A History of the Christian Brothers by Roger McGough in Twenty-one Words

This is my favourite Roger McGough poem:

“It’s like hitting your head against a brick wall,” said Brother Ryan,

as he hit my head against a brick wall.

9 thoughts on “A History of the Christian Brothers by Roger McGough in Twenty-one Words

  1. Bock, I wonder if the IRFU could coax Brother Ryan out of retirement. Does Eddie O’Sullivan know anything about the C.B.S training methods i.e. school of hard knocks, to separate early the men from the boys. The Jesuits never had the stomach to blood their pupils properly and the result we saw during the World Cup. Maybe we should at least replace Ireland’s Call with Roger’s poem.

  2. Darwin: It certainly is worth a chuckle. I chuckled so much I remembered a post about a violent teacher from the early days of Bock, when nobody read this stuff.

    I think I might just revive it and re-post it.

    Mike: Shit! Looks like Munster might need his services as well.

    Nora: Not so weird if you ever experienced these saintly men.

  3. Bock, a chroí­, I was talking about CologneMike’s comment.
    I know about the saintly men. Indeed I do. And I’ve met a few saintly women in my time, having attended a national school run by the Holy Faith Sisters. The women could be brutal too.

  4. Easy prey these days are the Brothers… but for them many a man would never have the chance of an education in this country.Easy to have short memories and deep pockets these days at the brothers expense!Most of them were honest hard working men who gave their all for nothing so that others might have something more valuable….education.Sure there were some bullies…what workplace doesnt have them today???? dont tar them all…they were great men and we owe them alot as a nation.Eaten bread is soon forgotten!

  5. Horseshit.

    We owe them nothing.

    These fuckers stood in the way of the State setting up a secular education system so that the catholic chrch could retain its power.

    They’re a disgrace.

  6. I think the guy making point number 6 was talking about over the last 200 years when the state was free to set up any schools it wanted to but didn’t.

    I certainly owe them for the education I got. There weren’t many lay teachers in even the Christian Brother schools who worked as hard as the brothers.

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