The University of Limerick’s Living Bridge

You might remember something about this here and here.

The University of Limerick has built a beautiful footbridge on the River Shannon, designed by Wilkinson Eyre Architects and constructed by Eiffel (yes, that Eiffel). It wanders over the river, among the tiny islands, undulating in the breeze and it flexes in sympathy with those who choose to cross it.  Or to put it another way: you can feel the deck beneath your feet moving up and down, as though it’s alive.  Which is why they call it the Living Bridge.

It opened last week, and tonight I wandered into the University campus to take a few pictures for you. I’ll bring more in daylight.

19 thoughts on “The University of Limerick’s Living Bridge

  1. I am loving the purple lights especially, Bock.
    I remember seeing your pics from before and the end result is just beautiful.

  2. Zippy lights. It would look great in a film for a scene with desperate lovers or a murder or spies or heartbreaking loss and a tear-soaked letter floating away down the Shannon. As it’s on a uni campus it’ll probably be used more for snogging and vomitting.

    Nice addition though.

  3. “snogging and vomiting” and busking, and having a few cans, and a bit of the waccy baccy, and navel contemplation, and singing parodies of ‘From Clare to here’, and looking at the sky, and watching the river flow, and parleying, and recreating Sarsfield’s ‘ride’. All in all a very good thing, and great pics.

  4. That really happened then? Shouldn’t the money for these kind of projects been funneled into something, anything for the under-funded in Dublin Four? Free lollipops perhaps? Or a cocaine fund?

    Great pictures, cool bridge. Reminds me of ‘The Incredibles’.

  5. Quote “That really happened then? Shouldn’t the money for these kind of projects been funneled into something, anything for the under-funded in Dublin Four?”

    A Holiday Chalet in Kilkee for Bertie?? anyone?

  6. 780 years the fine people of waa’ford have been waiting for a second bridge, chewing on blaas and lickin’ their lacks. and the limerickians get a fuckin foot bridge. Too good to drive over it, no, we’ll build ye a foot bridge.
    If I was dead I’d turn in my grave.

    I spit on your bridge…

  7. Snookertony: I feel your pain. Maybe if the people of Waterford asked Chuck Feeney nicely, he’d fund a bridge for you too.

  8. Hey Snookertony, that’s two fucking footbridges Limerick has now. There’s an older footbridge, known locally as the ” Black Bridge “, ( cause it’s er, painted black) . The black one is about 500 meters from the new sparkly one and doesn’t glow in the dark . ( the black thing )
    Crosses over the Shannon into a place called Gilleogue. So, we’re fucking brilliant in Limerick, loads of footbridges and oh yeah, a new tunnel as well.
    Personally, I prefer the older one .

    Sorry for hogging Bock.

  9. Bock, thanks for adding a destination to my travels. No plans yet to be in Limerick this side of Christmas, but I most definitely want to be on that bridge.

  10. .. Well taken pics. Great looking bridge. Have to put Limerick on my list of places to visit this year.

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