This Indian Is A Complete Cowboy

The Ace Internet Marketing story turns out to be bigger than we thought.

You’ll probably recall these people stealing material from Mulley and republishing it on their own commercial site.

When they were caught, they blamed some Indian for accidentally taking Mulley’s copyright material, and when people started to laugh at the Indian, by reworking the old Ali G is it because I is black? joke, what do you think Ace Internet Marketing did?

Yup. They came up with a pathetic and utterly spurious whinge about racism, as if that would somehow intimidate everybody into silence. Shame on them, and shame on some of our fellow bloggers who swallowed the bait. Of course the ploy didn’t work, but Ace continued to play the racism card, and eventually this character called Ankur turned up on Derfen as well, complaining that he was being victimised. Indians, according to Ankur, are very ethical and follow good business practices.

I was fooled, I have to admit. I thought this was Ace playing more games and pretending to be an Indian, but I was wrong about that. It turns out that Ankur is very real indeed.

His full name is Ankur Patel, and he describes himself as a PHP hacker and SEO expert.

Have a quick look at Ankur’s site and in particular, have a look at his list of previous posts.

Google them and notice how many of them appeared on other sites before Ankur published them and passed them off as his own work. It seems to me that almost every single entry on the site run by this very ethical person has been taken from somebody else.

Have a look here as well: —  Dev Shed Forums. You’ll notice that Ace Internet Marketing are permanently banned from these forums because Ankur [Biography: PHP – SEO Guru(Expert Person) ] has been posting this kind of ridiculous reply on every thread:

… if you want we can provide you FREE SEO ranking report to drill down the problem further. Just send email to me at -I am SEO Expert at AceInternetMarketing. You can also visit us at:

Ace Internetmarketing – Website Marketing in Ireland

So there you have it. The cowboy turns out to be an Indian. Far from being simply a small operation working from a garden shed in Kildare, we can trace the pirating operation to Ankur Patel, a fly-by-night in Bombay, who steals material from legitimate writers and passes it on to his clients, chancers like Ace Internet Marketing, who then pretend they wrote it themselves.

Don’t forget one more thing: old Ankur has an email address on Ace’s server, which suggests to me that their relationship is fairly snuggly, wouldn’t you think?

Here’s a little game you can play.  Call it Ankur-Man.

Search for the words Ankur and SEO. Then do Ankur and aceinternetmarketing

Scan the articles you find. Pick out some keyphrases and google them. See how many duplicates you can find. Figure out who owns the copyright.

It’s fun!

Here’s a listing to Ace with the link owner identified as Ankur Patel. And here’s another.  And another.  And here’s what Ankur says here:

Just send email to me at -I am SEO Expert at aceinternetMarketing. You can also visit us at: Ace Internet Marketing – Website Marketing in Ireland

You’d have to conclude that Ankur and Ace are pretty damn close, wouldn’t you?

Get googling guys!

12 thoughts on “This Indian Is A Complete Cowboy

  1. A SEO guru should know that it’s easy to catch someone duplicating content with a simple google search… A SEO guru should also know that duplicating content gets you banned from search engines.


  2. Ellen said
    “Do you do husbands!”
    Well there is a saying that the difference between a straight man and gay man is about six pints.

  3. Conan, Medbh, Thriftcriminal: Wait till you see what happens next!

    Savannah: I take one one commission per year. It serves my purpose.

    Caro: Correct.

    Ellen: I don’t. Cheating wives keep me busy enough.

    Woody: You’re right. There is such a saying. It’s horse-shit.

    Green Ink: How dare you!

    Darwin: Not sure it’s the same Ankur.

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