Bertie’s Solution to the Cocaine Problem

Target house parties!!! Bertie urges the cops.

This is the depth of our leader’s vision. This is how thoroughly Bert understands the drug problem.

He wants the police to raid parties in your house. That’ll solve the cocaine problem.

Eh, no Bertie. Wrong.  (Though I admit you would know quite a bit about dodgy parties).

If you want results, how about telling the cops to get out of bed with the scumbags who sell the cocaine and arrest them instead. Stop them. Harass them. Demand to know how a seventeen-year-old can afford a 60,000-euro SUV, and if he can’t account for it, take it away from him. Ask the low-life with the new Mercedes-Benz how he was able to buy it on social welfare. Charge him with welfare fraud. Hassle him. Go through their bank records, house purchases, travel arrangements. Take away their houses if they can’t explain where they got the money. Kick them out. Jail them. Make it hurt.

And simultaneously, Bert, you educate people about coke and heroin and all the rest.

That’s how it’s done Bertie, not by ignorant coppers breaking down doors to satisfy the demands of a hysterical media. However, there’s one big obstacle to solving the drug-dealing problem in Ireland and it’s this: the police are afraid. The cops in towns all over the country are afraid of the scumbag families because the scumbags know where the cops live. I can’t blame them. If I was a policeman, my family’s safety would come first too. Nothing will happen until our government adopts the Spanish model and brings in squads of police from outside, with ski-masks, guns, the whole lot, and takes on these dirt-bags in the only terms they understand.

As I said, you won’t do it by crashing parties, Bert.

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14 thoughts on “Bertie’s Solution to the Cocaine Problem

  1. Thats the only way to do it bock, I have been screaming this for years, if they cant account for it sieze it, maybe Bertie reckons he is not they only one who can forget a large amount of money.

  2. Well said Bock!
    In fairness though they wont be able to raid anyone’s house party unless there is a complaint made about noise and so forth,and i can bet that any party’s that they raid wont be in the houses or neighbourhoods of any of the guys making the real money out of this..
    Pissing in the wind is a phrase that springs to mind..
    This is a nice little smokescreen for Bertie given the old dig-out and pay rise deferral chancery going on…..connection ,of course not!

  3. “Demand to know how a seventeen-year-old can afford a €60,000 SUV, and if he can’t account for it, take it away from him. Ask the low-life with the new Mercedes-Benz how he was able to buy it on social welfare. Charge him with welfare fraud. Hassle him.”
    I know it seems a cliche, but hammer, meet mister head, now fuck him up but good, no lube.

  4. Well, the bright idea in the US is this:

    Powdered cocaine (mostly a white guy drug) carries much less severe penalties than for crack cocaine (mostly a black guy drug).

    So in the interest of fairness, we’ve lowered the penalties on crack.

    I’m not seeing that as such a great idea either.

  5. Have two wrongs make a right. We have rendition flights going through Shannon that we don’t like. We have drug dealing scum we don’t like. A word in the right ears could result in some of the scumbags taking an extended break in sunny Guantanamo, complete with surfing, that is what water-boarding means right? :-)

  6. What kind of Police State is he trying to enforce on us? I’m a sociable kind of guy, I love having friends over for parties, I like music, sometimes loudly, but I don’t do drugs. What gives that facist wanker the right to invade my home for no reason, not even a merest suspicion, other than there MIGHT be drugs there. What sort of login is that Party=Drugs? Fuck off Bertie!

  7. He’s an awful plank, does he have one iota of a clue of what goes on in this country? Is he going to get them to raid the offices of all of the “professionals” who take drugs? Muppet…

    Yep, the police are scared shitless of the criminals. Except the petty ones that aren’t related to anyone major. And the criminals are in no way scared of the police, sure they have better fecking weapons and protection plus a lot more money and plenty of people willing to turn a blind eye.

  8. Bock –

    We have a funny discrepancy in our legal system. We are more interested in arresting users than we appear to be in arresting dealers. A dealer can always trade up, and reduce his sentence by rolling on his supplier. And end user? Not so much. No one cares who he buys from at such a low level.

    And as Omni pointed out, just this week the decision to treat all cocaine based offenses equally regardless of drug type (since subsequent studies have shown that rock and powder are equally harmful – popular culture holds that crack is more addictive, which has been proven to be a falsehood). If rejected on a scientific point, I’m cool with it. Cocaine gets you high and is addictive regardless of form. Other arguments I’ve seen tossed around say that since crack is the drug of black people, this type of sentencing unfairly targets blacks. Interesting. Not sure what to think there.

    Personally, I’ve always held that everything should be legal – no one wants a Nanny State – but tax the ever living fuck out of it, and use those funds to pay for hospitals, treatment centers, and education programs. Nothing was nastier to me than our health class in high school where they had a gentleman suffering from tongue cancer come in and explain to us (orally, ha ha) the perils of using dip. He had no tongue, mostly rotted teeth, and a graft on the side of his face where the surgeons had cut out a tumor and patched it with skin from his shoulder.

  9. They won’t do that because to start demanding scumbags to account for their money they would also have to apply that thinking to legitimate business too. The same legitimate business owners who keep the party coffers fat. No one dared ask how CJH could afford yachts, an island and posh shirts on a Taoiseachs salary. Think crooked councilors and dodgy builders.
    legalise drugs is the only way. Get real. Regulate it, control the quality and tax it so the revenue comfortably pays for treatment and other ill costs to society.

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