Wayne O Donoghue Gets Out of Jail

Wayne O Donoghue didn’t sexually assault anyone.

Wayne O Donoghue didn’t murder anyone.

Here’s what the trial judge said: The accused was being branded a paedophile killer, which he was not. The tabloids stirred up such hatred for the accused he has no future in this country.

Wayne O Donoghue did not set out to kill Robert Holohan. Here’s what the trial judge said: The injuries were consistent with those which resulted from a restraining technique employed by several police forces in the United States.

There was no violent assault on Robert Holohan. Here’s what the trial judge said: The injuries we are concerned with here were at the horseplay end of the scale.

I realise that won’t stop the self-righteous moral majority from characterising Wayne O Donoghue as a monster. All the more reason to point these things out. Two families have been utterly destroyed by these awful events and I can confidently predict that people who have no standing in the matter will be clamouring to condemn Wayne O Donoghue as if he were the worst mass murderer this planet has ever seen.

He is not.


Police Torture Dead Boy’s Mother

Court report

Wayne O Donoghue

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As Wayne comes up for release my thoughts are very much with him, his parents and the parents of Robert. As i see it all of them are victims and have much to suffer. There are no winners – all are losers. I hope and pray that Wayne will be able to live with his parents in peace and try to get his life together. I hope and pray that Majella will be able to concentrate on her other kids and help them get on with their lives.

you keep refering to the trial and the trial judge. Do you firmly believe that the trial was correct and that all evidence in all crimes are presented in a respectful manner during the trial? All you can refer to are the legal facts. i as a local who knew both families and can refer to facts that we all here know of and were not also allowed into the court. If you believe that all courts in this country are fair and not a playground for the baristers of the country then think of past injustices and then ask yourself the question if you had a legal team good enough then could you also get away with murder?
please give roberts family a bit of a break here as if you as a parent were given these facts by the gardai then i think you would be a bit peed off also. heres hoping wayne stays away from Midleton and is rearested for obstructing the course of justice.

This post is about the facts as found in the course of the trial, and not the facts as you perceive them through local gossip. The trial is over.

i am not talking about gossip but facts that the gardai gave to roberts family. maybe you should read the book “afraid of the dark ” by ralph regal before you start making uneducated comments about what you think i am refering to as gossip.

Maybe the police should give up their habit of planting information and maybe you should stop being an apologist for that kind of behaviour.

what behavior do you find more upsetting your trying to justify the manslaughter of an 11 year old boy or mine trying to come to terms with an injustice. just read the book.

Don’t try to put words in my mouth because it won’t work. I’m not justifying manslaughter and you know that perfectly well. Also, don’t tell me what to read or what to think.

well then stop making stupid comments about somthing you know nothing about. by the way the facts are that you find it acceptable that wayne be freed this week. would you think it unfair if he was rearested for obstructing the course of justice? and im so sorry for telling you to read a book so will you apolagise for your condencing remarks about gossip? if not then i ask you please with a cherry on top will you read the book about the whole story?

I certainly will not stop making comments. Who do you think you are? Your word carries no more weight than anyone else, even if living nearby makes you feel important.

who do i think i am? just an internet browser who came accross another one of those self declared rightous opinions with a website to rant about anything he or she feels like. you choose to offend everybody since 2006 is it ok to disgaree with your opion or do you just want people who agree with you to post comments? the facts are you refer to me as a local. that i am. you say that i think because of this my opion holds more weight. has the thought ever entered your head that i might as a local know more about the whole case than you do.

You can disagree all you want. That’s one of the advantages of living in a democracy.

However, I’d prefer to rely on the court case, and not be re-running the trial in your extra-judicial star chamber. Once a person is convicted, we can’t keep going back trying to reconvict them of something else. That’s vigilantism, and we can’t tolerate it if we want to keep our democracy intact.

I know you’d like to lynch him, but you can’t.

Tough shit.

fair enough but again your wrong. i dont want to lynch him however i would like to see him tried for a crime that obviously took place. to reconvict him of something elst that you claim cant or shouldnt happen(in case we upset him) can happen. after all was is it wrong to rearest somone for another crime relating to the principal crime? all im saying is you know and choose not to know more about the case. You choose to make coments and will and i hope you repspect make a rebutal comment and by the way dont be upset to the point of using bad language as i never wanted to upset you. Your poor little man.

Keep talking. You’re illustrating my point better than I ever could.

And don’t you worry one bit about my bad fucking language. People are used to it.

i forget that your always right. give yourself a pat on the back for giving me the chance to speak my mind on a good web site. but dont be childish in your rebutals. all i asked you to do was to open your mind to a different opinion by reading a book. if you choose to do so then tough shit on you for not dealing with related facts to the trial. the world is not as black and white as you choose to be by dealing only with the case trial. there are two families invoved that live outside the court house that these facts affect. so in the spirit of your website take your fucking opinion and shuv it back up the arse of the idiot that you are.

fair play and if i had a court id have you on the jury. good website by the way but i think that we should just beg to differ. we all have opinions and thank god for websites like yours to voice them.

That all ended rather suddenly and rather amazingly, lads! Fair play!
Fair play to you, Bock, for saying the hard things.
Fair play to the local lad for saying something else and fair play to ye both for making us all think.

Good man, Local Person! We’ll speak again, no doubt.

Mairéad: Well, there’s no point constantly spouting meaningless shit. Sometimes it’s necessary to spout meaningful shit.

The court made a decision; it might be wrong; who the f**k knows what really happened? – If Local common Sense man knows, please tell it to the Gardai, not to us; we can’t do a thing about it.

Well, you see that seems to be the point. The Guards have been whispering, as is their custom. If they can’t get you the legal way, they’ll get you some other way.

Bock: you’ve found someone else to blogfight over! Cool, I can get on with not being a blogger now.

I’m with you on the Holohan / O’Donoghue thing all the same. Two families suffered. The trial is over. However, the sight of seeing John Waters back this up last night on QandA given his ‘fight for fathers’ business is a bit rich.

Bock….It’s refreshing to think that there are people out there who think this way about Wayne O’Donoghue’s trial, that it was a mistake, an accident! He has in my humble opinion served his time in prison for a crime he never denied he committed during his trial but he’ll never have a life like you or I once he is released.

Having lived down the road from both families all my life, I truly feel sorry for both of them. Both families lost a son & brother that January & things will never be the same for either family again!

Perhaps the best anyone can do in a situation like this is not idly gossip (local common sense) & just move on and keep the little boy & the families in our thoughts & prayers! It can’t be undone as much as I’m sure Wayne wishes it could!
We all make mistakes, some bigger than others! No one is perfect!

If it was a headlock that killed Robert then only by the grace of God that I’m still here today or only by the grace of God that I did not kill somebody when I was young.There wasn’t a week that went buy when this type of rough whatever /carry on went on.Whether it be slagging off somebody older than you or a schoolyard fight.

I think the only word that can describe what happened is Tradgedy. Nobody is a winner here and it’s something the Houlihans and O’Donohues will have to live with and come to terms with for the rest of their lives. I think everybody else should stay out of it.

Now that Wayne is released both families are going to find it very difficult. Perhaps we should all be careful and considerate in what we say here and elsewhere.

this is so bad 3 years for the life of a young boy and the he thinks a few words to the press will sort everything .hi legal team will have to sleep every night robert will not get the chance to make choice.

to local commonsense and any other people who “live down the road” from these unfortunate families: Did either of you know Wayne or Robert so personally that your comments are more valuable or rational than those of us who don’t? Commonsense, your comment about the shoes. If you were in their house, without your shoes on, then I am to assume you knew them, and Wayne, personally. If this is the case, then I apologise. But if it isn’t shut the fuck up. None of us know the detailed facts. But those of us logical assertive people out there can pretty much see that this was an accident. If it were your son that had accidentally killed this boy Commonsense, I feel you wouldn’t be nailing this young man to the cross.

To Gilly and all the other logical assertive people out there, none of who know the detailed facts, but nevertheless can pretty much see that this was an accident; if it were your child that had been killed by this man, would you be so understanding of the killer?

Gilly i did know the houlihans and the odonnaghues and believe me when i say that it has torn this whole area apart and i stress a point i mentioned before.

did wayne serve one day in jail for perverting the course of justice or disposing of a body illegally. the answer is no and somthing else is that the trial jusge at the time left a prosecution open because he stated that he is sentencing wayne for the manslaughter only.
so forget about the accident and he served the sentance given but HE DID NOT SPEND ONE DAY IN PRISON FOR THE AFTERMATH.

Trout: The Holohan’s are the parents.

He wasn’t your child either, or mine, or anybody else’s, so what’s your point?

LCS: He wasn’t charged with those things you mentioned. If you want fresh charges brought, why don’t you lobby the DPP and the police?

To Trout: why ask that question when you know I can not possibly answer it as i have never been in that situation. I have not knocked Roberts parents in any way. They are in their own private hell over this. I am not suggesting that they be understanding, what a ridiculous thing to say. This is page is for opinion, and I have given mine, so shut your beak please.

my point is you can sit back and not have to deal with a neighbourhood that is ripped apart by this and can i and by the way lobby the dpp and if i did would you support the prosocution. think about what happened afterwards bock dumping the body making phonecalls to roberts phone in front of his mother to see if he would answer to him. the attempt to burn the body and about the 1.5million it cost

LCS: I think what Wayne O Donoghue did was reprehensible, but I also think there’s a deeper issue. Though our court system might be flawed, it’s all we have. If people turn to denunciation and whispering campaigns, and if our police plant misinformation to hurt people they couldn’t nail in court, we’re on the way to anarchy. Our democracy is too precious to be complacent, no matter how angry you might feel.

fair enough it is flawed and that is all we have but do have any opinion on why they never charged him as i dont and its up to the police who in your opinion planted eveidence. is it because the boys in blue fucked up again

Localcommonsense, I am not condoning what he did afterwards, but as I stated in my comments on the other page open on this topic, no one knows what will happen to a persons mind, when faced with a dilemma or fear. The lady who murdered her daughter has been labelled temporarily insane. The mind is complex and no-one knows what they will do when faced with a terrifying situation. You can’t and I can’t. To the outsider, It was a freak situation. neither do i know how i would react if it were my child.

Bock your right my apolagies but answer the qwestion

he took part in the searchs played with the playstation with his girlfriend on the night he hid the body. he knew exactly what he was doing in the aftermath and i stress in the aftermath. but do you think he would have come forward to admit if the body wasnt found because the net was seriously closing in on him when his fingerprints were found on the polythene and what ever better way you have to get rid of evidense than burn it. which he attemped to do.
after watching the prime time special last monday night i now am delighted to agree with bock that the guards planted false evidince on majella. but wake up and smell the coffee and if you wish to be reminded about the aftermath then look it up or you could read a book called afraid of the dark by Ralph Riegal

LCS: I’m not sure what your question is, but just to repeat: the Guards didn’t plant false evidence, so you can’t agree with me on that. I didn’t say so and I don’t want anyone claiming it was suggested on this site. If I ever catch them actually planting false evidence I’ll say so, but for now all we can say is that they misled Majella Holohan.

bock the question is if wayne was to arrested for the crimes of the aftermath would you support this charge to be brought forward.

Local, as I said regarding the other situation, temperary insanity. Just because he didn’t snap out of wherever he was mentally, immediately, doesn’t necessarily mean he would not have at some point. i agree that the behaviour in the aftermath was……..insane. I don’t agree about planting false evidence on majella. Where has this come from. But the police are not psychologists, which just opens up another new area which should be dealt with when dealing with such sensitive issues such as this. I don’t believe that it is the job of the Garda to act as psychologists. It just highlights how behind we are in this country with regard to the clearly growing need for experts in specialist areas. The gardai are the gardai. And please don’t patronise me with smell the coffee etc. i read all your previous comments to Bock etc and your short fuse leaves a lot to be desired. No one on this page condones murder. But this is an isolated incident and should be seen as such. I don’t need to read that particular book. I read enough real life crime to get the picture.

gill ref to majella was mistype. and i dont have a loose fuse but maybe im just pasionate about what i believe should happen then i am and wont apolagise for it but wayne was ………insane. and i just feel that what he did afterwards was malice and cold. do you not agree.

LCS: I think he could have been charged with that at the time, but should never have been charged with manslaughter. Some police at the time were saying he wouldn’t have been charged with anything if he’d admitted immediately what happened.

I also think that we all do bizarrely calm and rational things side by side with crazy actions when we’re frightened or panicked, and I think none of us would stand up to much close examination if our actions were put under a microscope.

Well, almost none of us. Obviously some of the people who’ve been commenting here lead lives that are above reproach.

i wouldnt have had a problem with never charging him with manslaughter if he owened up to it straight way. and by god wouldnt it have been great if he did as obviusly this is was really the cause of problem and is where minds turn to everytime they think about the whole affair. trust me when i say to you that that is what i would have loved him to have done because you cant talk about this affair in midleton when it could lead into an argument.

anyway can i have a ticket for the awards.

well suppose he said happened really hapened then if he ran next door to call majella or dialled 999 the legal system would still charge him with manslaughter but they didnt. They charged him with murder it was him who pleaded guilty to manslaughter and the jury agreed.
when you act like he did in the aftermath it only casts serious doubht over what you say happened.

Bock he didnt do himself any favours by what happened in the aftermath.
and if i knocked someone down while speeding in my car then i also can be charged with manslaughter.

but supposen i hid the body of the victim afterwards then what would you call that.

I’m saying that the aftermath can’t influence what went before. If it wasn’t manslaughter in one scenario, why is it manslaughter in another?

because our judicery is too black and white. but bear in mind it was him who sugested manslaughter by pleading guilty to it at the start of the trial.
in my opinion who should have been charged with manslaughter and the other two crimes i keep ranting about.

wayne had a very good legal team behind him and obviously they would have advised him
on what to plead guilty to.

again bock it was him who pleaded guilty to manslaughter and it was him who accepted the sentance given to him for manslaughter if he does have a problem with it why do you.

by the way again can i have a ticket to the awards.

i misspelt in my alst comment i should have said ih he doesnt have a problem with it then why should you.

Bock you should go into politics.

but a position is an opion and an opinion can cause a problem so its me that has a problem with your position not you. that aside i do think after reading many of your articles that you show a favourable position to wayne.

or do you play devils advocate.

There you go again, trying to put words in my mouth.

You can play semantic games all you like, but a position is a position, and a problem is a problem, and they’re two different things.

As regards my leanings, I’m biased in favour of logic and against lynch-mobs.

so is it not logical to for me to assume your opinion.

by the way i am not trying to put words into your mouth but in my opinion i am merely trying to clarfy points that to this day you have never done.

i think that i am biased in my opion and for this you would class me as a member of a lynch mob. not very fair. I have never sugesting lynching him and is it wrong for me to sugest charging him with the two other crimes?

if you do have tickets to the awards could i have one.

1. I have nothing to do with the tickets.

2. I have made my position on this as clear as day and I’m not going to keep rehearsing it.

3. I did not say you were a member of a lynch-mob.

4.You’re repeating the same arguments over and over.

5. Please stop inventing things I didn’t say.

i think in the interest of sanity and all that is right or wrong with this whole affair then from here on in i will stop making comments and i am always being accused of inventing things you say.

it seems to me either i or you need to take a chill pill

Hi Wayne,

I thank God you looked good yesterday on TV. it was incredibly nice to hear your statement. Although, no doubt, the narrow minded people will think its not enough. But, if I count as one, there is one person here who thinks you have had enough. You committed a crime, and you’ve done your time In my view there is no more to be said.

I hope you have a nice life without the narrowmindedness of that small town. I too grew up in Walshtown,(further up than Ballyedmund) and I have learned that small towns create small minded people. I wish the best for you and your family. It was a tradgic accident, and you have to live your life now.
So much worse it could have been, but nowleast your life goes on,(I lost my brother to sucide) and that tradgy only took one life.

Wayne i know you are young, but your life is valuable too. I thank God that he saved you.

With much love and best wished.

my prayers go with you.

helen robertson (nee. Desmond)

I agree with much of what’s been said here, it’s my first time in this site. My feeling is that the death was a complete accident and should be treated as such. The part I find hard to forgive is the hiding of the body, I felt that WO’D should have been prosecuted for that as well. I went out with the search on two consecutive days and on the third day I was too tired to go. We trudged around fields in the worst of weather, there were elderly people there as well, all hoping that if a body were to be found that someone else would find it. I can’t bear to think of how the Holohans were feeling during that time and how angry they must have been after the cover up was discovered. It’s easy for people who are not directly related to be objective about it all. We can afford to take a balanced viewpoint, we can also forget about it because it doesn’t impact on our family lives. I know I would not be so objective if poor young Robert had been related to me. I wish the Holohans and the O’Donoghues all the very best for the future.

That’s a fair comment. It must have been very hard for you to take part in the search and you must have felt very cheated when the truth came out. I think I’d feel very angry towards WOD as well if I had been involved in the search.

Nevertheless, I still think it’s important that the country as a whole should remain objective because there are vital issues at stake.

I agree with you there Bock. Once the truth came out, after the initial shock reaction I always believed that Wayne O’D was in no way predatory and did not set out to cause harm to Robert. I think he panicked and did the first thing that occurred to him, and I think he probably knew as soon as it was done that it was the wrong thing to do. I don’t believe for a second that he is any threat to society now and to be fair to him he took his punishment like a man, he didn’t even apply for bail.

However, that is no consolation to the Holohans. I also agree with you that the matter of the forensic evidence was well and truly botched by the authorities and I feel that Mrs Holohan was perfectly right to raise the matter in her VIS, there was a certain lack of transparency in this matter and I like to think I’d have had the guts to do the same as she did if I were in her position.

As for now, the Holohans cannot be expected to enter into the spirit of forgiveness which seems to be prevailing amongst the local people. I hope, though, that they will be circumspect in their dealings with the media because, as we know, interviews and comments can be altered or misconstrued and I would hate to think that there might be a lessening of public sympathy for them. It is not in their best interests to try and promote a witch hunt after Wayne O’D, it won’t bring their son back and it might very well alienate people who would otherwise support them wholeheartedly. These are sensitive times, we can only hope and pray that they pass without incident.

Great blog, by the way, very readable. I have no patience with trying to translate the textspeak that crops up on most blogs! Nice to see one that’s actually in English!

On the face of it, Majella Holohan was right to raise the issue, but unfortunately, nobody had told her that there were several perfectly innocent explanations for the presence of semen. In my view, the omission to tell Majella that vital fact was deliberate and a bit sinister.

i think that this entry from the cobh woman is the most fair coment i have read on this site. she certainly made me rethink and bock your reply i am glad to see agreed with her iin some way.

LCS: I agree with much of what Cobhwoman said and much of what you said as well.

I’m being so particular about certain aspects of the case because I think they have national importance and relate to the protection of our democracy.

yeah i see your point. lets fact it i found this website by simply typing in the name wayne o donnaghue and i was impressed to see how many site visits. this was why i decided to take part in the debate.

when do you think you will call it a day and end the debate as i feel that all the bloggers and your replys give the divided opinions that this case has and in some way may help a new vieuer to see this.

whats your opinion on the houlihans not replying with a formal statement do you feel that the tide did turn against them with waynes.

also do you think that the liabel action taken by wayne will proceed and open up the whole debate again no doubht.

I have no plans to end the debate on this site. Let people say whatever is on their mind.

I certainly wouldn’t like to think that anybody had turned against the Holohans. They’ve suffered an appalling loss. But perhaps people have begun to realise that when poor Majella spoke out in court, it was on the basis of very misleading information from the Guards.

I think most people now realise that Wayne is not a paedophile. He had no training in dealing with a child who had ADHD, and he would have been far better off if he had taken no responsibility for the young fellow’s problems.

I have no views on any court action he might be contemplating.

I feel sorry for them all. Wayne, his parents, Robert, his parents. Local, you said about cold and malice, I don’t believe Wayne was being cold – I believe he had lost his mind and sanity for a short spell, yes. In a blind panic a person doesn’t stop to assess his behaviour. I agree, he should have owned up immediately. Of course he should have, that would have been the correct thing to do. Of course it would. But he didn’t. Not because he is evil, or calculating, or anything else. He lost the plot completely. What followed was a series of actions that none of us can make sense of. And my guess is that he has a few blanks as well. Robert is dead, Wayne’s future is destroyed, and both families are destroyed. All because of a potentially harmless situation that got out of hand. I do hope that Roberts parents find it in their hearts in this lifetime to forgive him for his actions – and I hope that he can forgive himself – but I think he will carry the guilt to his grave and in that respect Local, he is paying the price. Fully.

the fact is Mark houlohan said this in a report with the evening echo yesterday. so they certainly feel this because he wont accept waynes apology. I dont think i could either. i am surprised to see you bringing adhd into the debate again. i have experience with my own nephew who also has it and he lives a perfectly normal life because of that. Robert was also on this medication and from what i know of him he had a very active life including horseriding which demands discipline of the rider. So adhd needs no horse play to deal or training to deal with a child with this problem. sorry i called it a problem as its not its a condition.

I don’t blame Mark Holohan for not extending the hand of forgiveness to Wayne, it would be a lot to expect of any bereaved parent, I know I certainly couldn’t do it if something like that happened to my beloved son. But what I find disturbing in Mr Holohan’s quote to the Echo is the fact that he seems to want everyone to carry the same degree of anger and bitterness that he has himself. His feelings are entirely normal but I don’t feel that it’s reasonable to expect the rest of society to feel that way in this particular situation. If Wayne had acted deliberately and in a predatory fashion then society would be foolish not to be wary of him but it’s been well established that he didn’t. I reiterate what I said before, I hope Mr & Mrs Holohan, (God love them) don’t go making a media circus out of this because public sympathy for them will melt away rapidly. God help us all, but this is a situation with absolutely no winners at all.

Having read the comments on this page, in particular the verbal spat between local common sense and bock, I would have to strongly disagree with local common sense. You, as a local, are emotionally charged by the case. As much as it is painful to see two families going through such turmoil over the last few years, the judicial process is over for now and I think its in the interests of the families that they can be allowed get on with their lives in peace. The attitude of wanting to punish wayne o donoghue to the highest is counter productive to all concerned. If I was a member of either family I would rather everything be laid to rest. He has served his time, however unhappy some may feel about it, and thats end of story.

I agree with Nirokel mostly there. I don’t honestly think it would help the Holohans much to keep punishing him, it won’t bring the child back. I did feel that the sentence was somewhat lenient given the fact of the death of a child, however the sentence has been passed down, appealed unsuccessfully and duly served. There is nothing more in practical terms to be done there. Further, it’s pointless to blame Wayne for the leniency of the sentence, that was one area where he had no say or input at all.

No matter what he said or did now, he can’t do right for doing wrong. We might as well let him get on with it.

Lets put a statue up for Wayne in Middleton for the murder of young Robert.What a legend!!This is what I expect to see in the newpapers soon. I think if you receive a head lock or give one in your 20 years on this earth you surely have a vague idea as to how to frighten a young lad or to injure him.There would be a total different grasp id have anyway. We could all go around in the morning and do such a thing. I can forgive him in this case possibly. But how he helped with the search was disgusting for such a “close friend of Robert”. We all make mistakes I certainly do everyday. But 4 years is at least a fifth of the sentence of what I feel he should have received.

But who am I to judge. My thoughts and prayers are for both familys. I wouldnt like to go through what they have,either of them. And if Wayne makes money from these liable actions against the press. I think it would be a nice gesture to give the money to a childrens charity

Wayne has paid for his crime.just let him get on with his life im sure he is guilt ridden with what has happened but stupid arguments like yous arent gonna bring robert back r dey!!!!grow up

Hi Bock,
In relation to the Wayne O’Donoghue trial –

you have stated in one of your posts that

“there were several perfectly innocent explanations for the presence of semen.”

I am curious, my memory is a bit hazy, what ‘explanations’ are you referring to? Also, in what building was the semen found? and in what room was the semen found? and does the setting and ‘innocent explanations’ of this semen outweigh the SPECULATION that there was more to the death of Robert Holohan then what was outlined in O’Donoghue’s testimony.

If memory serves me correctly, D.N.A. evidence in relation to the semen was not considered 100% conclusive by a specialist and thats why it was not presented in court. Do you think this legal hurdle totally demolishes the relevance of Gardai SUSPECTING that there was something up in this area of the case.

Trashy tabloid articles which demonised the case aside, Do you think journalists have a right to highlight such relevance?

also, I don’t think journalists could not even mention the semen factor during the actual trial for reasons of Libel and because it contravenes the freedom of information act, in so far that they cannot highlight sensitive information if it pertains to an ongoing trial. This act assumes that during the course of a trial ALL facts will be considered and adjudicated on in accordance with the ‘fairness’ of the law of the land and its procedures, and that the impetus of media speculation should be treated as irrelevant because of that. Yet the presence of the semen was not highlighted, because it didn’t apply thoroughly with the legal requirements of submission as evidence. So is their not a justified frustration here for certain journalists and Gardai who were speculative about aspects of the case/trial.

Also I’m just wondering, the fact that O’Donoghue has been tried for manslaughter and served his sentance, does that mean that no other legal action can be taken in relation to the case, if for example, someone decided that there were grounds to convict Mr. O’donghue of murder instead of manslaughter, or is the whole case absolutely ‘done and dusted’ now?

just a few questions. I don’t wish to attack anybodies integrity/point of view on the subject, I don’t wish to pick a fight, i’m just curious.

I can’t help with your hazy memory, I’m afraid.

On the questions you raise, I think I’ve addressed them in another post, but I’ll say this much: what police suspect is not relevant. Police have a tendency to suspect all sorts of things, as the Donegal investigation teaches us.

The DNA evidence was more than inconclusive. It was thoroughly unreliable.

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