Ace Internet Marketing Are a Bunch of Gobshites

Poor old Mulley is in the wars again.

This time it’s due to a crowd of fucking wankers called Ace Internet Marketing.

Or actually, probably one single illiterate wanker calling himself Ace Internet Marketing.

(Sorry about the annoying links. They’re put in so the fool gets the pingbacks: he disabled comments, the fucking fool).

Mulley caught him pirating his content for their commercial site, and since then the gobshite has been spamming Mulley and threatening ill-informed legal action, the fucking fool.

He’s been threatening and spamming Daithi for reporting what happened to Mulley, as well as sending him intimidatory emails and warning him not to publish them.

This is a seriously stupid man, unfit to put in charge of a public toilet, never mind an internet marketing strategy, unless, of course, your marketing strategy involves the use of original work, stolen from other people without their permission. His site is full of material lifted from elsewhere, and of course I can see immediately how that would increase your internet credibility. Can’t you? It’s a no-brainer, literally.

Well, this looks like another Chewing Gum Killer case. If you’ve been here a while, you’ll know how spamming fuckers get treated. I hope the fucking fool emails me, and he can have fair warning now: nothing he sends will be confidential.

UPDATE More fun with pingbacks.

Now I’m starting to feel a little sorry for him, but not much. The world is laughing at him and he just keeps digging. Can you believe that he spent all day yesterday manually spamming two sites that wrote about him? I’m talking about cut-and-paste. How sad is that?

The latest is that he wrote to Mulley apologising but at the same time threatening him, which, as we all know, is not a good plan.

I like Derfen‘s take on it, and also this, from Green Ink.

Since Ace Internet Marketing is really an idiot with no sense of humour, you need to be careful about the sort of insults you throw at him. For example, it’s perfectly true that Ace Internet Marketing stole material from Mulley and therefore that Ace Internet Marketing is a dimwit. However, you can’t accuse him of other things. You can, however, legitimately state that Ace Internet Marketing is a self-important prick. Or you could simply say Fuck off, Ace Internet Marketing!!

Have a look at these and you’ll get the idea.

UPDATEI got this from Darwin.

The (only) man behind Ace, Aidan Doran, is looking very pathetic after this. In fact, Aidan Doran is a gobshite.

Darwin says: I notice that Aidan from Ace’s profile in Technorati shows 95 fans. Hmm, odd that most of them joined the same day with spam nicknames like wats995 etc. Sad bastard.

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