Nov 112007

All I can say is Shit!

And Shit!!

  2 Responses to “Munster Lose to Wasps by a Single Point, and Scunthorpe Lose to Blackpool, for Fucksake!!”

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    Could be that by the time Dougie arrives, we’ll be out of the damm thing. Of course, he could try for his place on the Shannon team, but Mossie playing very well at the moment so there’d be no guarantees. Thought it was silly that Dowling didn’t play at all. Antny Horgan owes us nothing but he looked well off the pace. Thought Mushy played a blinder when he came in for the Bull. Not convinced by Tiboki, and saw Barry Murphy produce some sublime skill in last Saturday’s AIL match. The group is the authentic and original group of death, nothing comes easy here. Any chance of a ticket for the French game this Sunday .


    Can’t help you with a ticket — it’s by no means sure I’ll have one myself.

    This French crowd look very sharp.

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