Local Rag Boycotts Bock

Our local newspaper, the Limerick Leader, set up a list of bloggers in the region, but they omitted Bock.

Now, I can understand why they might do such a thing. After all, original ideas and challenging, controversial views might be a bit much for the Limerick Leader.

In case you get the wrong impression, however, this hurtful snub didn’t bother me unduly, once I got over the emotional distress and calmed my hysterical sobbing a little. After all, a quick glance at Technorati rankings show the Limerick Leader lagging far behind Bock, I’m glad to say. And I can’t deny that I allowed myself a snide little laugh at that one.

Nevertheless, though inclined to be merciful, I felt I should teach them a lesson and so I took a little time off from monitoring Russia and events in the Indian sub-continent, to compile a couple of lists. I now have two new categories on my blogroll: publications and news agencies across the world.

And guess what?

You’re right: I left out the Limerick Leader.

That’ll teach ’em!



Is this a record? I had a reply from Clodagh at the Limerick Leader within 40 minutes.  Isn’t that impressive?

Now, you’ve all felt my wrath, but you’ve also witnessed my infinite mercy, and so the Limerick Leader is listed.

13 thoughts on “Local Rag Boycotts Bock

  1. Hi Bock

    In response to your post,just to let you know that omitting your blog from our list was unintentional, our list is by no means exhaustive. In fact, at the bottom of the page we ask people if they would like featured on this section and to do so by emailing web@limerickleader.ie

    As you probably know, we have just launched our new look website, and it is very much a work in progress. We are adding information to it on a daily basis and we are receiving quite a lot of feedback from our users..

    I have added your blog to our site, hopefully you can return the favour, and again apologies for any inconvenience caused!

    Web Editor
    Limerick Leader

  2. Fine woman Clodagh, (LL), just a hint of indignation, she is trying her best, honest. I am going to rush off and check their updated groovy new site, not holding my breath mind.

  3. Sure what harm, Bock, I’m not listed either and I seem to recall getting a mention in the leader a year ago around the time of the blog awards, but that was so last year so they tell me.

  4. Bock, some of us are still getting a giggle from the “Student attached on campus” headline from the student paper a few years back. Laugh? I nearly did.

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