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What Dirt Have the Nuns Got on Bertie Ahern?

Would you locate a national children’s hospital in a land-locked city-centre site, with no parking for parents and nowhere for them to stay overnight?

Would you justify it by saying that they can bring their sick children to hospital by public transport? Would you tell them they can bundle their child with cancer onto a train and a bus?

Would you locate a national children’s hospital on a site with no external grounds? Nowhere they can walk or play while they’re getting better?

No? Well, that’s what our government is doing.

Would you turn down an offer of a hospital on a greenfield site with easy access to all motorways so that parents from the entire country could easily reach it by road?

Would you reject a developer’s offer to build the hospital at cost?

Would you ignore the fact that this site has so much space around it there will never be any problem with expansion?

Obviously not. That would be insane.

Well, maybe you might if you’re Bertie Ahern, the head of government, and you once worked as a book-keeper for the Sisters of Mercy, on whose site the new hospital is to be located.

I wrote about it here: Locating a children’s hospital.

Would you make an agreement with the clergy to underwrite almost their entire costs of claims made against them by abuse victims?

Of course you wouldn’t, but our government did, costing the taxpayer €1.2 billion so far, and rising.

And of course, the principal negotiator on behalf of the clergy was a member of the Sisters of Mercy, Eccles Street, Dublin. Bertie’s old employers.

Read about it here: The Sisters of Mercy

So why is Bertie Ahern being so generous to his old bosses, with your money?

Have they got something embarrassing on him?

7 replies on “What Dirt Have the Nuns Got on Bertie Ahern?”

There I was thinking religion and politics should never meet, and here they are living in each others pockets.

As if Bertie could even be embarrased. He has the gaull to stand up in front of the nation everyday with that ridiculous notion that he is fooling anyone about his ‘financial dealings’.

…but how do you expose someone to people who choose not to see. He got reelected and would do so again if he wanted.
How do you expose that???
I left ireland 21 years ago and woke up last night having a dream about Garrett Fitzgerald.!!!!
Fuck, is it that long since honest government??
I’ll have to stop reading you, Bock, I’m getting too upset…

Bertie Ahern is a liar!!!!! He claims he made the apology to survivors of Irish institutions in 1999 because the survivor groups wanted him to. The groups were not set up until 2002. so if you tell a small fib like this where does it lead you to …. nowhere ….. other than…… Bertie Ahern is a LIAR!!!!!!!

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