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Wayne O’Donoghue

Here’s another one I wasn’t going to write about. Is there no end to it?

We’re either talking about Wayne O’Donoghue, the murdering, child-abuser, according to the mother of the dead little boy or Wayne O’Donoghue, the victim, according to an alternative view.

Where are we going with this?

Last week, Paul Carney, the trial judge, criticised Majella Holohan for presenting a series of facts to a jury during the course of a victim impact statement. Majella Holohan is the mother of Robert, a young boy killed by Wayne O’Donoghue. She mentioned, among other things, that there was evidence of semen on the boy’s body.

Well, there you have it. What more evidence do you need? What happened seems plain enough in the face of such stark facts, doesn’t it?

Well, no, actually.

Let me give you another example of stark facts that seem to point in a particular direction.

In this very city, not too long ago, a homeless English man climbed into a commercial rubbish bin and fell asleep. In consequence, the refuse company came along in the morning and killed him.

Now, those are the facts, but they don’t tell you the story. Those facts are a lie, even though they are correct.

What really happened was that the refuse workers hooked up the bin to the truck without knowing the man was inside, and he was crushed to death in the truck’s mechanism.

In Wayne O’Donoghue’s case, he was one of the few people who could get through to Robert Holohan, a very difficult child with ADHD. He gave Robert a lot of his spare time and Robert’s parents were grateful for his help. Wayne had a life of his own. He was a bright student, many years older than the boy. He had an academic career and a grown-up life separate from Robert. He had a new car, his pride and joy, like many twenty-year-olds.

One day, Robert Holohan asked his friend Wayne to drive him into town. Wayne refused. Robert, who was unused to being refused anything, began to throw stones at Wayne’s new car. Wayne got out, grabbed Robert, struggled with him and things got out of hand. In the unequal struggle, Robert was injured and died.

That was when Wayne lost it.

He carried Robert into the bathroom of his house, attempted to revive him and then wrapped his body in a mat. He put the body in his car, drove to a remote location and hid it. Disgracefully, he took part in the search for the missing Robert and allowed everyone to continue hoping the child was still alive for another week.

Eventually, Wayne was charged with the boy’s killing and was convicted of manslaughter.

Those are the facts.

At the trial, Robert’s mother was afforded the opportunity to give a victim impact statement, and she painted a picture in which Wayne O’Donoghue was a vile paedophile killer. A picture in which traces of semen were found on the child’s body.

Why was semen found on the child’s body? Simple: three adolescent boys shared the bathroom, and anyone with a fragment of sense knows that where there are adolescent boys there is always semen.

In her desire for vengeance, Majella Holohan chose to overlook this fact.

In my opinion, no crime at all took place.

Wayne O’Donoghue was one of the few friends that this very difficult child had in his entire difficult life. By offering his time to support Robert’s harassed mother, Wayne O’Donoghue ended up in jail for a crime he never committed. He simply tried to restrain a hyperactive, violent child and ended up somehow overusing his superior strength, with the result that the child lost his life.

In my opinion there was no intent to commit any sort of crime, and therefore Wayne O’Donoghue should never have spent a second behind bars, never mind becoming a nationwide hate-figure simply because he was denounced by a mother blinded by grief.

That’s the problem with bald facts. They almost never tell the truth.

Police Torture Dead Boy’s Mother
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Oh dear. It all sounds very tragic and sad on both sides. I saw five scruffy kids all under the age of 6 with one mum looking out of it pushing a pushchair and 2 dads lurching around carrying tins of Stella this morning. The kids looked exhausted and dishevelled. The mum looked ill and the dads were out of it. It was 10.30 in the morning. I immediately wondered what would become of the kids – something was definitely not right. Where were Robert’s parents when he was being ‘restrained’? Sounds like they had left a large proportion of Robert’s parenting up to Wayne O Donoghue…..You see my point…

Was the semen tested to find out whose it was, or whose it wasn’t? Was that information available to the court, or to the boy’s mother?

I wasn’t there either, but sadly the picture you paint, Bock, is a familiar scenario. An older man becoming involved in a vulnerable, lonely child’s life, becoming his “only friend”…….it is a familiar scenario for sexual abuse and that is a fact. And so is blaming the child. The only thing that can speak for the boy’s version of events is physical evidence and since I’m not party to that evidence I can’t judge. I almost hate to disagree with you, Bock; I enjoy your blog.

The DPP didn’t consider the semen evidence relevant at all, and neither did the police. It was not presented as part of the prosecution case. There was never any suggestion by the prosecution team of sexual abuse. As far as I know, though I could be wrong about this, DNA tests indicated that the sample could have come from any of the brothers living in the house.

You’re welcome to disagree with me. I don’t mind. But suggesting that Wayne O’Donoghue was involved in sexual abuse is not based on the facts presented during the trial.

Without banging on too much about this and sounding like I am a vociferous campaigner for a return to moral values – I repeat again – where were the parents on that fateful day or any other day for that matter? Why would a parent let a much older young man spend so much time with their young son – especially if he was vulnerable re: his behavioural difficulties?

Well, obviously a crime took place because Wayne O’Donoghue killed Robert Holohan.

Whether he meant to or not is irrelevant and there’s rather a lot of speculation in your piece, Bock.

He simply tried to restrain a hyperactive, violent child and ended up somehow overusing his superior strength, with the result that the child lost his life

If you restrain a child with your superior strength chances are the worst he’ll come off with is a few bruises.

If you strangle a child with your superior strength chances are he’ll end up dead.

No, Twenty. It’s not obvious that a crime took place. It’s obvious that someone was killed, and that isn’t always the result of a crime.

I think a tragedy took place, not a crime, but as I said in the piece, that’s just my opinion.

Yes, there is speculation in what I wrote, but it’s of a more benign sort than the speculation that Wayne O’Donoghue is a sexual abuser, which he is not. My authority for saying this is the trial judge, Paul Carney, who categorically stated that Wayne O’Donoghue is not a sexual abuser.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t buy the sexual abuser thing for a second, but O’Donoghue killed that boy.

Manslaughter is still a crime and he was found guilty of that. I don’t think he set out to kill him intentionally either but you can’t downplay it to the extent where it’s simply a tragedy and not a crime.

That’s fair enough. He was convicted of manslaughter, even though I feel uneasy about that conviction.

My main objection is to the sexual abuse angle.

However, on the manslaughter point, I have heard people who would have some proximity to the case say that he wouldn’t even have been charged with manslaughter if he hadn’t hidden the body.

I don’t see the logical connection.

Either they believed he was guilty of manslaughter or they didn’t. Hiding the body was something that happened after the event.

Hiding the body could be seen as a fairly natural reaction to panic. If I was on a jury, it wouldn’t influence me. Fact.

But manslaughter appears to fit the case.

By the way, your blog is loading very slowly and I don’t think my laptop is at fault.

Nora: I’m not saying it influenced the jury. I’m saying he probably wouldn’t have been charged with manslaughter in the first place if he hadn’t hidden the body.

I’m saying he probably wouldn’t have been charged with manslaughter in the first place if he hadn’t hidden the body.

Based on what though?

“Hello, the Gardai? Yes, I have the dead body of an 11 year old here but I didn’t mean to kill him like…”

“Rockmother: It’s a rural community. People aren’t so rigidly segregated by age in country areas.”

I’m afraid I don’t buy that. I grew up in a country area (albeit a different country, but the similarities between Irish-settled areas of Eastern Ontario and rural Ireland are very close) and that kind of relationship, a friendship between a ten-year-old and a twenty-year-old, would not be viewed as normal. Nobody would do anything about it and lord knows nobody would say anything but it would not be seen as normal. It would be seen as one more thing not to talk about.

Nora: I haven’t said it wasn’t manslaughter. I have a bad feeling about this. I know he was convicted, but my gut says there’s something unsafe about it.

Twenty: I know. This kind of talk is unpopular, but what can you do?

Alberta Marlowe: I need to reiterate. There’s no question of sexual abuse in this case.

Paul: You sound like you’re wearing a triumphant smirk.

Don’t put words in my mouth. I did not suggest that manslaughter isn’t a crime, and you know it well. Whatever about the usual disagreement and banter here, I won’t stand for that sort of dishonest bullshit. This isn’t a court of law, and the language used around here isn’t as forensicaly exact as you might demand. Tough.

For your benefit, I will repeat: In my opinion no crime took place. That’s different to asserting categorically that no crime took place. My opinion, Paul. Nothing more.

People have been wrongly convicted of crimes before this, by the way, so it isn’t inconceivable.

Now, in future will you try to read more carefully before you start whipping out the damning evidence and reading it to the court?

Nora: I haven’t said it wasn’t manslaughter.

You said:

“In my opinion, no crime at all took place.”

Are you saying manslaughter isn’t a crime?


I think the killing was accidental.

Your earlier example suggests sustained application of force by a much stronger person, but you can also imagine a situation where an adult struggles with a child and they fall over some obstacle like a step, fatally injuring the child. I’m not saying that’s what happened. I’m saying that’s an example of where somebody could be killed without a crime taking place.

As I already said, I have heard that the case would never have been prosecuted if he hadn’t hidden the body.

Now, I know hiding the body was reprehensible, but it can be explained by panic and fear, without sinister motivation.

In my opinion no crime took place. That’s different to asserting categorically that no crime took place. My opinion, Paul. Nothing more.

But I still fail to understand how you can form that opinion when Wayne O’Donoghue clearly killed Robert Holohan.

In my opinion no crime took place.

It’s a pointless construction; a crime – the crime of at best involuntary manslaughter – did take place. If you don’t think that accidentally choking a kid should be considered a crime, then say that. The prefix “In my opinion” has as much as weight as Rosie O’Donnell’s prefix “Speaking as a mother…”; something’s either bollocks, or it isn’t.


Would you prefer me to give someone else’s opinion? Yours, perhaps? I’ll tell you what, Paul: I’ll stop believing it. Would that make you feel better?

In this case we, the court, the media, and you, Bock, are only relying on Wayne O’Donoghue’s word. We don’t have the other version of events, the boy’s version, and we never will. Maybe his version would be the same. Maybe it wouldn’t. It’s impossible to say what the truth is when only one side of the story is available. And as for the court saying what their relationship was or wasn’t, or whether this death was an accident or it wasn’t, courts have to work with the evidence they’ve got, the narrative they’re given. The court’s final version is probably about half the truth.

Wrong. I’m relying on what I think might have happened. It seems to irritate people that I’m not accepting the orthodox version, even though it doesn’t matter a rat’s ass what I personally believe.

Doesn’t that sound a tiny bit like the Bush-Mandela controversy?

a crime did take place bock otherwise why is wayne o donoghue in jail because he committed a crime simple as

I’m not asking you to do anything.

I’m telling you that I’m not convinced Wayne O Donoghue committed a crime. In my opinion, no crime took place, but that’s just my opinion.

Nothing more than that.

It’s amazing how annoyed people are that I hold this opinion. I can’t imagine what would happen if I said the Earth orbited the Sun.

Twenty, only Huntley said one of them accidentally fell into the bath. Let’s not rely on the word of a pervert, OK?

Why not? You’re asking us to rely on the word (sort of) of someone who killed an 11 year old boy, hid the body then took part in the search to find him.

Perverts aren’t necessarily liars.

Speaking for myself, Bock, I’m not annoyed you hold this opinion. I am mystified. It’s like an otherwise sensible person holding tightly to the opinion that the earth is flat. And don’t tell me that it is – I have sailed over the horizon. Nothing happened.

That’s fair enough. However, I’m not clinging to a belief. If I find out more about the case, I might easily change my mind.

At this moment, I’m uneasy about the decision and I’m just not convinced. Far from being a flat-earther, I think there’s an obligation in a democratic society to express concern if we have doubts about a conviction, and I have doubts about this one.

Look at the facts of the case:

1. There was no sexual assault. This was confirmed explicitly by the judge and was never suggested by the prosecution. Responding to Majella Holohan’s statement the judge said,

the accused was being branded a paedophile killer, which he was not. The tabloids stirred up such hatred for the accused he has no future in this country.

2. In passing sentence, the trial judge described the struggle between the two as being at the “horseplay” end of the scale.

I’m going to write another post about this, but you might be interested in reading exactly what the judge said:

The evidence of both pathologists was to the effect that the injuries on Robert’s body were light.

I find of particular significance that Professor Crane went on to say that the injuries were consistent with those which resulted from a restraining technique employed by several police forces in the United States. When it became apparent that this technique was causing unexpected deaths, its authorised use was terminated. This evidence suggests to me that the injuries we are concerned with here were at the horseplay end of the scale.

Now, to be honest with you, if that makes me a flat-earther, well, ready my ships. I’m off to find the edge of the world.

i live a mile away from both families and i tell you for a fact that you never entered odonnaghues home unless you removed your shoes. roberts body was found with his sneakers seperateded from the body. now when you know this fact you know wayne is a liar because the boy more than likely was murdered inside the house. if you dont believe me check the reports about when the body was found. as i said i am a local person. i also took part in the searchs and i cant understand why wayne was never charged with obstructing the course of justice and disposing of a body that each cary a sentance that if combined would amount to 15 years.

I must say i agree with bock, the long and short of it is, it was a tragic event from the out set when wayne was arrested i felt sorry for him, i know hiding a body for a week is hard to explain away, but who among us can say we would have done differently?? when you are scared you do things that you think you would never do. if we take a different view, wayne killed a friend i dont care how old or young he was, he would help him out and bring him places, can you imagine living with the knowledge of killing a friend. When you see him in the paper or television you can see the remorse in his face compared to some of the other scum who have been arrested for murder!.. no matter what we say there are two familieslives ruined never to be the same again.. just wanted to put my point out there..

So Wayne is free today. I believe it was right for him to serve the time on the grounds of manslaughter. It is obvious he did not set out to murder that young boy and I dont buy into any sugestion of sexual abuse. As has been pointed out the traces of semen were miniscule and also they the source of contamination was a bathroom mat…. Traces of semen will be found in a bathroom especially one used by adolescent boys.

Wayne dessrved to serve the sentence…should have been longer in my opinion, becuase of his terrible ,almost sinister actions following Robert’s death. I know we would all panic but in fairness to hide and attempt to burn a body seems to me the actions of someone who is pretty ruthless at the least. Also to be able to keep up the charade for a week also requires a certain degree of malice.

One question though….. why was a man like Wayne O Donoghue permitted to spend so much time with a young boy? It just isnt normal. I am from a rural area and when I was 11 I played with boys and girls around my own age. I probably being very cruel here but I get the impression that Majella Houlihan was not a very good mother and I also siad from the first time I saw her on television, she simply oozes non likeability. However that is not intended to somehow start shifting the blame from Wayne. At the end of the day two families have been ruined and its nothing short of a tragedy.

I was Listening to the news last evening about a lady who killed her 16 year old daughter, because she was verging on anorexia and the mother experienced temporary insanity, and she was not convicted. When an otherwise normal person “loses it”, logic goes out the window. Absolute and utter fear can result in any normal person behaving in a way totally alien to them, or to anyone who knows them, and none, but none of us can say otherwise, because we simply do not know what fear and shock to that degree would do to our mental state. So, in my opinion, I believe that what happened was a terrible, unfortunate accident. I think that Wayne probably put up with Robert’s hyped manner, when others wouldn’t and that he never thought too much about it. He was barely an adult himself, if you look at it logically. Although his behaviour after Robert died was pretty appalling, none of us can say that we would not have acted in this way, or similar, had we been in the same situation. He has served his time, anyone with a grain of cop on can see this young man has paid the price, and is a normal young man, who ended up in a totally bizarre, out of control situation, which has ultimately ruined his life. I sympathise with Roberts parents, but there is no one to blame for this death, and Roberts mum needs to blame someone. It was horseplay, perhaps irritation on Waynes part because of the stone throwing at his new car – a strong arm around the neck, and not realising his own strength, in a second it was over. An unfortunate accident, leave Wayne alone to try to rebuild his life, and may Robert rest in peace.

Its a pity Wayne did what he did after Robert went missing and he helped with the search. I do think though he would still have been convicted of manslaughter if he was honest and explained what had happened. He just totally panicked. His life really is over. I do really feel so sad for Roberts parents though, its such a loss to lose a child.

Accidentally killing someone isn’t always a crime; that’s a total misapprehension on the part of that commenter. There has to be an element of forseeability for criminal culpability to be present – an accident can be innocent, it doesn’t always have to mean anyone is at actual fault.

In this instance, you’d need to assess whether a reasonable person could or should have considered that the extent of force used to restrain that child could have caused severe injury or death. Given the technique was widely used and officially approved by police forces in the past, until the deaths started to mount, it’s a moot point. That was made plain at the sentencing stage, as was the effect of the attempted cover-up on the way the situation was viewed.

Juries are human, and so are the Gardai. If there’d been no efforts to evade discovery, charges/a conviction might never have been brought. It seems a shame that separate charges weren’t laid over the coverup and the jury advised as much; the conflation seems to have muddied the issue.

Yes Wayne has been released from prison today. After three (long years to him and ridiculously short years to Robert’s parents).

The Holohan case is a very sad one, and i remember watching it develop and feeling sick to my stomach when i found out that it was Wayne’s friend, a man who had joined the search and comforted Majella during the search, had killed (accidentally or not) the young boy. It is very very sad.

I agree that it was an accident, a horrific, tragic and life changing accident. I also agree that the fact that Wayne hid the body and joined the search was an awful thing to do. But he panicked. I’m not excusing what he did, nor would i ever attempt to understand the pain that the Holohan’s are going through today.

The issue of “the police who planted misinformation in Majella Holohan’s mind” is bull. the police, a local force who would have known both families and been very close to finding this boy, have to inform the parents of any developments in the case. When semen was found on Roberts neck the person who examined it claimed that there was a 1 in 7millinon chance that it wasn’t Wayne’s. But, when another sample was found on Wayne’s bathmat doubt was cast over the the original assumption. The police informed Majella of both these things. Tell any parent a piece of information that may imply that someone they trusted with their children is a paedophile and they will believe it. People act first and think later, especially when it comes to their children. Majella should not have read out what she read out in her victim impact statement. But she did.

I take issue with people blaiming her. I really do. I have plenty of friends from rural tows that are friends with people five, ten years older then him. It comes from a small town where you may be friends with brothers and sisters of people. They trusted him and from what i understand Wayne devoted a lot of time to Robert. In today’s world some people place the care of their children with strangers, i’m sure Majella knew the family very well. Also you try telling a young boy he can’t be friends with someone.

To summarise it’s not fair to paint Wayne a paedophile nor is it fair to paint Majella as “unlikeable.” Majella lost her child and will for the rest of her life feel guilty, that loss will follow her around for the rest of her days, especially on days like today. Wayne has lost a lot too and while his loos is not as great as Majella the accusation that he was a paedophile has made him an even more marked man. Do you know what they do to people they think are paedophiles in prison?

Megan: That’s a fairly balanced response. Although some commenters have criticised Majella Holohan, I have not, and I don’t intend to. I think it was entirely irresponsible of the police to treat the poor woman as they did. The size of the DNA sample is immaterial: as professionals they would have known that there’s a multiplicity of ways it could have been transferred, but they chose not to reveal that to Majella, which is a disgrace. Of course, if they didn’t know it, we can’t say much for their professionalism.

Brock: Yes i agree the police are a bunch of tosspots. Trust me i’ve had enough dealings with them to know that half of the time they couldn’t solve their way out of a paper bag.

But this case… jesus… i can’t honestly say i couldn’t have done any better. And we’ll never know what made them tell her or why they did. It’s a bit like the semen.. immaterial.

Well, maybe somebody should ask them. I think it’s far from immaterial. It looks like an attempt to punish Wayne O Donoghue by extra-judicial means using Majella as the weapon.

OK I’m just one year younger than Wayne and from the very start I didn’t believe it was premeditated or anything else. I feel it was simply a tragic accident.

Having worked with children with adhd I can tell you it is a stressful job. But I am trained to work with such children. Was Wayne, I dont think so.

For someone so young (Wayne), looking out for and being a friend was a brave and probably exhausting job. Yes he panicked and did the wrong thing but how would you have reacted.

Wayne O’Donoghue’s life sentence is really starting in earnest now. He’s still on parole so he is not totally free now either. If someone attacked him, which is not beyond the realms of possibility, and he defends himself he will end up in court and possibly back in jail. Tricky and uncomfortable position to be in.

He will have to train for some sort of profession, to support himself, but he will find it harder than most to get a job. Anywhere he goes in Ireland people will know who he is and the reason for his unwanted fame. Even if he goes abroad, any ex pat Irish people he might meet will instantly know who he is and hence word will be spread around. He will find it very hard to find a life partner in Ireland and will always have guilt and regret hanging around his neck which will intensify if ever he should have children of his own.

He hasn’t got away scot free, he will pay for that day’s events for the rest of his life as will the Holohans.

I’ve seen older boys and younger boys having “horse play” many times and even fighting each other agressively. I’ve never seen a child killed as a result of it or come close to it.

O’Donoghue didn’t just accidentally kill the child, he participated in the search. Would any normal human being not break down in distress and admit their crime immediately in front of the child’s parents? He displayed a very chilling side to his character.

The way O’Donoghue behaved after the death, not to mention how exactly horse play turned into physically killing a child, illustrates bahaviour associated with people more capable of murder than ordinary people who would immediately break down in shock for their crime and be arrested. Hit and run accidents are different as they culprit rarely sees the victim.

Would anyone trust O’Donoghue around their children? Sorry, but not me.

wayne masterbated in the shower and it just so happened to get onto robert’s body! this fella murdered AN 11-YEAR OLD BOY in a fight! it’s not something that he could say was a bit of an accident! he knew that when he dumped the poor kid! How many people would have traces of sperm on them after a shower? if sperm was delibrately spread on someone they would have a good chance of washing it off themselves, even little traces of it! He molested him and killed him, i think that sounds more plausible

The gardai investigated this fully and extensively, most of us here only know what we read in the papers, we didn’t hear the evidence in court. If there was any real doubt about WO’D’s intentions they would have got to the bottom of that during the investigation and trial. It was never confirmed that the semen was Wayne’s either. There were three other men living in the house don’t forget. Plus the fact that according to the forensic reports on Prime Time during the week, the amount of semen found on the child’s body was not indicative of a sexual attack, merely of contact.

As for his actions after the event, deplorable though they were, I think he panicked and hoped that if he got rid of the body that the whole thing would go away. That showed his own immaturity, he was only 20 after all. I’m not excusing it or applauding it but how many people knock down pedestrians and drive off? We don’t know if they got out of the car to check on their victims or not, we only know they weren’t there when the unfortunate person was found, either alive or dead. It’s the flight of denial. My gut says that Wayne O’Donoghue is probably less of a risk to anyone’s kids than he ever was before. I’d say he’d be so wary of contact with kids that he’d keep his distance carefully now.

It’s easy to hurl vitriol at someone, not so easy to think about it fairly and come up with a balanced conclusion.

Kop On: State your source for that information immediately or else shut the fuck up.

You obviously read nothing that was written here, and you clearly want a platform for your prejudices, which I won’t provide you with.

If you want to debate the facts, that’s fine, but I won’t tolerate ill-informed accusations. There’s no evidence for what you said and Wayne O Donoghue was not convicted of murder. I won’t have bullshit being spread on this site.

It is very sad all round for the Holohan family and the O’ Donoghue family. W O D was it appears fully prepared to accept what ever sentence was imposed by the courts for his wrong doing. His sentence now goes on for ever and has been made I would say almost unbearable and his life is being put in danger by comments like those made “by a bit of cop on”. The semen that was found on Roberts hand was said to be one in a million that it was not Wayne’s but in actual fact after checking the mat and semen was found to be belonging to a close relative of Wanes, it was then accepted it was one in a million that it could some one other than Wanes or a close family member. The Holohan’s will have to suffer Roberts loss for the rest of their lives but WOD will have to live with the guilt and shame of what happened and also the fear of being attacked, verbal abuse etc. I believe it was an accident and panic afterwards. He has severed the sentence imposed by the courts and we need to accept this and let him get on with his life. We must accept the courts decision as it is the best proof we have and any thing else is only hearsay and unproven. People that are making themselves judge and jury with hear say evidence are being evil themselves and are playing a part in murdering this young man’s character.

During the last few days i’ve been reading the papers watching the news and listened attentivly to Waynes statement, although it will be little comfort to the Holohan family I believe these were the words of his solicitor and not Waynes it was rehearsed and read like a story he didnt lift his head once and to me showed little remorse, but during the trial and now 3 years later the same question remains unanswered, if the body was not found would there have ever been a confession I feel only when the net was closing in on him he panicked and only then confessed yes his solicitor said he admitted it from the start and took full responsibility for his actions, what else was he going to say…… anyone who had the neck to comfort the victims mother, search for the body that he was never going to find and go along to the funeral has a dangerous and calculating mind to say it was done out of panic is an understatement how long does one remain panicked Wayne O Donoghue not only took this little boy away from his family he deceived the whole country for 12 days. I know he served his time which was handed down by the courts but i think it was just not long enough shame on judge and all involved in sentencing.

Alot of opinions here, my opinion: I find it very hard to get my head around ‘accident due to horse-play’. Big man, small child. Wayne should know his own strengths and what can kill,if u like.

U don’t strangle anybody, because we all know potentially what the result will be.

I think that Wayne could of just ‘flipped’ that day, lost the cool and went too far! I don’t believe that ‘horsing around’ can kill someone, unless of course somebody hits their head as a result etc. We have no fact of this happening.

I think 3 years is a pitiful sentence, especially where there is NO evidence to say it was an accident, only his word. People have been given longer sentences for doing alot less, at the end of the day a poor boy died as a result of his actions.

And I believe that anybody with the capability to do this, has the potential to ‘flip’ again.

I think Wayne has got away lightly and I think there is something severely wrong with the system, which is a whole other story.

There is a reason why he was given a three year sentence and not 10 or 15 years. some may think it was a fair sentence, some may not. Wayne struck me as a quiet enough lad, but that’s just my opinion. What Kop on said can only be defined as complete and utter stupidity. You see young men on the news, day in, day out, having stabbed or shot some innocent person, and showing not one ounce of remorse. Wayne, whether it was written by his solicitor or not, has publicly apologised to the family of Robert. I said it before and i’ll say it again – i don’t condone what he did following the death of Robert, but there is not one of us here can foresee what we would do, if something went horribly wrong in a nightmare situation, so i really don’t think we are in any position to judge has been said on this topic here, that many older and younger boys have “tackled” and nothing ever happened. Thank god for that, or we would have a murder on our hands on a daily basis. This was a fluke, a freak accident. I’m not the most forgiving person in the world i’ve been told, indeed, quite the opposite. But even my pig head can see what happened here. However, if it were my child that was killed, who knows what way my mind would work. I think, let Wayne try to rebuild what tatters are left of his life – i’m sure he will pay for his crime over and over again, in the duration of his life. As for Robert’s poor family – if Wayne got, say 10 years, would it ease their pain? I think not. They knew Wayne. None of us do.

The sentence given was the sentence given by the courts. W.O’D. was prepared to accept what ever sentence was handed down. I don’t think we should be beating him up now for this as he has served the punishment handed down by the courts. As for the statement he read I believe the words expressed were expressing his sentiments but of course the statement had to be approved by his solicitor and the comment that he did not lift his head while reading the statement is not surprising as he would not be used to talking to the public in this way. Think about it, it had to be very difficult to stand up in front of the media flashing cameras and the whole country and read this statement. Yes what he done after the child dieing was wrong and I believe he accepts this, but I believe it was done in total and utter panic and once he had done this it got more and more difficult each day to come clean and I would say he was also in a daze and could not think clear. It can be difficult to see the wood from the trees when you are under severe pressure, he was also unable to confide in anybody. There are no winners in this Wayne his misfortuneate and totally innocent parents and brothers and the Holohan’s who’s son Robert RIP is gone. We may not be happy with the sentence but it is what the courts issued and he has this served and we now have a duty to let him get on with his life.

Sun Set: i agree totally with your view. You need to have a very open mind on this one – which i think Bock has, and he has been attacked for it. There are people on this subject chatting, who i know would lynch WOD, but personally, and i can’t help it, i actually feel sorry for him. the fact that he kept his head down and didn’t look into the camera, it’ s just media, the journalists, and everyone else who wants him buried, jumping on the bandwagon, throwing reasons out why he should be burnt at the stake. It happened. He killed the boy, albeit accidentally. And I, the doubting Thomas, believe that it was an accident. He got his time, he served it, he apologised to the family, which i know is of no comfort to them. What else can he do at this stage, short of doing away with himself as a last stage to prove his utter remorse. Would that make everyone happy? Probably. Sometimes, thankfully not too often, someone makes a total and utter fuck up and given their time over again, would have acted completely differently. Is there any one of us who can say we wouldn’t change some thing we did or said? Yes this is on a completely different scale, but as i’ve said before again and again, no one knows how they will react in a certain situation. I bet if anyone asked WOD if he could change what he did, do you really think he would say No? Hardly.

The thing that bothers me is that we will never know for sure, if it was a horrible accident,only from what WOD has said. I think if we had actual proof of this – like proof of a ‘bump of the head’ due to horse-play, then I would feel sorry for Wayne.
Whereas for all we know Wayne could of just lost the cool + ‘flipped’ that day and I think that if that was the case, then he has the potential to do so again, which also means he has got off very lightly.
I think all of our opinions about that day are only speculation and the fact is we will never know, what we believe might have happened, we will never know.

Boy Blue, proof of a bump in the head would satisfy you that it was horse play, I don’t believe that. I agree we will never be 100% sure what happened but as I have said before, this has been investigated fully by the courts and we have to accept their decision. Some people are more inclined to ignore the courts verdict and believe here say and gossip, sensational journalists who have used both the O’ Donoghue’s and the Holohan’s to sell new papers.

I saw the footage of the apology statement and I thought he read it very well. Of course it was worded by the solicitor, but I’d say the sentiment came from Wayne himself. As to his demeanor while he was reading it, he’d been in prison constantly for three years so it was his first time out, he was faced with a barrage of flashing cameras and tv crews and it was 7 o’clock on a freezing January morning. He’s not a professional actor, what were people expecting from him? A Shakespearian enactment from a tragedy play? Sun Set makes very good points, in particular that the gutter press were trying to revive the matter, well it’s their bread and butter isn’t it – feeding on human misery and making up stories to sensationalise every situation. You only have to look at what they’ve been doing to the McCanns for the past few months. If Wayne is wise he’ll keep his head down for a while, let the fuss blow over and then test the waters, socially, to see where he’ll be able to drop anchor. I know the Holohans are the real victims here but I can’t help feeling desperately sorry for Wayne O’Donoghue.

This has made very interesting reading. My opinion (for what it’s worth) is that it was a tragic accident and after that Wayne O Donoghue panicked and lost all sense of reason. As a mother myself of an adorable 12 year old boy, I fully sympathise with the Holohan family. But because I am a mother I also feel in my heart for Wayne O Donoghue, who I believe to be decent human being. Somebody pointed out earlier that the lady who killed her daughter because she was worried about the daughters anorexia, got off on the grounds of insanity. While trying to understand why Wayne acted the way he did after he accidentally killed Robert, I believe that he acted as someone who had lost all sense of reason – he was taken over by insanity. I’m probably not expressing myself very well. I wish him the best that life has to offer him and I wish the Holohans peace and may God help mend their broken hearts.

Bock your assumptions on Rob’s level of ADHD are incorrect as is your assumption that Rob was not used to being refused anything. You have painted a nasty one sided picture here which exposes your bias.

I for one believe that WOD has many more questions to answer about the case. As does the DPP.

I also feel Irish people in general have questions to answer when they can feel comfortable with someone like WOD getting such a leniant sentence for the crimes he commited. As an Emigrant watching this case from afar the sympathy for WOD at home is downright disgusting.

If WOD had any honor at all he would have hung himself.

You describe yourself as en emigrant. Are you saying you therefore have a clearer insight into the case, allowing you to say I’m biased? Or do you have some local knowledge perhaps?


I think you meant
“If WOD had any honour at all he should have hanged himself”
Of course there is no honour in suicide. The level of suicide in Ireland is a big issue that needs to be addressed and the fact that someone would encourage suicide as a course of action is disgusting.

JPB: Indeed. I missed that comment by John.

John: If you want to go around encouraging suicide, you can fuck off and do it on someone else’s site.

I think the point about the behaviour of hit and run drivers in the aftermath of hitting someone is quite interesting. There are a number of those every single year and yet where is the media outcry? All we ever hear is at the end of a news bulletin that Gardai are appealing for witnesses.

That’s an interesting analogy, Dan.

Isn’t it amazing how selective we are about our killers?

Some fuckers can murder a policeman in cold blood and get out of jail within a decade. Others can slaughter people on the roads and nobody gives a toss who they are or who their victims are.

People kill children all the time, but I bet nobody can remember the killers’ names, so what is it about Wayne O Donoghue that has the moral majority in such a lather? Oh wait! Could it be because he was wrongly accused of being a paedophile?

Isn’t it a pity people aren’t getting more worked up about real paedophiles?

Dan and Bock, It goes to show the total hypocrisy of the Irish media, when you see all the murderers and killers and the media go on and on about WOD as if he was the worst person that ever lived, when clearly he is not. We are served poorly by our media.

I’ve been following the news about this case from Australia. We certainly have enough murders over here to be going on with, but this case, with the murderer being allowed to offer a ludicrous confession and get a slap on the wrist for punishment, the unfathomable amount of goodwill towards the murderer, and the inability of the police and court to get at the real facts of what happened, makes this case unusual and puzzling. This case would have been handled differently here. The murderer would immediately have had to undergo a lengthy assessment at a psychiatric facility to determine if he suffered from some behavioral disorder which could offer some explanation of why the crime was committed and why the cruel charade of being a helpful friend afterward were carried out. Testing of the subject might have found some indications of psychopathic personality disorder. We’ll never know now, about that, and what behaviours he exhibited in his childhood that were indicative of trouble ahead. It’s just a shame these and other procedures were not followed. One thing I think the kind hearts here don’t have to worry about is remorse and guilt on the murderer’s part, he may not be capable of those emotions, only pity for himself. Re the disposal of the body, shock and panic do not lead to washing a body after death, driving it miles away and dumping it like trash, and returning later to the scene to set fire to the trash.

Oh my God.
Or anyone’s God I, don’t have one myself. Sanity on the subject of Wayne O’Donoghue………… whatever next?
And how the prospective lynch mob object.

As a local and a mother, I can not conceive how anyone could hold any shred of sympathy for Wayne. Unlike you Bock, I attended the trial and saw for myself the evidence and heard the Judge’s words. Yet what stood out far more than Paul Carney’s personal, if professional, opinion, was the lack of remorse expressed by the killer. There were no tears at the recollection of his actions as the consequences were read to the court, not so much as a shudder or a flinch, nor a pained expression came from o’Donoghue as he sat looking bored throughout an otherwise very emotionally charged trial.
In conflict with your earlier remark that he was neither charged nor convicted of murder, murder charges were brought. I, like the jury, would not have convicted Wayne of murder, not because I intrinsically believe him to be innocent but because the evidence presented to the court did not prove him to be guilty of murder. The prosecution did not, in my opinion, actively pursue a murder conviction, rather seemed to resign themselves to the manslaughter charge.
Your attitude towards the manslauhgter conviction does not seem in line with your otherwise unfaltering faith in Paul Carney’s own opinion. You seem totally convinced that O’Dononghue is innocent and back up your argument consistently with quotes from the presiding judge, yet it was on the Judge’s direction that the jury were unable to find O’Donoghue innocent. They were given the options of guilty of murder or guilty of manslaughter. Due to the context of his confession, the option of a not-guilty verdict was unavailable to the jury.
I find the sentence abominable for the very fact that a man who punched Charlie Bird in a pub and then gave the arresting Gardai abuse was recently sentenced to the same prison term – 4 years. Do we really equate a minor assault with the kiling of an 11 year old child?!
You seem to be under the misguided illusion that Robert was a troublesome child. I do not personally know the family at all so do not base my opinions on any bias or sense of loyalty but i have a son who is ADHD/Aspergers Syndrome and just turned 11 himself. He has always been a far easier child to handle than my neuro-typical and rather intellectually gifted 6 year old. ADHD does not equal difficult, it is a very broad spectrum diagnosis which covers everything from a difficulty to concentrate coupled with “fidgety” behaviour to the violent, uncontrollable cases that you are clearly preoccupied with. Robert was said to be mildly ADHD, meaning he was not a troublesome child, on the contrary he has been described as a pleasant, but sometimes overactive boy.
I have four brothers. Growing up we did more than just horseplay. We fought each other very physically. We tore lumps out of each other! Pushed each other down the stairs and frequently put each other in headlocks the same as described by O’donoghue. None of us died! His account does not wash with me. If a child you are wrestling collapses unconscience and you panic, the instant reaction is to phone an ambulance not dump him in a ditch. His consequent actions left an entire area fearing for the safety of their children. I live between where he killed Robert and where he dumped him and was unable to let my children outside to play. It was a horrible feeling thinking that someone had killed a child locally.
You say that you don’t believe a crime was commited. Wayne O’Donoghue himself disagreed with you when he plead guilty to manslaughter. Please don’t make such presumptive, ill-informed statements that cut a lot of people very deeply with out very careful consideration.

Local Mother: You’re of course entitled to your views and I’ve given you space to express them here. Likewise, I’m entitled to express my views, and if I’m uneasy about the outcome of any prosecution, I’ll continue to say so. Express whatever opinion you want to, but don’t tell me what to say and don’t tell me to keep quiet.

My problem is not with the sentence he recieved but,in comparison the sentence that someone from a more deprived background would have recieved. Judges will always favour collage boys because they came from similar backgrounds and fuck the lower classes. Flashback to Annabels.

Oh right, I left a big long comment on your original ‘Wayne O’Donoghue Gets out of jail’ page, I didn’t realise you had a whole other page on the subject.

I was reading your summary of the events leading to Robert Holohans death at the top of this page. You state that this is the real story, beyond the bald facts that lead to negative/contorted speculation.

Yet alot of the descriptors of your summary, of the actual process of Robert Holohan dieing, are based purely on Wayne O’Donoghue’s testimony. Is it wise to base your summary of Holohans death on the account of the person who was accused of his murder/manslughter? Is this a reliable source of information?

You may argue that this story was good enough for the courts, as they came to the conclusion that his depiction of events is what actually happened.

But you could also argue that they landed on that conclusion merely because they were unable to prove otherwise.
They could not substantiate or provide any ‘solid’ proof that he was lieing,
But they could not prove that he was telling the truth either.

In such an event, set in the universe of law where those charged with a crime are ‘innocent until proven guilty,’ the lack of evidence either way gives O’Donoghue and his account of events the advantage.

But does this mean it is the truth?

so, there you go. I bet you somebody else has pointed this out.

Well, realistically, no, i can’t, I’m swamped with college work, I’m not a lawyer and I have to write an essay for monday for god sake!

What am I doing.
Well, on this page, I was attempting to point out ambiguities in the outcome of the trial.

Do you not think that is relevant?

on the other page, I was asking questions regarding what led gardai and journalists to speculate outside of O’Donoghue’s testimony, and whether there was justification to do so.

In relation to this last part,
You responded on the other page that “The DNA evidence was more than inconclusive. It was thoroughly unreliable.”

I know i am asking of your time, I am sorry, but could you indulge my curiousity on the subject and give me an idea of why you think it was thoroughly unreliable?

DNA evidence first. There were three brothers in the house, all sexually active, and all of whose DNA could provide the same result. Also, the amounts discovered on the body were of an order that could have been acquired by the briefest of contact with a contaminated object such as a towel. That, in itself, is sufficient to rule out the DNA evidence even before its actual validity was examined in the light of the Northern Ireland forensics debacle. If you want to know more about that case, why not look it up?

I don’t know what leads people to speculate. You’d be better off putting that question to those who did the speculating.

I’m not arguing, as you suggest, that the court landed on any conclusion merely because they were unable to prove otherwise. I’m saying that if the prosecution fails to prove its case, the court has no option but to find the defendant innocent. In this case, it found Wayne O Donoghue guilty of manslaughter, and in my view, the prosecution failed even to prove that much.

If you dig into the background to this case, you’ll discover that the police changed their position. In the beginning, they were saying privately that they would not have brought charges of any kind against Wayne O Donoghue, if he hadn’t hidden the body. It wasn’t until some time later that they started suggesting otherwise. In my view, this was because they mistook the significance of the new DNA evidence and jumped to wrong conclusions which they were then unable to back away from without losing face.

hi id just like to tell everyone some happy news majella houlihan robert houlihans mother has just had a baby girl who she called hope (you can see where she got the name )

Billy — Your comment was deleted for abuse of the commenting policy on this site. Please respect that policy.

Post under one name or get banned.

I won’t repeat this reminder.

Dear Bock. As im sure you can appreciate, its been a while since I posted on the site and by mistake I put in my sign name for another site on my post for this site. Now fuck Wayne O’Donoghue and please dont waste my valuable time with silly little arguments between people who would rather rant than stand up an be heard. Personally I would give Majella Houlihan the legal right to torture the bastard to death. Once again, I apoligise for my grave error of mistake in giving the wrong name. So much for justice here or anywhere else.

Wow, i’m sensing alot of anger billy/kingbill.

Why so mad? why so mad?
why you, so mad?

Do you think its helpful to communicate your arguements in such a cuntish format?

Billy is mad because people won’t think what he tells them to think. He doesn’t like that. Billy is used to being obeyed because he’s a big guy, as he explained in the deleted comment.

Here, I might as well put it back in.

This is what Billy said:

Well im 6ft 2 and weigh in at 17 stone. I managed to restrain a drunken lunatic for 2 hours on last new years eve without damaging a hair on his head. Horseplay my bollox. Accident my bollox. And as for what came after. Something seems to have been overlooked here. Oh I get it. Mr O’Donoghue comes from a good background so he couldnt possibly have meant to do it. Bollox. Open your fucking eyes ladies and gents. If problem children accidently died my mistake then our school yards would have a fine smattering of young corpses lying around.

ok, one more comment,
In spite of billy’s tone, I personally empathize with a point he was trying to make – a point he was trying to make, but couldn’t make all that well, because he was talking like a bollox.

In terms of Roberts death, I empathize with certain Gardai and journalists who suspected that the death of robert didn’t go according to Wayne’s portrayal of events. I empathize because I personally thought the description of how he died (i.e through the struggle outside his house) was quite suspect/unlikely.

Saying that, they couldn’t find proof to back up their suspicions, so I think Bock is right in the sense that people, such as biilly, who are blinded by (i don’t really know what it is, but i’ll call it) hatred, should just let it go. The Gardai couldn’t prove it. You can’t prove it. You don’t know.

Exactly. Some people can’t tell the difference between suspicion and proof.

If you’re going to accuse someone of murder, you’d better produce proof, not just strong opinions backed up by shouting.

Did i accuse anyone of murder ??? My initial comments which were direct replys to your direct mails to me and so were not forwarded to the site, took a completly objective view of the matter. something which both yourself and the justice system constantly fail to do. as for my size and your comment that im used to getting my own way let me just say that being well built and having the ability to beat the shit out of people does not mean that i choose to avail of that option. on the contrary in fact. Wars of words are more fun. also with regards to the gardi and the press, my opinion is that hand in hand they are responsible for more injustices than joseph stalin. lets leave the personal slagging out of it.

Billy, if your time is so valuable, why are you wasting it on a blog. And your comment has a certain rant like air to it. Perhaps it’s because when you try to stand up and be heard, no one listens. Seems a good enough reason to rant to me though.


Get a grip. You sent the personal mails. I wrote back and asked you to leave comments on the site instead of sending them directly to me.

First personal mail was sent to me, by you. Just had a quick browse through your “sight” ha ha. seems like a huge % of the opinions are yours. Like forcing your opinion down other peoples throats do you. seems a bit homoerotic.”Get a grip” says Bock. Like Wayne did on young roberts throat. As I said, no personal mail.

Billy — Are you twelve? As you’re starting to behave like a pouting child, you’ll be treated like one.

No more tantrums from Billy. You’ve just been put outside the door.

I shall henceforth endevour to cease talking shite. really I was just sticking with the policy of offending everyone but I suppose you have to draw the line somewhere. Just to quote myself, if I may ” For every opinion, there is an equal and opposite counter opinion”. So am I back??

Ok. Just a final impartial and objective thought on the Wayne issue (at least as far as Wayne is concerned). Victim impact statements have long being a way for the victim to ” get it off their chest” but have no legal standing. Yet the judge may or may not consider them in sentencing. The problem it would seem is that no element of proof is required to support the content but yet the press have he right to print whatever is said. this would seem to fly in the face of fair procedure, and I write purely from an impartial point of view. It is one thing to print the “facts” as given or accecpted in evidence and backed up with proof, it is another matter completly to print the angry and more importantly, unproven words of a victim or relation of a victim. I personally feel that reporting restrictions , in the least should be imposed on victim impact statements that more or less make further unproven or unprovable criminal allegations which were never mentioned during trial. I also feel that the matter needs a lot more debate without the heated public opinion that the press manages to stir up every now and then in high profile cases. Now Im sure Ive offended someone but cest la vie.

“In my opinion there was no intent to commit any sort of crime, and therefore Wayne O’Donoghue should never have spent a second behind bars, never mind becoming a nationwide hate-figure simply because he was denounced by a mother blinded by grief.” says Bock.

Need I say anymore.I think you may have gone a little too far with this one.

I don’t give a flying dickie-bird what you think.

Are you the same Garden previously banned from here and the LB for trying to start fights? I suspect you are the same person, but with a new IP address.

You’re gettin some milage outta this subject. Time to leave it to fuck alone before he dies of old age. Incidently, Manslaughter dos’nt require intent as you well fucking know. Mental element not necessary.

I take it you have no answer to my point as I have quoted the law as it stands and which you seem to have overlooked. If you require a further definition of manslaughter then feel free to ask or offer a reasonable but legal argument against.

Billy — I didn’t realise you were making a point. I thought you were just throwing your 6-foot 2-inch 17-stone weight around again.

I have already explained why I don’t think Wayne O Donoghue should have been convicted of anything. If you want to see those reasons, read the post.

Throwing it around “again”? My impressive stature has never managed to strangle the life out of an innocent child either by “accident” ? or on purpose. Now I would make an exception for your neck. Now fuck off sending me personal e mails. You are a supporter of a child killer while most of us are disgusted by it.

See, Billy, it’s that kind of behaviour that got you banned the last time.

You speak for nobody but yourself.

Now, get this through your dense, aggressive stupid skull. I have better things to do than waste my time sending personal emails to a violent egomaniac like you.

Don’t forget, Billy, that you started leaving comments here after swearing you’d never come back. I’d be delighted never to hear from you again. Please keep your promise this time, and mind the door on your way out.

Good lad.

Voilent…. You have no idea my boy, but child killer Im not. Dont think you like the truth. I figure you have a bit of a thing for Wayne goin on. How are you on Ian Brady and Myra Hindley. Now get real and take real good care.

Yes it was, and Billy would need to be very careful what he says here. He has anger problems and he’s being a prick again, but all his contact and IP details are recorded. They will be forwarded if I consider it necessary.

In answer to your question yes it is I whom you banned.As for the LB I was trying to upstage someone who left racist comments on a regular basis.Now as I have pointed outbefore like your site,wouldn’t come back other wise bit I still think you are way of the mark on this one.
You see if you support childkillers why are you surprised at the reactions that people like Billy leave towards you.
Now as far as I am concerned subject closed,unless you would like to argue this out on LB?

You were the one who reopened the discussion pal. Having reopened it, you’ll live with it. What makes you think you decide anything about this site?

Yes, since I am the one that opened it I will now close it.
I dont decide what goes on this site that is why I would like to reopen the disscussion else where.
Has the penny dropped yet?

It takes atleast 4 minutes to strangle someone to death. It’s virtually impossible to strangle a healthy person to death by accident.

I would’ve supported execution for O’ Donoghue but under the circumstances of doubt, 25 years imprisonment and a suspended death sentance would suffice.

If anyone wishes to argue this point with me E-mail me to the address provided as I won’t be checking back here…

wayne o donoghue. well first of he strangled robert even if he didnt mean it he still got rid of his body still went out searching her him whem he knew where robert was. even if he as hyper active it. it doesn mean you kill him an dump his body an then search for him with his family are in buts

Bock. everyone is entitled to there opinion,but id have to say myself and practically everybody else disagree with you. maybe its time to hold your hands up now and admit maybe you were wrong,but are perhaps to proud to admit it.?

i did say “myself” in my comment too..touchy touchy. better not post here anymore,clearly hit a nerve.

You didn’t hit a nerve. You made an unsupported sweeping assertion.

Your precise words are “”myself and practically everybody else disagree with you”

You’re not in a position to know what “practically everybody else ” thinks.

he lost control and murdered that young boy that is a fact he then disposed of roberts body in ditch hoping he would not be found what kind of person does something like that he is a total scumbag and should of hung himself and done everyone a favour

He killed a boy, allegedly by accident, dumped the body, and subsequently took part in a search for same. Those are facts.

Bock, I can see your point with regard to how Donoghue may or may not have been mis-represented as a paedophile, but to advocate that he not spend a minute behind bars for the crime for which he was convicted is pretty hard to take. I mean I really enjoy your website, but the view you have expressed here today leaves me more than a little surprised.

Why is it that I consistently encounter individuals in society who advocate on behalf of those clearly guilty of a crime. The fact that he was not a paedophile or was mis-represented as such does not in any way shape of form mitigate his actions.

That boy is dead, he died at the hands of a man that took his life as you point out, for throwing stones at his new car. He is dead Bock and as a consequence we shall never hear his side of the story. Mr O Donoghue certainly made sure of that, albeit “accidently”.

Dead men tell no tales. I’m no conspiracy theorist, but I would have liked to have heard what the victim might have had to say had he survived the attack.

Last thing, and I know how predictable it sounds, however it must be said. Had that child been mine, he would not at this time be attending lectures at Leeds University, he would never had seen the inside of a court room. His life would be forfeit, he would most likely live and subsequently die in my basement. I would be subsequently arrested and charged in his place. No threats, no promises, simply a guarantee.

Would you write in my defence?

If the presiding judge said, as he did in the WOD case, that your actions were at the horseplay end of the scale I would certainly write in your defence, but I think you’re actually talking about a calculated, premeditated act of homicide. Much though – at a gut level – I’d like to see murderers summarily executed, the truth is that capital punishment has no place in a civilised society. Neither does vigilantism. Therefore, I would have great difficulty defending the abduction and killing of somebody by a private citizen.

By the way, I didn’t say that WOD killed the child for throwing stones at his car. That’s the meaning you took from it, and it’s an incorrect interpretation.

A struggle took place and WOD applied too much force. Nobody suggested that he set out to kill Robert.

What he did afterwards was abominable and he fully deserved to be punished for that but I still believe that he should not have been convicted of manslaughter, going on the facts available. That’s my opinion, taking an objective view of the court reports. I realise it’s not a popular opinion, and if more facts become available I’ll revisit it, but disapproval isn’t a good reason to change it.

A few observations make me believe that Wayne o’donahue is of unsound character.
Roberts shoes were off which indicates he was killed inside the house as the family had a no shoes policy.
Wayne said in a police statement that he often heard screaming coming from the Holohan house indicating that something was going on, he said this while half the area was out looking for Robert and he knew where he was, he also indicated that he thought Roberts mother couldn’t cope.
He wrapped the body in bags he stole from his work place which further indicates a dishonest character.
He is cold, calculating and arrogant and he is carrying on life as if he got off with stealing sweets from the shop.
He is a callous human being and could possibly be a Psychopath.
If it was my child he killed I would personally hunt him down and kill him and dispose of the body.
This case stinks

Is this guy free in England
Is he on the dangerous sex offenders list
Here are the facts a child is dead there was semen found all over him and Wayne hid and moved the body for over a week
Is really is disturbing
I’ve lived in the States this is electric chair territory

It’s obvious that you lived in the States since you clearly didn’t bother to read a single word that was written about this. Why did you leave? Fox News seems to be your ideal news source.

Mainister na corran IS in a position to know what practically everybody else thinks. He can read their comments on this site. And practically everynody else disagrees with you. You seem like a bit of a dictator,a la its my ball and I say who plays.

arthur – obviously he twigged the semen would nail him, but i think u know that. full on psychopath. bock, have you changed your opinion on this case? also – if you want to do some research on ian huntley you might find there is more to this case than meets the eye. My own opinion is huntley was framed and w o’d was unframed. funny old world.

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