School Water Charges

Why shouldn’t schools pay water charges?

After all, the bishops, rabbis and mullahs will be very quick to remind you that the State doesn’t own the schools. They’ll be very quick indeed to remind you that the schools are in fact owned and run by the various religious denominations, and not by the State (though the State pays all their costs, including teachers’ salaries). They’ll remind you till you fall down from exhaustion what a wonderful service they provide to the State in running these schools (even though all the teachers are provided by the State).

What they’ll be slower to remind you is how they fought hammer and tongs to prevent the establishment of non-denominational schools in case their fucking power would be undermined.

Very well, Bishops, old chaps. Since you say you own private schools, pay the private fucking water charges and shut the fuck up.

It’s not as though you don’t have the money: maybe you could use the billion-and-a-half euros we gave you to cover your costs for abusing all those children?




1 thought on “School Water Charges

  1. Well, Bock, our dear old Taoiseach has come to their aid once again!!!
    I have no problem with schools being asked to pay water charges, as long as one of the following happens –
    The DES provides the funds, because schools are seriously, seriously underfunded as it is.
    The Bishops pay it, as you suggest – without sending around the plate though.

    What must NOT happen is that parents pay even one penny – ever – for a school bill of any kind. (See my blog – I’ve woken from hibernation at last!! Thanks to you, Bock)

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