Willie O’Dea: Miniature for the Fence

Willie ODea, our Miniature for the Fence, got involved in an altercation at the weekend in South’s moral pub after watching a rugby match with Biffo Cowan.

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Somehow or other he got talking to some people who were upset at the fact that he didn’t do enough to prevent the loss of the Shannon-Heathrow link.

Willie seems to have lost his temper and made a complete tinker of himself, though he’s been frantically back-pedalling all day on the radio, sensing that this is going to make him look like an even bigger fool than his ridiculous moustache already manages to do.

I hear it went like this:

Willie: I’m the Minister for Defence

Man in pub: You didn’t do much of a job defending Shannon Airport.

Willie: Who’s this big prick?

Man in pub : My name is Fahy.

Willie: I’d like to thump you.

Man in pub: You and whose army?

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I’m guessing this is the start of the backlash against the Miniature for the Fence and before long the people of the Mid-West will rise up as one voter and dismiss him from office forever. Well, that’s unlikely, but a guy can fantasize surely? At the very least, they’ll hold him down and violently remove the ludicrous yard-brush he wears on his upper lip.

And he’ll deserve it, the absurd little popinjay.


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I’m convinced the man thinks with his moustache so maybe it was the tache that offered to hit your man!!

In any case it won’t make any difference come the next election, gullible people all over limerick will still vote for him coz he fixed the pothole outside their house, or got their aunt a medical card!

Willie O’Dea, out on a date with Biffo? Sounds like Biffo’s gathering the troops for the joust with Dermot Aherne. Had the esteamed Min for Moolah much refreshment taken… that is the question…

Savannah: You’d need to know him.

Simon: Sounds sinister. Should I wear a trench-coat?

Maz: Damn right. The fools will vote him back in, just like they voted in his crooked leader.

Conan: Bingo! Give that man a coconut!

Exactly. What was Biffo up to, and is Willie angling for promotion? I wonder what his Cabinet colleagues think of all this. I wonder if they knew he was drinking beer and watching football with Biffo.

Don’t think it’s anything sinister. The cabinet take it in turns to go drinking with Biffo, ever since poor wee Dr Jim went to the races with him two days running a few years ago. It’s part of the duties of the chief whip.

You can’t mean that the FF cabinet containing a coke head and lead by a common thief, that the FF TD population containing a convicted criminal and a child abusing counsellor, no you cant’s man that it also contains a mother fucking, funeral visiting, Shannon ignoring, vote forgetting, street fighting scumbag. No, sure that would mean we’re living in some sort of a banana republic.

Well, generally, yes. Dope-smoking Biffo looks very good by comparison.

Just on a point of clarification regarding the councillor, this is something I was going to write about, so I’m glad you brought it up.

There’s no question of child-abuse, as the young man in question is over sixteen and therefore of legal age. However, the way it was spun by the media, you would automatically assume a child was involved. And remember, we don’t know what – if anything – happened.

I’m worried that this Councillor may have had to resign simply because he was outed for being gay, though, like everyone else, I also don’t know what happened.

Benny: I don’t know where they come from, but I’m guessing there’s a factory somewhere that also gave us the likes of Haughey, Ahern, Burke, Flynn, Lowry.

Of course, it isn’t confined to Ireland. Over there in Britain you have John Prescott in the slugging department, and as jailbirds you have Aitken and Archer. You also have Blair invading and occupying a country on the basis of lies and the entire Tory Party at one time seemed to have a penchant for little boys.

Then there’s Italy . . .

Sniffle: Oh no. You’re right to bring it up.

Was at a school extension blessing today with Maire Hoctor TD and asked her was there likely to be a fight but she assured me she didn’t go in for that kind of thing :-) What a shame as she was sitting next to Michael Lowry…Now that would have been interesting ;-)

Fantastic, a return to traditional values – not a knife, slash hook or gun in sight! Willie’s a hero and a style icon.

Is it true the reappointed miniature for defence and specialist in small arms, would not meet the height requirements as a private in the Irish defence forces? We know that many serving soldiers in the Irish army were compensated when they heard loud noises, willing recruits who were “knocked back” I believe the term is, because they were too small would have a stateable case. Perhaps Mr. Devane defender of all things profitable should be encouraged to take a no-class action.

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