Homeopath Charlatan Threatens Mother of Autistic Child

Sharon has a charming blog called The Voyage which is about all sorts of things, including her autistic child.

Sharon posted this about the claims of a charlatan called John D. Melnychuk who claims to have cured autism through homeopathy. Now, if you haven’t come across homeopathy before, let me just remind you that this is a pseudo-science based on the utterly spurious belief that you can cure people by giving them water. I wrote about it HERE some time ago.

These self-styled homeopaths, including bastards like Melnychuk, prey on vulnerable people’s fears, offering them utterly empty promises of a cure in the same way as the snake-oil vendors used to do in the Wild West, and they should all be run out of town on a rail. Every single, last, lying asshole bastard one of them.

Anyway, Sharon quoted extensively from this fool’s website, and subsequently received the following threatening comment from a criminal thug and lowlife, called “Anonymous”:

Please be advised that this copyrighted document referred here to as “Melnychuk” that you are displaying and continually re-displaying in comments was illegally hacked from a web site in the United States of America.

United States law allows that hacking a web site and posting, and/or using copyrighted material without express permission of the author is a federal offense and is punishable by incarceration even if secondary or mirrored from another web site.

That legal surrender of a fugitive to the jurisdiction of the United States is required by British law.

Imagine that. Just as well this guy has no power over anything or he’d have you in Guantanamo faster than you could say “Jump-suit”. Did you ever read anything as pathetic? Do you recognise the style? Of course you do. It’s the blustering mark of an empty bullying windbag. I wonder who this anonymous fool might be?

Another “Anonymous” then complains:

It is pretty ruthless to post someone’s private case notes here. You may enjoy letting the world know every thing about your child but how do you know the parents of the child you have posted here are happy about it?

Just in case anyone missed it: Melnychuk published the notes, not Sharon. He did it on his blog. Isn’t it amazing the way these crooks like “Anonymous” resort to intimidation when they don’t like what you say?


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11 thoughts on “Homeopath Charlatan Threatens Mother of Autistic Child

  1. Bock, couldn’t agree more with you, in fact I was just watching a clip of James Randi the other day, the celebrated skeptic, and I think it sums everything up brilliantly. Have a look:

  2. They’re not very bright, these anonymous would-be intimidators. Thanks for backing me up. The more people realise what tactics the magic water peddlers use to prevent criticism (and here’s a clue, it’s not through science) the better.

    Just one thing, why do people call them cunts. What on earth have you got against cunts?

  3. What the fuck is a “Master Clinician”?
    It sounds like its “Made Up” … to “Sound Scientific”… How many people have died because of these lying ,nohopegiving ,fucks???

  4. As far as I know, you are allowed to use portions of copywrited material in the US for the purpose of discussing it or criticising it. it is called fair use.

  5. Nothing against cunts as such, Sharon. Personally, I use the word frequently in order to reduce its apparent status as a really, really bad swear word. I believe words have power because of context, rather than any innate power. It’s how, when and why you use a word, not the word itself that has the power.

    Even so, this bloke’s a total cunt.

  6. It’s all about resisting magic words, though I suspect Sharon doesn’t have much objection to the use of the word “cunt”.

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