Clermont-Auvergne 26 — Munster 19

Well? Did you see the match?

Was that simply astounding or what? I’d safely say that the first half was one of the worst performances I’ve ever seen by Munster, and the second half was one of the best. When Munster went in at half time 20 – 3 down, I really thought we were screwed, and although I know we still lost, we got what we went to France for: the vital bonus point. Now it’s down to an old-fashioned slug-it-out showdown here in Limerick next weekend between our guys and London Wasps, a hard crowd of bastards.

Aha! Last time we met, they beat us by one point, and that was in their backyard. Wait till they come to Limerick and we’ll see what they’re made of.

It looks like we might be without this fellow.

Jerry seems to have inadvertently viciously stamped his boot into the face of Julien Bonnaire and it looks increasingly likely that he’ll be cited for it, with a good chance of being suspended. Not good.



Nevertheless, yesterday’s second half was a truly uplifting spectacle as the Munster team dug deep into the reserves of fortitude only they can produce, and delivered a huge onslaught that left Clermont a little stunned and no doubt cursing their own complacency.



What’s more, it looks like this guy is going to fit right in at Munster, unlike his taciturn compatriot, Chris Cullen, who came here for a highly-paid holiday.

Even though Dougie hasn’t had a competitive game since September, the All-Blacks’ top try-scorer looked every inch a Munster player in his commitment and he’ll be even better next Saturday. We don’t mind if he jumps on a few parked cars to celebrate.

But you know, it won’t do to be too casual. Come next Saturday, I guarantee you there won’t be a sane man or woman in this town. There will be thousands and thousands of nervous wrecks as the 80 minutes play out, and I guarantee you something else. It will be no routine game of football.



This will be open warfare as the Wasps death star comes to town, led by their very own Darth Vader.

These boys are not coming here for fun and this game is going to be a very grim affair. Very grim indeed, one suspects.

I’ll be there. So will Bullet. I’ll let you know how we get on.







Jerry Flannery will be able to play on Saturday.  The disciplinary hearing won’t be held until next week.





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7 thoughts on “Clermont-Auvergne 26 — Munster 19

  1. Can’t wait for the Munster/Wasps match should be a classic. They should move to to Croke Park they’d be able to fill it twice over.

  2. John: Will you be able to see it on TV?

    Mr Pagano: You’re right, but we’d prefer to keep it here. It’ll feel more intimate for our visitors. More personal, so to speak.

  3. Unfortunately not likely, it will be shown in the Irish bars in SF, but I will be up in the mountains all weekend, for a spot of snowboarding with 2 other limerick lads. We will however make a valiant effort to see if any place will show it before we head out. For once there is an advantage to the time difference.

    JL, the Thomond park fortress is needed for this one. We will see if the old mojo works. If you have never been down, I recommend it. It really is something special.

  4. Yes,
    Up Close, intimate and Personal is very important for this upcoming game.
    It’s one of the few places that the opposition have to learn sign language just to be able to tell each other the lineout calls…..
    Then when anyone takes a penalty kick you can hear the traffic controllers in Shannon ten miles away and the rustling of the tumbleweed throughout the streets of Limerick, Unnerving.

    The East terrace or “popular” side is where the wit and slagging of the supporters is legendary, where even the touchjudges are wont to engage in a bit of banter during water and medical breaks (If they’re good at what they do, otherwise they’re getting it in the neck as well), as the crowd are within a foot of the pitch.

    I can’t remember what referee said in an interview after the game that “If you’re being told something by the munster crowd then you’d better listen because every last one of them knows what they are talking about”, and Galway is quoted saying “you can’t make a mistake because there’s thirteen thousand people willing to throw off their jumpers and come in and replace you”.

    I have been in many, many stadia for rugby matches over the years and the only place that came even close was the Millenium Stadium in Cardiff with the roof closed for Munster Vs. Biarritz.
    You’ll learn the meaning of hair standing on the back of your neck down here. Especially next Saturday night. The Wasps fans and Munster fans will be drinking together during the day and after the game as if they know each other for years, but for 100 minutes within those walls, it’s blood warfare… the atmosphere has been strange with the midday Sunday kickoffs, Saturday night, under lights, win lose or draw, will be bloody electric…. Many have said that it’s just another pitch until they arrived the first time, and left shellshocked afterwards, (Search for Pics of Chabal in T.P.) Sale and Gloucester being the two most famous to fall to the magic, and Leicester can proudly hold their heads high and say they are the team that broke the spell.

  5. Come Saturday it’s going to be the proverbial “immovable object against the unstoppable force”, and it will be a fight to the death. To guarantee top of the table status both teams need a win.

    There’ll be no giving way during the match. Considering what’s at stake, this could result in either a dour forwards-led match, or the most beautiful game of rugby you’ve seen all year.

    I’d love to go, but I couldn’t get a ticket and I’m working – I suppose someone has to keep the supporters filled with beer!

    Enjoy the match Bock, looking forward to reading your match report!

  6. OK Paul. I doubt there will be much of a report coming from me though, apart from photos. The chances are I’ll be a gibbering emotional wreck after the game, and quite unable to connect three coherent words.

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