Nov 212007

Eh. What?

They lost a couple of disks containing the names, addresses, social security numbers, dates of birth and bank-account details of twenty-five million people? And they don’t know if these disks have fallen into the hands of a criminal gang or if they’re just lost down the back of somebody’s armchair.

Run that by me again, would you?

The British government has lost two disks containing enough genuine identities to keep every email scammer and identity thief in the world busy for the next hundred years — is that right?

Oh, I see. Well, there doesn’t seem to be much I can add to that, is there?


No, I thought not.

Some of our British blogosphere friends are a bit pissed off about it, as you might expect.

Rockmother, for instance.  And Devil’s Kitchen.  Here’s Joe’s Extra Bold Blog

You could hardly blame them.

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    Pay rises all round I trust. Oh damn, wrong country just pensions and golden handshakes.


    Yes – and – AND – did you see that the Head of the Inland Revenue has been suspended on full pay pending a deal on a full pension package. WHAT A CUNT!


    I find it incredible that they thought “Ach, we’ll just stick it in the post, it’ll be fine.”


    That’s because everyone at the other end can’t read or write so that way – no one had to sign for it! They are beyond stupid.


    Gee, I hope they haven’t lost mine. I’m not even sure what country they’re in myself.


    “Well, there doesn’t seem to be much I can add to that, is there?”

    Only that the same folk want to bring in an ID card system for the whole country. I wouldn’t give them my bio-data in a milion years.


    What’s the problem? They’ve got people’s name and address and account numbers. So what? we give out this stuff all the time it doesn’t mean your children will now be kidnapped or your bank account emptied by Nigerians.
    And PCB It was NOT sent through the post. Everybody has tons more than that on their computers about us, even you Irish, than that. This has given us pause, that’s all.

    Grow up the lot o’ ye!

    You an’ all Rockmother! How’s it going btw? we haven’t spoken for a while. Life all right I hope. Nice to see your name again.


    Sigh… One of these days, identities aren’t going to be worth stealing anymore, because the market will be flooded.

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