Heath Ledger Dead. Irish Independent Devastated


Heath Ledger is dead. 

The young Australian actor, who shot to fame when he starred with Jake Gyllenhaal in the  movie version of Annie Proulx’s Brokeback Mountain, was found dead in his New York bedroom, the floor strewn with sleeping pills.



A spokesman for the Irish Independent issued an angry statement slamming Ledger for his selfishness. 

Some people are just so inconsiderate, he said.  Katy French is hardly cold and we’ve had no chance to wring the last ounce of publicity from her death.  This is going to spoil everything.  How could he do this to Sir Anthony, a fellow Knight?




Katy French, Independent Newspapers and Hypocrisy

14 thoughts on “Heath Ledger Dead. Irish Independent Devastated

  1. Very sad really,he was a good actor and leaves behind a small collection of performances that were above the average given his age..
    His version of Joker will probably be seen as the definitive depiction in the Dark Knight movie coming out.
    Just goes to show that deprssion can hit and overwhelm anyone no matter what your position or status.

  2. Yeah, and upstaging the the Oscar nominees. How could he. Actually, I blame the writers’ strike, actors will fall like flies now they’ve no lines.

    ps – it seems “strewn” is an inaccurate adjective, a bit of “colour” dreamed up by the gutter press…

  3. I’d imagine there might be some problems at his funeral if any actors turn up to give a eugoogely..hopefully that writers strike is halted temporarily….
    my mate tom still hasnt texted me a sick joke about it yet..i’m worried..

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