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Islam and Christianity Find Something in Common

I wrote a post called Islamic Savages a few days ago, and some people thought I shouldn’t.

Don’t know why.

Some people said I should write about George Bush instead, as if I’d never expressed a view about that warmongering cretin. As if, somehow, I’d strayed off their one, true, right-on fucking path. And you know something? It pissed me off.

You see, not only have I written constantly about America’s involvement in appalling activities around the world, but I have also comprehensively taken the piss out of the lunacies of Christianity. And still you have these people coming on here and saying Well, what about this, and what about fucking that?

Well, what about you fuck off if you don’t like it?

Do you know something? I couldn’t give a fuck. I’m no longer a Christian, if I ever was one, but I’m — I suppose — a collapsed Catholic, in the sense that I rejected all that nonsense when I was about eight years old. And by the way, if any of those critics think I didn’t write about Catholic savages, they haven’t read this site very deeply, but that’s another story.

Nevertheless, nutty and abusive as Christianity is, it moved on from its insane medieval phase where it believed in fucking murder. And that’s the big difference with Islam today. If I lived in the fourteenth century, and if there was electricity (other than static, just in case you feel like being a smart-ass tech-fucker), and if there was an interweb, I’d probably have been writing about Christian savages.

So. What do you make of these Islamic savages in Sudan?

A female teacher had a class of kids who all agreed that their teddy-bear mascot should be called Muhammad after one of the popular kids in the school. That teacher is now facing forty lashes for disrespecting the prophet. Arrested! And men are out in the street demanding this well-meaning woman’s execution for such a dreadful crime.

I’m sick of these hypocritical Islamic bastards. Fuck off the whole lot of them. They’re just the very same as the mad catholic priests of my childhood: they hate women. Why don’t they just fuck off and admit it? They’re demented. They’re sexually fucked up. They have a big psychiatric problem, all to do with sex, and they call it Islam.

For fucksake! How the fuck can these people expect to be taken seriously when they wander around the streets beating themselves on the forehead and demanding death to everyone they don’t like?
If their Prophet was around today to see how his followers are behaving, he’d rise up in disgust and cut the heads off the whole childish fucking lot of them.

Finally, Islam and Christianity are united: the words of both their prophets are defiled by stupid, mad bastards, led by frustrated sex-crazed hypocrite priests.

Common ground at last.

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Well said, Bock. It is savage to demand someone’s arrest for the ridiculous matter of a name. It’s savage to call for people’s deaths. It’s savage to stone women to death. it’s savage to abuse children in your parish. It’s savage to burn people, to behead them and to lop off their hands for stealing things. It’s savage to exterminate people on the basis of their colour, creed, gender or race. It’s all savage – whether done in the name of religion or communism or Nazism or fascism – and it all deserves to be called what it is. In fact it is essential it is. At this moment in time, Islam is going through a period of horror and savagery – much like other peoples in other eras have. All cries for “cultural sensitivity” to things like the oppression of women and female genital mutilation and Sharia law, don’t amount to enlightened tolerance. Instead it’s tolerating other people’s intolerance. It is morally wrong and in its own way racist, to stand on the sidelines saying “Oh how cultural” and see people stoned and whipped in the name of religion. We’re all human beings with human rights before we are Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Hindu or any of it. The very least we can do is to call savagery savagery wherever it’s found. Anything else is moral cowardice.

Flaubert said “Our ignorance of history makes us libel our own times. People have always been like this.

Excellent post, Bock. I hope every one of your readers who tolerates savagery in any culture, including our own reads it. Especially in our own culture – we have to clean our own house too. Unfortunately George Bush saw fit to allow savagery done in the US’s name at Guantanamo and the torture camps he set up in other countries. Our own house is in a right mess too.

73Man: I suppose it would depend if the black people were acting like savages, would it not?

Well said Bock.

PBC: You’re right. Humanity comes before religion.

Galwaywegian: Religion is the chose vehicle for intolerance.

73man: You’re going down a dead end with that one. Skin colour has nothing to do with savagery, but religious fanaticism does. Why would I call anyone “black savages”?

Sheepworrier: I might call then savages, but it wouldn’t be because they were black, or pink or yellow or blue or green. It would be for acting like savages.

Great Post Bock.

If this was in an opinion Column in a daily news paper you would probably be facing a fatwa,and be monitored by the Americans (for the Bush stuff)
Barbarity is what it is and if you use the excuse of a god (whatever one you care to pick) then you are a coward and a fool.

I could take out Westlife at there Crok park gig(one bullet if they can be lined up the “Stand up off the stool and change the key part of every song)..When aressted i could calim to have dont it in the name of Bill Hicks ,it still makes me a murderer.(no matter how jutified i would personally feel).
Sorry bock i went off on one there..but you get my drift…

I’m just trying to make the point that words have meaning and power. If you had titled your post Cruel Punishment or Inhuman Justice then we might begin to agree on something.

Well, if I had titled my post something else, it wouldn’t be my post. It would be yours.

I called the people I was talking about “Islamic savages” because their interpretation of Islam drives them to behave in a savage way. The original post was about the sentencing of a rape victim to 200 lashes under Islamic law. If somebody out there doesn’t think think lashing a rape victim is savagery we’re on very different pages.

Of course, when the time comes, I’ll talk about Christian savages, neocon savages, or whatever kind of savage happens to be on the agenda, but that time isn’t right now.

The saddest thing? She’s been arrested and could potentially be flogged….and the children, not her, named the bear!

Religious justice is blind. Shit, all justice is blind.

And Bock…as you got me thinking….it’s not any different than our religious forefathers burning women or flogging people for using Christ’s name in vain….It is as though all religions must evolve from a primitive state into a more enlightened state.

you have mental issues. your desire for booze probably makes you behave in a savage way.

you need to have a real problem – you mad fucking angry fucking cunt. Aggggh

sav·age /ˈsævɪdÊ’/ Pronunciation Key – Show Spelled Pronunciation[sav-ij] Pronunciation Key – Show IPA Pronunciation adjective, noun, verb, -aged, -ag·ing.
1. fierce, ferocious, or cruel; untamed: savage beasts.
2. uncivilized; barbarous: savage tribes.
3. enraged or furiously angry, as a person.
4. unpolished; rude: savage manners.
5. wild or rugged, as country or scenery: savage wilderness.
6. Archaic. uncultivated; growing wild.
7. an uncivilized human being.
8. a fierce, brutal, or cruel person.
9. a rude, boorish person.
10. a member of a preliterate society.
–verb (used with object)
11. to assault and maul by biting, rending, goring, etc.; tear at or mutilate: numerous sheep savaged by dogs.
12. to attack or criticize thoroughly or remorselessly; excoriate: a play savaged by the critics.
[Origin: 1250–1300; ME savage, sauvage (adj.) < MF sauvage, salvage < ML salvāticus, for L silvāticus, equiv. to silv(a) woods + -āticus adj. suffix]

I see nothing that alludes to race, religion or politics in the definition of ‘savage’. Aside from that – do we now think that they are simply just making a point by sentencing, detaining and now deporting Gillian Gibbons in 15 days time? I absolutely understand that there are vast religious and cultural differences at stake here but isn’t the sad and disappointing outcome only happening because they need to be seen to upholding Islamic law no matter what the circumstance. The problem is – in our Western eyes it is seen as an affront. An infringement on civil liberty even. What has become of the child who named the teddybear in the first place? Or is there a separate law for that? It is a shame. I was hoping for there to be a happier outcome all round. Perhaps I am too much of an idealist? It is obviously too much to ask.

There’s some hope in the comments on the BBC site and also in the statement by the Muslim Council of Britain. Have a look at the post about Sudan.

i think your education on islam is limited to what you see on tele these days. You dont know the background of all these actions and without investigation you start ranting on this blog. Show that you are knowledgeable and you can start by putting a stop to your sweeping statements. You see dozens of actions carefully targetted to create and stir religious emotions ranging from cartoons, to quranic scriptures being written on a woman’s body, concocted stories of the prophet’s married life….every year there is something different and something big. You talk about women in islam I can give you a complete lecture on women in islam. Just one small thing which all muslims do whether men or women and that is a ritual called SAEE this ritual is performed whenever you visit the KAABA. This ritual is done to honour and relive the endeavours and efforts of a mother. God has given her such prominence that Kaaba is built near the place where she ran up and down the hill in search of water for her child. You know what the miracle if ZamZam water which i believe is the only living miracle in the world is still flowing. For thousands of years billions of people have had the privelage of drinking the zamzam water which is still flowing and quenching the thirst of thousands of muslims everyday. You can read the whole story if you want but the point that i am trying to make is that like every social system the religious system also has some rules and regulations imposed on men and women both and yes NOT ALL followers of a religion are best examples. Do you judge a car by the driver or by the features of the car. And you know what, these days only the bad and negative news is reported in BIG letters.

I’ll write whatever the hell I want to write and I won’t have any religious maniac telling me what to say.

Anyone who would stone a woman to death is a savage. Anyone who would whip a teacher for calling a teddy-bear Muhammad is mentally ill.

Go away.

So it’s down to something in the water. That ZamZam stuff must be some tack.

Hallucinogenic properties included.

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