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I got a press release from Niamh of the Impact Theatre Co.

This is Niamh, buried in work as usual.

And this is the press release:

Impact Theatre Company (Limerick) present a pre-Christmas treat to their loyal following.

ON Thursday December 6th at Limerick Printmakers they will hold a rehearsed reading of ‘Risk Everything’ by George F Walker, Canadian playwright and directed by Impact regular Ann Blake.

The reading is designed to give audiences a taste of the work to come in the UnFringed Festival when Impactors will show ‘Problem Child’ by George F Walker.

‘Problem Child’ will be directed by visiting Canadian Director Jeff Culbert who hails from London, Ontario and has been working with Impact since landing on our shores. More about this soon.

On December 6th you can expect a belly full of black comedy and warm wine.

Admission is 5 euro and you can book by phoning

Niamh on 086 36 41 441 or


Excellent news. Great to see Impact back in business.

Remember now, that’s at Limerick Printmakers. Thursday.

Get down there and support them, ye fuckin bastards!

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I’m afraid it wasn’t possible to attend, for ridiculous reasons I can’t go into here. My presence would have disrupted the show. If I told you why, I’d have to kill you.

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