Nov 142007

I was going to say what a miserable creeping jesus Bertie Ahern is.

I was going to ask you how such a ridiculous, illiterate fucking lumpenprole could get elected to lead the government of this country.

I was going to plead with you to open your eyes and look. Just look at the thing you’ve elected: the thing that will suck at your bone marrow when all the flesh and muscle has been eaten away by him and the jar of leeches he calls his political Party.

I was going to beg you: please open your eyes and see what sweaty hands now grasp your birthright and calculate its pawned value.

But I’m not going to do that.

I’ve done enough of that, God knows.

Stuff like this: What Dirt Have the Nuns Got On Bertie Ahern?

Or this: The Manchester Monkeys.

But not tonight. No. This evening, instead, I’m going to set aside the usual petty, juvenile slagging and acknowledge that our colleague, Mr Twenty Major, a common visitor to this site, has put it every bit as well as I would have myself. Why reinvent the rant?

Here’s what Mr Major has to say on the matter, and for once, strange to say, I agree with every single word:

I’m Sorry Bertie, I Take It All Back

  6 Responses to “Bertie Ahern Explains Why He’s Paid More Than The President of France, the President of the USA and the Prime Minister of Britain. The Grasping Hypocritical Prick.”

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    Little cunt.


    Maybe you could persuade Irish voters to come out and vote properly next time round. What’s the point of post-election rants after the people of Ireland have chosen?

    I notice Bertie is shooting himself in the foot with his perks comparisons. As one of 20M’s correspondents points out, the others’ perks cease on leaving office while Berties cash equivalent is pensionable.

    Cunning Stunt.


    But it isn’t a rant about the election. It’s a rant about a crooked fucker. And I was ranting about him and his cronies before the election.


    The thing now is to get the people out to vote the right way next time round.

    They can be very slow to get the message.

    This is the second time in a row that the Government has changed course virtually immediately after and election and Brian Cowen had the cheek during the campaign to accuse young Bruton of not having costed the FG manifesto.

    Vincent Browne has a nice piece in Village setting out the Tribunal strategy in relation to the sterling alleged dig outs. Stay tuned.


    My Dear Grand Mother alwas said that Free Education would be the downfall of Fianna Fail. She was wrong.

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