Blog Awards Decision Time For Bock

It’s getting close to the Blog Awards and I still haven’t decided which of my henchmen to send.

You might remember these guys from last year.

     Well, they won’t make it this time. 

Unfortunately for them, they met a little accident on the way home last year.  A construction accident involving a thousand tons of wet concrete and a football stadium.

So who to send this year?  That’s the problem I face now as I walk the great echoing halls of the Bockschloss.

One way or another, there’s gonna be trouble, so I need to send someone tough, yet who also  knows how to party.  Perhaps I should send these guys.

Or maybe I should send these.

After they help the judges to reach the right decision, it’s straight to the bar for all of them.

Which you have to admit is more fun than these bastards would be, and that’s why I’m not sending them (though, come to think of it, if a fight breaks out they’d be pretty useful …




… though not as useful as these guys …

… or as much trouble as these.



Oh, God.  Decisions.  Decisions.  I just don’t know who to send.  I suppose I could always send a nutty band 






or a band of nuts 







This might suit my purposes but I’m still not sure.  Ha-haaarr!!

Maybe we should confer some more before I make my mind up.  I need help with this decision.


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17 thoughts on “Blog Awards Decision Time For Bock

  1. haha, had to do a doubletake on the nuns getting the bevies…I think you should send the alien enforcers. Nothing like hearing Klingon to get the message across.

  2. Pirates are always reliable in a fracas and up for merriment of all sorts. Easily led. Be sure to take only the very dumbest and sexiest amongst your pirate chums if you plump for taking scurvy scoundrels along.

  3. Christy Cullen, he’s doing nothing currently. lord whatshisface, yeah Lucan that’s it, take him or paddy sausage or fat Francis, why not take all of me, all of me , why not, take paracetamol but only as perscribed on the packet, take a kit-kat, take a run and jump, take a walk on the wild side Bock.

    I’ll see you above in the smoke , a boy da kid.

  4. I’ve a soft spot for the Go-Gos, but anyway if it’s not fully booked out yet you could send 8000 Chinese Teracotta warriors.

  5. The strange thing is, Eliza, that wouldn’t disturb anyone in Ireland. I have a T-shirt with a picture of bin Laden on it, given to me as a joke by Wrinkly Joe. I often wear it to the pub and everyone laughs. Now, if I wore it in the States, I’d find myself singing Hello Gitmo!

  6. Bock –

    I got a Muhammad bear for Valentine’s Day (not kidding either).

    I think I’m going to take him traveling ala the Travelocity Roaming Gnome and take pictures and post them.

    I figure it’s the least I can do.

  7. Medbh – You are right there -I once spent the night with 3 nuns! – Just to clarify it was in a compartment on an overnight train from Rome to Brindisi en route to ferry to Greece and I spent the whole night with one eye and one ear open. No danger of sleep as one of the sisters had extraordinary flatulence which lifted her habit at regular intervals. I still have nightmares!

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