Two Rapists, One Judge, Same Bullshit, Different Day

You might remember our friend Adam Keane, the rapist, who received a suspended three-year sentence from Mr Justice Paul Carney back in March. At the time, Keane’s suspended sentence was activated when he contemptuously flicked a cigarette butt at his victim after the trial.

Well, today, following the DPP’s appeal against the leniency of the sentence, he was sentenced to 10 years by the Court of Criminal Appeal.


Now maybe the DPP would look at another of Justice Carney’s sentences. I see in today’s paper that a man who continually raped two of his sisters over a period of ten years, and who faced 69 charges, got six years in prison. Mr Carney took the view that these offences would normally warrant a twelve-year sentence but that, as the defendant had cooperated with police, had pleaded guilty and had no previous convictions, he’d sentence him to six years instead.

No previous convictions? Oh, isn’t that nice?

This pervert fucker had no previous convictions because he wasn’t caught, Carney, you disconnected-judge-person!!! And he cooperated with the cops? So fucking what? He was caught, the fucking bastard. Caught, Carney.  Caught!  What part of caught don’t you understand? Of course he cooperated with the police: he knew you’d give him a break for doing so.

No previous convictions, and no offences apart from keeping two children in a state of continual terror and degradation until one of them, at the age of seventeen, finally stood up to him with a knife, and threatened to kill the cowardly bastard. Well, Mr Carney, that makes all the fucking difference, doesn’t it? He cooperated with the cops and he had no other convictions.

What sort of convictions did you have in mind, I wonder.   Shoplifting? Embezzlement? Burglary? The sort of crimes that matter to the Irish judiciary: crimes against property. It didn’t matter that this evil bastard had violated these children for years and years. It didn’t matter that they’ll carry the scars for life.

As an aside to Judge Carney, let me just ask: Is that it, Paul? Is that how far you’ve travelled from reality, since the days when you used to get arrested kicking down the doors of hotel bars for a late drink? I remember when you were a reasonably decent man, still connected to reality. But now that you’re an established member of the judiciary, it seems you’ve joined the planet Nutcase, just like the rest of your cossetted,  detached, disconnected colleagues.

Returning to our latest rapist, let’s do the calcs. Sixty-nine charges. Twelve years per charge. Twelve multiplied by sixty-nine would make 828 years, wouldn’t it? Even a judge could figure that much out.

So let’s sentence him to that, and reduce it by half to account for his cooperation with the police when he was caught, and his lack of previous convictions. Then let’s give him a third off for good behaviour.

276 years in jail seems about fair, wouldn’t you think, Paul?


8 thoughts on “Two Rapists, One Judge, Same Bullshit, Different Day

  1. Why does this keep happening, Bock? Not the crime – the need to review sentencing. Whatever accountability there is regarding elected politicians (and very little that is) there is none for judges.

  2. Mr. Carney must feel terrible sorry for rapists… I wonder how many years he’d have sentenced the sister to, had she actually killed the bastard?

  3. Ah, you should send the sister raper to the states. Our prisons may suck, but there are a few crimes that are unforgiveable, and raping your sisters is one of them. He wouldn’t last long.

  4. The sort of crimes that matter to the Irish judiciary: crimes against property

    That’s it in a nutshell, Bock. I remember reading a few years ago about a custodial sentence handed down by Judge Mary Martin (who is notorious for nearly always handing down the maximum possible) to a homeless man who had stolen an anorak from a shop to keep himself warm. He hanged himself in prison a few days later.

    I was on the jury for a rape trial once – a girl who had been raped from the age of seven by a trusted family friend. We found him guilty and were told by a policeman after the verdict that other victims had come forward. He got 8 years, and it pains me to think that he’s now probably out, free to live his life while that girl’s childhood was robbed from her.

  5. There is absolutely no excuse for doing anything like that to a child and as far as I am concerned the only justifiable sentence is to be lightly sprayed with a plant mister and shoved into a vat of caustic soda. That might tell the rest of the deviant bastards out there that we wont stand for their disgusting behaviour.

  6. I think the logic goes something like this:

    “If an offender has previous convictions, particularly if they are for similar offences, then this reduces the extent to which he or she can put forward mitigation. The offender cannot claim to have a ‘clean record ‘ or[…] to have made a genuine mistake or to have failed to comprehend the significance of his or her actions.”

    (From a pretty decent magistrates’ handbook.)

    In other words, if he’d been caught before, he might have then realized what he’d been doing was wrong. As he’d not been caught, he could claim that he thought his actions were reasonable.

    And I’ve used the same reasoning many times. Well, not for, er…raping people per se. More the ‘urinating in the shower’ type of offence.

    Ah, shag it I agree with you anyway. Bottom line, Keane is now doing porridge. Out in seven? Five??

  7. The “previous” policy applies to situations when a person does something uncharacteristic.

    You lose your temper, kick in a shop window and the court urderstands that it was out of character. You made a fool of yourself this once. You never did it before. Fair enough. We should all get a break for doing something stupid and out of character.

    The rule was never meant to cover a serial rapist who avoided being caught. There was nothing out of character about the actions of this pervert.

    Fuck him.

    No. I mean it literally. Fuck him, somebody. Please.

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