Muhammad the Prophet (Peace Be To Him)

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Here’s a question for Islamic scholars.

What age was Muhammad’s wife, Aisha, when their marriage was first consummated?

Or if I could be more specific, what age was Aisha when Muhammad the Prophet (Peace Be To Him) first had sex with her?

(Hint: Nine!)

And what age was the Prophet?

(Hint: Fifty-four!)

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    Jeez! Maybe Gillian Gibbons is indeed guilty of a crime. By allowing children to name an entirely innocent teddy bear after a notorious paedophile.


    Ew, gross.
    I had no idea.


    I wonder if it’s still legal to marry and have sex with nine-year-olds in any Islamic countries. And if not, why not?


    The thing is discussed to some extent here:

    Some say she had reached puberty.

    Some say it was common in many cultures for girls to be married around that age — until fairly recent times.

    I’m no Muslim scholar, but I believe the second point is fairly accurate.


    Yes indeed. Many cultures had customs in the past that wouldn’t make sense to us now.

    However, some cultures believe that their historical customs are a valid template for today.

    That’s why I’m asking how closely modern-day Muslims feel they should imitate the Prophet, and whether this extends as far as emulating his marital arrangements.


    I was born and raised in Turkey. I have always felt from childhood that it’s such a sad thing we were ever exposed to Islam… I wish we have remained the moon worshipping nomadic tribes that we were in Asia, at least men and women had equal say in all things then. I have seen men from our “neighbouring” countries in the south, come to Turkey over weekend “business” trips mainly to engage in activities that would see them getting lashings the least if not getting stoned to death if found out, in their own countries. The hypocrisy of it all… There is so much that can be said, but really, how necessary is it to say it? You can’t even criticize them without getting a jihad sent your way. :(


    Having had a spat about Islam around my country of birth, I have to say it is “my belief” that each and every modern religion that has the mighty boss: God, is an organized crime…

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