Neglecting a Baby

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Dec 282007

Textbook delusional behaviour is characterised by false fixed ideas, impervious to logic.

Now, if you were a doctor in a hospital , and I told you not to feed my baby, what would you say?

You’re mad! is what you’d say.

No, I’d insist. I have a belief that it’s wrong to feed babies. And the Missus thinks the same.

But the child will die, you’d protest, horrified.

No matter. Our belief is more important. Let it starve.

Listen, you’d say. In my professional opinion, you’re both bonkers.

We’ll go to Court to stop you feeding that baby!

Away you go you fucking lunatic! you’d reply, and once the court heard the case, they’d say the same: Mr and Mrs McNutcase, it is the Court’s considered opinion that you are both off your trolley. Now fuck off.

Ah, but wait! Suppose I didn’t want to deny the baby life-giving food. Suppose instead, I wanted to deny it a life-giving blood transfusion? Would you still say that I held false fixed ideas, impervious to reason?


Even though my belief is just as crazy, you wouldn’t call it a delusion. You’d say it was my religion.

You see, denying a baby food is delusional and mad, but denying it blood means you’re a Jehovah’s Witness. Very well. Applying the test of fixed false ideas impervious to logic, please tell me the difference between a madman and a Jehovah’s Witness, if you wouldn’t mind too much.

We have just such a case going on at the moment. A couple are in the High Court arguing that the National Maternity Hospital should not intervene to help their baby, whose haemoglobin levels have continued to fall since last Sunday. They’re fighting a court order permitting the hospital to give a transfusion and the basis of their case is that a transfusion is contrary to their religious beliefs.

Wait a minute! What was that word?


What has religion to do with it? Since when did religion confer the right to behave in a way contrary to all reason and human decency? Since when did anyone’s lunatic beliefs — religious or otherwise — become sufficient reason to endanger a child’s life? It doesn’t matter where they got their insane ideas, whether from a religion or from a talking peanut on the Planet Fred. They’re still lunatics, and dangerous ones at that.

It’s a non-sequitur. The parents’ religion has nothing to do with this child’s demonstrable need for treatment. Let me put it another way: if you walked into court and told the judge the child shouldn’t receive the transfusion because there are too many red-haired men in Ireland, he’d quite properly laugh at you and I hope he laughs at these people too.

I hope the Court not only upholds the order allowing the hospital to save the child’s life. I hope it also orders that the child be taken away from these dangerous, deranged maniacs and given into the care of someone who’ll look after it properly.



I’m glad to say that the court continued the order until the 7th March when it will be reviewed again.

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    Woe betide you for dissing the Planet Fred. A shower of peanuts will no doubt be plaguing your house soon. At this special time of year people somtimes call them The In-Laws but don’t be fooled, they’re really Freddian peanuts.


    “Since when did religion confer the right to behave in a way contrary to all reason and human decency?”

    Eh….. Always? Ain’t that the problem.


    Eh, no. At least, not under the law.


    I didn’t mean to any normal person but religion does strange things to certain people to make them believe that they are behaving by a far higher law. Religious people can never behave in a logical way. Its impossible. Instead of looking for a reasonable and logical answer, they throw their eyes to the skies and mutter something about it all being in HIS hands. Freaks!


    Couldn’t agree more Bock. The other one who was going to bleed out after childbirth – fine – let her die – she can decide that for herself, however stupid it may be. But a baby? Just wrong. In a country where abortion is illegal, the fact that this is even going to court is a hypocritical joke. So what – it’s not ok to kill your unborn child but debatable if it’s been born? Fucking crazy!


    If I were the judge I’d keep the continuances going for a while. Say another 18 years or so.Then the kid can make his/her own mind up about the whole My -Parents -Wanted -To-Murder-Me-As-A-Baby question.

    Those “parents” are Utter (and I use the following word almost never,mind you) Cunts.


    I am shocked at your irreverence! Evidently you haven’t heard of the Breatharians who believe you can live on fresh air, a handy trick in Rip-off Ireland. We should forcibly convert the homeless.


    You could see the Irish wanting deep-fried air.

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