My Musical Manifesto

Now, me? See, I’m your basic rock music person, with country overtones, and a bit of strange stuff. I love Eels, and Rilo Kiley, but also Tom Waits, Guy Clark, Tom Russell, and even that grumpy old fuck, Van Morrison. I like Modest Mouse cos Johnny Marr is in there, and Belle & Sebastian. I love Leonard Cohen, Neil Young and David Byrne.

There is nobody like John Prine.

Dylan I adore, though I can take or leave Springsteen. I’d die for Emmylou Harris. Guitar hero, Cap’n Purplehead and myself share a passion for Grant Lee Buffalo. I hate Mogwai and Arab Strap, but I love Nick Cave. I don’t care for Neko Case or Norah Jones, but the other night I ordered the new collaboration by Robert Plant and Alison Krauss, an artist with hugely-important associations for me.

Hold Steady caught me by the throat and I kind of like the Great Lake Swimmers, though I don’t know why.

Ry Cooder is the man and so is Steve Earle. I heart the Auteurs, though I never heard them live. I heard the Be Good Tanyas live and hated them. The Bockdaughter is friendly with some of Alabama 3, a fact that I intend to make extensive use of in years to come. I first noticed them at the start of the Sopranos, and came to like them a lot.

I always liked The The, (Matt Johnson), especially Infected, and of course Marc Almond, for everything he ever wrote and sang, including Sex Dwarf. And the Clash the Cramps and Elvis Costello. They Might Be Giants, like Freedy Johnson and Yo La Tengo, were discovered by my friend Tom from Bar-None, and made a little birdhouse in my soul. Townes gave us the Ballad of Pancho and Lefty and is therefore beyond reproach.

Warren Zevon? Indescribable.

Jack White? Fun beyond bound.

Our own Mr Darwin plays an eclectic selection ranging from Kenny Rodgers all the way through to obscure, difficult, challenging and sometimes completely incomprehensible, but no doubt very clever polychromatic jazz. He also carries a lap steel guitar with him at all times in case of a country emergency.

I could list a thousand others but it’s a bit late and anyhow that isn’t what I started out to do.

All I was really going to say was that I never really understood all that techno DJ shit, but here’s a local Limerick-based site where they seem to have something going on. Give them a call if you’re interested in that kind of crap. Which I’m not, being old and everything.

It’s lovely to see the young people enjoying themselves.

16 thoughts on “My Musical Manifesto

  1. You need to free your mind Bock, all else will follow, as the young people’s song went.

    My affiliations are similar to yours with just a little more time for the Bruce. But my job has forced me into an exploration of the tst tst tst side of things and there’s plenty of uplifting, thoughtful and beautifully constructed ‘techno DJ shit’ out there if you can be arsed wading through the dross.

    Can you be arsed? I suspect not.

    But if you can, let me say that it was Booka Shade that converted me. Tst tst tst.

  2. I’ve been in close proximity to the Alabama 3, and a rowdy rollicking good time was had by all… by which I mean I imagine you’ve given your young wan a realistic take on the ways of the world. That rse stuff they have at school just wouldn’t cover it…

  3. Belle and Sebastian bother me because often when I hear them I think it’s some Nick Drake I haven’t heard. It’s annoying when it’s not.

  4. Hey Bock, the Beat are playing in Bamboo Mick’s tonight ( I think that’s what you call the joint , though I heard Christy Moore recently call it ” a gorgeous aul kip” ) so Stand down Margaret please. Did you ever get that SKA two tone shit ?

  5. Gimme: Not “unce unce unce”?

    MacDara: Keep us informed

    Conan: Daughters don’t listen to anything the old man has to say until they’re ready

    Badgerdaddy: Dear God

    S&C: I would have put them in the list if I thought of it, but I’d be up all night.

  6. Of the ones you mentioned, I regularly listen to Lenny Cohen (the sexiest, most moving singer on the face of the earth), Dylan, Neil Young, Nick Cave, Belle&Sebastian, They Might Be Giants (my kids love them in the car too).

    I have a bunch of other stuff i listen to but most played this week seems to be The White Stripes, and I’m revisiting Annie Lennox – I’d forgotten how phenomenal she is.

    I hate HATE jazz. I like the stuff everybody likes ‘course, but I can’t stand all that ska and wank that is apparantly true or hard-core jazz. I’ve never bought a Springsteen album either. He’s OK but I just never seemed to care that much about him.

    Tanita Tikaram only released 3 albums that I know of but I love her. She had some amazing production on her songs too. They put a clarinet in at odd moments and it breaks my heart with the beauty of it. Gorgeous.

    Still though, when all’s said and done, it would be Lenny I took to the desert island with me.

  7. Strangely, I fully agree with nearly all of that. But what do you mean by “Warren Zevon? Indescribable.” – is that good or bad?

  8. Hope you enjoy the new Plant/Krauss collaboration as much as I am currently–also, a new neil young has hit the streets here but I’ve yet to hear it.

    Emmylou! Especially those ’70’s albums with her hot band, featuring Ricky Skaggs.

    And yes also to much of the rest. Belle & Sebastian, Yo La Tengo, Steve Earle–though the older I get the more I ‘get’ Bruce Springsteen, whom I used to regard as over-rated.

  9. Electronic music is mostly a case of you either get it, or you don’t. Plus the fact that the forefront of the stuff in Ireland is all shite(Like you said ‘unce unce unce’). Try picking up a copy of ‘Dig your own hole’ or ‘Exit Planet Dust’ by The Chemical Brothers. I believe WrinklyPaddy had a brief interest in them, talk to him.

  10. If I had a private interest in it, that’s what I’d do, but this isn’t really a small thing about me and my friends. It’s more of a public place where issues are thrown out for discussion.

  11. Hmm, bit uva mixum gatherum kinda divil mesel bock. There is a lot of that that I would agree with then, on t’other paw I have been a fan of Mike Oldfield and Jean Michele Jarre for years.

    Chemical Brothers I agree with (some bloody great stuff), The Original Techno’s: Depeche mode, Kraftwerk, Frankie,(ZTT) Yello, I remember a demonstration of a “Fairlight” waaay back in the mid eighties during my stint at electronics in UL.

    I Had a looooooong discussion with Honor Heffernan in the Stables the first year it was open, Me drunk as a skunk and her just off the booze I think,
    I have great Memories of another mad day long session with the “Century Steel band” we drank with them for hours after the set, after we helped them load and unload the gear, myself and Bombjack (known as Because of his propensity to do damage to himself and others with homemade explosives).

    The Ska Crowd were great, The Beat, Specials (AKA),Madness (Who then went kinda commercially but still okay), Bad manners used to drink regularly in a pub in Dingle belonging to an old Beauty called “Mary-Bob” if I remember rightly, a beautiful old gentlewoman who was in her late seventies back in the Late Eighties/Early nineties. “Buster” Bloodvessel used to religiously send her a christmas card every year, she had them all stored in a scrapbook that she took down from behind the bar to show us late one night. The bar was in her front living room, a bit like Mary Howards or Irene Neilons in Bruff (Is that still open?) I heard a few years ago that Mary Bob had passed on, an awful loss, places like that were rare even that time….. Only met her five or six times over a few years but a really beautiful lady. I even got to chat up Sinéad O’ Connor there one night waaaay back just at the beginning of her mad rise to popularity, before the loony soup took complete hold….. Another really nice girl, Eyes like swimming pools, even if I had to talk my way around (Well walk through, me being big and bauld and drunk enough not to givashite) the three or four bouncer type blokes, and her early stuff was great.

    It’s amazing how ones mind can link Ska music to things like that. Like I Said, Mad Tastes, “Everything but the Boy(Bands)” me…..

    Jaysus Bock, ure bringing a silver tear to me golden eyes, sooooo sorry for the soliloquy.

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