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Niall McElwee Report Complete

RTE News says that the report on the Niall McElwee case is complete and due to be passed over to the Health Service Executive.

Well, you know what I think about the whole thing, so why bother repeating it all?


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Bock, didn’t know too much of this story till I read it here so haven’t read anthing too slaunderous on this guy. In terms of your views on the circumstances of his conviction in Amsterdam and your question ‘Did you ever..make unwelcome sexual advances to a member of the opposite sex?’. It’s a bit of a leap from unwelcome sexual advances to climbing into the bed of a of young women (after propositioning, where by I presume she said no) and you can only imagine what he was trying to do and probably much stronger than her too. Plenty of people get ‘shitfaced drunk’ and don’t force themselves on anyone, but some do.
I wouldnt’ be so inclined to laugh it off, would you? The woman and her family were obviously still distressed enough about it to contact his employers well after the event. Is that jealousy too? I doubt it.

Unless they are just very unreasonable people. Sounds like too many people are being ‘unreasonable’ with this guy for there not to be something in it.
You mentioned three female co-workers complained about him and is it relevant that they are female.. um yeah, if the guy is a sexist, misogynist I would say yeah and maybe the reporter talked to these women. If he was bullying and harassing one of them as she claimed he was, was it envy over a promotion that made her complain, and others to write to a minister, who knows.. personally I’d be very wary of doing something like that to someone unless they were a real piece of work. (and they do say Irish people are the least likely to complain about things) so who knows maybe alot of people are just unreasonable with this guy.
By the way I thought Holland was a fairly liberal country, and I would pretty much think that a conviction for sexual offences commited anywhere in the EU carries more weight obviously than the same conviction of a sexual offence in more draconian countries such as Saudi Arabia and Iran that you mention. Actually I would say in these places, there are very little convictions on men for sexual offences against women.
In fact not so long ago in Saudi Arabia a woman was gang rape, however she’s getting 6 months in jail and 200 lashes because she was meeting a former boyfriend (but was married) at the time apparently. (
I doubt the woman who complained about this guy were envious of a promotion Bock.. really.

“You can only imagine what he was trying to do …”

Sorry Audrey, but maybe we could leave imagination out of it and go on whatever facts we can find.

There’s no evidence I’m aware of that he tried to overpower anyone. Do you have a reference for that, or is it just speculation?

By the way, I didn’t laugh off what he did. I questioned the proportionality of the Irish reaction.

You have no evidence that the guy is a sexist misogynist. Where did you get that from?

None of these complaints by his colleagues were ever upheld. You seem to be ignoring that for some reason. Why?

I don’t know what you mean by a “real piece of work”. Are you saying you can’t imagine an unfounded complaint ever being made by anyone?

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