Jean Charles de Menezes

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Nov 012007

Leave aside all the nitpicking details for a minute.

Jean Charles deMenezes I know the police said he jumped over the barrier, when in reality he paid for his ticket with a credit card and walked through.

I know the police said he ran away from them and that it later turned out he did nothing of the sort.

I know they claimed to have shouted warnings when in fact they did not.

I know they said he was wearing bulky clothing that could have hidden a bomb, when in fact he was lightly dressed.

I know they tried to blacken his character in an attempt to divert attention from their own failures.

And I realise there’s the small fact that he was a completely innocent man.


I know all that and I can understand it. People tell all sorts of lies when they’re afraid of being found out.

Here’s what I really don’t understand: how many times do you need to shoot somebody at close range in the head with exploding bullets before you’re sure he’s dead? I mean, after his head explodes the first time, wouldn’t you conclude that he was no longer a threat?

Not the Metropolitan Police, it seems.

How many times did the Metropolitan Police fire head-exploding bullets into Jean Charles deMenezes before they were certain he no longer represented a threat?





Three times?




Well, even though Jean Charles de Menezes had no head left, the Metropolitan Police were still uncertain whether or not he was dangerous, so they shot him a sixth time, again in the non-existent head, with exploding bullets.

Professionals that they are, the Met were still not satisfied. Well, this is the best-trained police force in the world, or so they like to remind us, and so the Metropolitan Police were taking no chances. They fired one last hollow-point bullet into the pool of pulp that used to be his head, just to be sure.

Here’s the hollow-point bullet before it hits you:

And here it is after it hits you:

Hmmmm. The bullet that kills you better.

Just to be absolutely sure, they also shot him four more times in a fusillade that lasted about thirty seconds.

have a look at this fella on the left, and then have a look at Jean Charles de Menezes up above.  Is that an uncanny resemblance, as the police say?

No. Of course it isn’t!

That’ll teach those pesky Brazilians to walk around London in string bikinis, looking nothing like Arabs and carelessly getting themselves mistaken for terrorist suspects by acting too casual.  And by being electricians going to work.

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    What are you on about, Bock? It’s reprehensible to walk about being all Brazilian un-Arabically. Running for his life and being shot to death is too good for the likes of him.


    A unibrow and speaking funny? I say the police were well within their rights.


    Poor fella, Seven bullets to kill an innocent man, gung ho cops saw dark skin and went ape shit.


    Eleven bullets.


    The reason they used hollowpoint was so the bullets didn’t go through the back of his head and hit someone else.

    Quite considerate really.


    Jesus, Twenty, that’s the most beautiful thing I ever heard.


    Those seven bullets really make you believe that the MET are ‘Working together for a Safer London’.


    I can see your point, Bock. However, plenty of the plain ordinry folks in Britland would tolerate an innocent bloke being topped every now and then if it meant the Met got lucky with a suicide bomber just once. They’re happy with them odds, innit.


    I’m guessing he didn’t have much of a head left when they were done with him.


    Mr Director: Yeah. Keep Londoners safe by shooting the wrong man. A lot.

    Conan: I didn’t notice the Met getting lucky with a suicide bomber, though.

    ‘Ang abaht lads. I’ve got an idea. Let’s shoot a few foreign Sarf American geezers, awright? That’s sure to make us lucky. Awright, my son?

    Medbh: Not a lot. I’d say your guess is safe.


    if i had armed police chassing me and i hadnt done nothing wrong i wouldnt have run in the first place, if he had stopped they wouldnt have shot him



    You’re wrong about every single detail. How is it possible that you could manage to get so much wrong?

    He wasn’t running. He was sitting down in a seat on the train.

    He didn’t know anyone was following him.

    The police grabbed him where he sat, held him down and shot him

    You must have missed the trial report, did you?

    Actually, no, I take that back. You must be deliberately distorting the facts. Nobody could be that disconnected from reality.


    Whinging bloody latinos. If you can’t take a joke stay out of Britain.


    That would rule out most of the English then, wouldn’t it? And Cayman Islanders like yourself.


    To be honest, at that time, the police were running all over london, chasing every thing that moved. People were terrified, and lots had died. Things moved fast, but lets give some thought to the burden on them. It only needs a minor error down the chain for a later decision to be magnified hugely. OK the firearms team was late, could that be something as simple as his wife was taken ill and he was late in, they are as human just as much as us. I dont agree everything went swimmingly but this is not a level playing field. As for the seven bullets, If I thought the guy I was shooting had a bomb and I was kneeling on his chest, i would not stop at one. I am not a crazy person, but unless you have topped someone before ( I have not ) it is hard to say how many you would fire. and forget “best trained”. That bloke would have been shitting himself he was about to meet his maker. How many of us would put ourselves in the same position.


    and if he was dead after one, what is the debate over the other six. He was dead by then. that said however I have great sympathy for his family, its just sad it happened. Wrong place , wrong time, it cold be you or me but my view is I will take the risk rather than sit next to an Al Queda bomber.


    The debate about the other six is that his family got him back without a head.


    my personal opinion and experience, of the police force i believe and i’m sure many people would agree is that the armed police and the goverment believe they have the power to shoot and kill innocent citizens on our streets and get away with it.
    which means no one is safe on our streets even from the police.
    the officers who shot and killed jean charles de menezes at point blank range
    (7 TIMES) should be put on trial for such a barbaric murder.

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