considered bad form to ask scumbags how they can afford a BMW.

(In fairness to the monkeys, at least they’re regular blood-donors).

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