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Dear Minister Harney,

Just read THIS before you lecture me any more about our health service.

It concerns a woman with a lump and a bleeding breast who can’t get an appointment to be examined in one of your hospitals. Perhaps as a woman you might have some vague understanding of the predicament. Minister, this woman desperately needs a doctor. Do something about it.



(By the way, you’ll remember the mileage RTE’s Liveline got out of the story of a woman who died as a result of being unable to get treatment in time.  Well, this one is the cancer story Joe Duffy didn’t want to know about).


Irish Breast Cancer Scandal


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    That’s appalling! I was listening to our local radio station, LMFM, this morning while waiting to see a doctor. On came a young local woman who felt a lump the size of a pea on her breast, she went to her doctor who referred her to a consultant in OLoL hospital in Drogheda. The consultant took one look, told her it was nothing and sent her away. The woman asked for a further examination and begrudgingly the consultant took an X-Ray. The consultant still told her it was nothing. Now the woman has Breast cancer!
    I didn’t catch the rest of the interview coz I had to go in and see my own doctor. How can people feel safe when they’re treated like that?


    What a nightmare. I feel terrible for this woman. She is obviously a bright, articulate and able person but still she cannot make any headway with this. If she can’t get the scan she needs, what chance for people who are less able to advocate for themselves?


    THANK YOU Bock!


    You shouldn’t be thanking me. I’m as appalled as everyone else. You’re entitled to be looked after.


    It’s awful! You’d think they’d be all about proving themselves to be competent but obviously that’s too much to hope for. Here’s hoping her story has a happy ending though!

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