Advice On Sensible Cocaine Use

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Dec 102007

You fucking fool!!!

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    Do more


    It was said I believe by that pretentious wanker Sting that ” cocaine was gods way of telling you you have to much money”. Doesn`t really apply now as its far cheaper to get off your face on ilegal drugs than legal ones. Stings still a tosser though.


    Squid: That’s all the advice necessary.

    Wiskers: More what?

    Woody: I believe it’s now cheaper to get off your face on coke than on drink. And easier to get dead fast as well. Two more young guys taken into hospital this morning.


    “Ask Bock”…the agony uncle.


    Denis Leary was amusing on the topic

    But in essence a drug that raises heart rate, narrows capillaries and thickens your blood is generally likely to fuck up either your heart or your brain, whichever happens to be weaker


    Woody it was Robin Williams.


    Robin Williams, never been any good since he left Take That in my opinion.


    I wonder if Darwin accounted for drug use in his “survival of the fittest” theory?


    I wonder if Darwin accounted for Darwin. And canoe use?


    Any day now canoes are going to develop legs and stagger out onto the land where they will captured and turned into handbags. It’s the Vespas I’m worried about.


    And promply begin developing schemes to commit insurance fraud!

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