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Feb 122008

This is a charming scene, isn’t it?

Apart, that is, from the two guys trying to steal a swan. When I appeared at the top of the steps and took their picture, the crouching crook released the bird and the two of them left, muttering something I couldn’t make out.

I must have looked sufficiently menacing and official with my camera because they didn’t beat me up or anything, I’m glad to say.



All right. I wasn’t going to say this, but since Krystian Kazerowski mentions it anyway in his comments, these guys spoke some Slavic language. They might have been Lithuanian or they might have been Polish. I don’t know.

I’m reluctant to publish this because I don’t want to give our home-grown xenophobes any ammunition, but Krystian has already mentioned it, so I might as well leave say so as well.

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    In relation to the alleged swan thievery/eatery stories circulating a while back.Not long after that my better half was waiting to cross the road at the pedstrian lights on Dublin rd/St Patrick rd the man went green,she noticed the occupant of the first car at the light (of eastern european origin/well the car was anyway) with a can of beer in one hand and his wedding tackle in the other..
    Upon regaling the story at work ,her slightly xenephobic colleague came out with the following summation of the immigration of eastern european workers here.” They come over here eatin’ our swans ,Wankin’ in Cars”..
    Still gives me a chuckle..
    Of course the guys in you photo could be irish,but i just wanted to tell the story…


    They were probably stealing it for a knacker wedding…


    If you nick a swan in Britain the queen’s allowed to eat you, I think.


    Thank you Sam. What a picture you paint for me to carry around all day.


    I thought swans marauded around breaking people’s arms, biting arses, and playing with matches. Who are these people who’d want to mess with one?


    I thought so too, but the fellow with the hat had both his arms wrapped around the swan, without any sign of resistance.

    The Swan-Whisperer?


    Where was the photo taken?


    I assume the fact that he did not remove the swan from the area means there is no point giving the police a copy of the pic. I also thought swans were vicious maybe it’s a myth to keep us away from them.


    Paul: Harvey’s Quay. Limerick.


    just done a quick check on lmk blog they are a protected species does that mean you are not allowed to kill them or you are not allowed near them in general.


    You can be convicted of crime if you carry it out ash, even though they did not take the swans, they could still be done for conspiracy to commit a crime. so giving the image to the authorities would not be fruitless. although bock might have to give a witness statement


    Bock – this has been discussed in the Dail in 1996:

    The Deputy also raised another point [414] about tourists smuggling birds through Dublin Airport. Members of NARGC were present in the gallery when I made a submission at a meeting of the joint committee on the case of a tourist whose bag, which contained a dead swan, was opened before he boarded an ALITALIA flight at Dublin Airport. The individual boarded the plane and the dead swan was left behind. As the Garda authorities were not contacted by a member of the airport staff, local police or an individual, Department officials investigating the matter later found there was a serious deficiency in evidence that could be used to prosecute the individual, even outside the country. I am glad attention was drawn to this case. Under existing law it is possible in such circumstances to seize an individual’s guns and equipment.

    So, BigPhil’s Polack on the Dublin Road was probably fantasising about what it would feel like if a Wild Life Ranger seized his equipment…



    Mr Nut: Would you care to expand on the legalities of these gentlemen’s activities?


    OMG what time was this I was there with keith and there were guys eating lunch on the steps, I think it could have been these two, in all honesty Bock, you should take that pic to the Gardai, I know its time consuming, but feck that, that is not on, and…. ‘Think Of The Swans!!” seriously tho, im glad you caught these, because it is well known that easterners like to eat these majestic birds, now im not generalising… well I am, but I dont know if they were eastern but im glad you were there to put them off!!


    It was yesterday, about 3 o’clock. I didn’t see you. Why didn’t you have your camera?


    They were Eastern Europeans. The guy in the track suit looks like a Russian or Ukrainian, but he can be Polish as well (there are many guys like that one in my country and among the emigrants in Ireland).

    It is hard to say something more. There were rumours about Poles hunting swans and eating them. I couldn’t believe in that, since in Poland we don’t eat them and they are living in peace. But my compatriots in Ireland… especially those primitive ones, out of work and with empty purses… I don’t know what to think about it…

    I would report it to Gardai, just in case…

    and I don’t know how to destroy the ghetto wall built mostly by my compatriots… I am on the Irish side of the wall for sure.

    I will deal with that on my blogs (Ireland from a Polish perspective), both in English version and Polish


    Well, I did mean for her tea.

    But anyways, I think you only get the Royal Fellatio if you steal/stroke a member of The Order Of The Garter.


    As it happens, I was outside Clohessey’s snapping a few shots of Poor Man’s Kilkee and O’Callaghan Strand yesterday afternoon. Is the town really that small?? (Don’t answer)


    Coming over here. Taking our jobs, taking our women, taking our, erm… swans.

    Now Bock, if you can just get some photos to prove the jobs and women thing, we’re in business. You could send them off to that Savant bloke you mentioned a few posts back. I’m sure he’d put them to good use.


    They look Irish to me.


    Bock, was it reported to the guards


    They are not irish. You can spot a Polish or Lithuanian a mile off. They have a completely different look to us and they tend to dress in a similar fashion. Bad enough they are driving around with cans of drink in their hands, eating our fucking swans as well – my blood is boiling.


    Gilly… so what about me? I am Polish too… don’t be so excited…


    There are related stories circulating about ducks disappearing from Dublin’s canals.


    In the u.k. i have heard of ornamental carp being fished from park lakes etc. allegedly by our Eastern european immigrants. Is carp fishing a problem also?


    Doesn’t yer man with the porkpie hat look like Popeye from the French connection ?
    Looks to me like these are scumbag swans. If you look closely you’ll see they have flipper tackies.


    MacKozer: I am not talking about a majority and would be disappointed to think that all Polish people eat our swans and so on. However, on the different subject of drinking, there seem to be a lot of immigrants dying on our roads lately – and I’m going to assume it’s drink related. Are they spending so much money on drink that they don’t buy food, hence the swan-robbing?? Free Chicken?? I am not a racist. I lived in the UK for many many years and was the recipient of racism from the British myself but it’s something you have to accept. Shit sticks. I recently saw three polish guys in Ballincollig, purchasing alcohol, clearly already strongly intoxicated to the extent where they were unsteady on their feed. They then proceeded to get into a polish registration car and sped off. It seems to be around every corner I look these days.


    Gilly, first of all… read my first comment above… I am not defending my compatriots as you suggest…


    MacKozer, I suggested no such thing so please do not insinuate that I have. I’m sure you are a decent working upstanding individual, and I am hoping that you can see it from my point of view as an Irish Person. People wonder why immigrants get attacked over here. Use that photo as an example. I’d attack them myself if I saw this going on. My partner is a Garda member in Limerick and his experiences with immigrants thus far hasn’t impressed me one bit. If you can change that, then all to the better.


    Hi!I’m from Poland.I read the article and your opinions and I think I have to include mine as well;)I’m 20 and I’ve never heard of eating swans in Poland;)never!If these guys are Polish I don’t believe that they were going to eat the animal,maybe they were just messing around. I agree that there are many people from Poland who come to Ireland and don’t even know the language but there are also many well educated and I think that the would never become builders ect. if the were earning enough in Poland. So please don’t judge the whole nation just because you don’t tolerate the behaviour of some of them. There are naughty people everywhere;) As far as drinking is concerned I’ll give you one example – my brother had a wedding about 2 months ago,here in Poland,he invited some Irish friends, and they were absolutely brilliant but one Irish guy was the first to end up under the table;)The case is – There are so many Polish in Ireland so you have better opportunity to see such things. I love Ireland,I was there several times and I have many Irish friends. I don’t ask you to tolerate people who are bad but I ask you not to think that all Polish are like that. I understand that you may be annoyed with so many immigrants but most of them are good people who do that because they want to support their family who cannot meet ends meet because they earn silly money in here. Anyway, we should respect each other. I study English and I hope that in the future I would be able to come to Ireland as a tourist and I wouldn’t be judged on the basis of what some of my countryman did.
    Best wishes.


    sorry make ends meet not meet ends meet:D


    Gilly, I was the first who tried to call Gardai when drunk Poles were messing in Carlow Potato Market.
    I am aware of all bad aspects of our emigration to Ireland and I am trying not to be biased on anyside favour.


    what do they taste like anyway?


    Dan Dare… read some old books. In the past they were occasionaly eaten by noble men in their castles and palaces. Maybe you will find some clues.


    MacKozer – I understand where you are coming from, I just hope that you understand where I am coming from. I equally would not defend drunk troublesome Irish when I was in London – in fact, I was embarrassed to the core . However, the fact remains that someone is eating our birds!!! It was bad enough when the Romanians went out to the Lee Fields at night picking all the daffodils and selling them on the streets of Cork, together with the weekly Giro and free apartment that they got from the state, but obviously that’s something different altogether. I will not apologise for loving my country nor will I apologise for anything I have said so far.What you will have to accept is what I had to accept when I was in London. There are bad apples with every nationality,but let’s face it, the polish/lithuanians etc aren’t exactly giving themselves a good name are they.


    Gilly, I guess you didn’t understand what I wrote. I presume it is my poor English.

    I don’t deny the fact and I am not deffend bad Polish emigrants in Ireland and I am against those ones who are nor bad nor good but stick behind the ghetto wall. however… as far as those two are concerned, Bock didn’t cach them while they were eating. We just susspect what they were about to do… and we heard the rumours about Poles eating swans and even ducks in the Dublin cannals and we can not hung them only becasue they looked as they looked.

    and sorry bur your text about loving the country sounds terribly pathetic. Swans are the swans, they are under prevention all over the Europe, and if some scumbags even Polish eat them they have to be punished.

    also please don’t teach me basics and obvious things abut the bad apples and things.. I have been involved into attempt of integration of the Polish community into Irish for about last 2 years and I have experienced so many bad apples that I could open the green grocery.

    In the last phrase you just given an example of your limited view on that matters. If you would try you could see as many good Poles or Lithuanians, Latvians, Czechs , Slovaks etc as the bad ones.



    Did you hear them speaking at all?

    Were they Irish?

    I know i jumped to conclusions on my first post but i’ve been wanting to tell that story for a while..
    This seems to have turned into a race issue rather than a conservation issue.

    I know alot of eastern europeans that are horrified when these stories do the rounds,mostly because they wouldnt behave like this but also the glee that people take in spreading said stories..The purplemonkeydishwasher effect as we call it..

    Anyway if my comment started off the race thing then i apologise..


    and as for you RACIST text:

    Why all those who don’t know me think that I am Swedish or Norwegian? and I am pure Polish


    and as your RACIST opinon:
    “You can spot a Polish or Lithuanian a mile off.”

    Why all those who don’t know me think that I am Swedish or Norwegian? and I am pure Polish?

    What is wrong with me?
    Should I dress tracksuit and have balded head?


    Organ Donor: I didn’t say anything about their nationality in the original version of the post, but Mackozer gave the game away. They were speaking some Slavic language. Perhaps Polish, Lithuanian or Russian.

    Of course, they could have been two Irish lads who just happened to be fluent Lithuanian speakers.


    Bock, Lithuanian is not Slavic :)

    and I gave the name since it is obvious, and I am of the opinion that it is better when I name them as a possible Poles, Lithuanians or Latvians (or Russians, Ukrainians etc.) becaase I am of the opinion that we Poles should talk about dark sides of our emigration.

    It is better to talk and to name it than to keep the mouths shut.


    MacKozer, we are on here to give our opinion – that does not include slagging people off. I have said nothing personal against YOU. My pointing out that you can spot Polish or Lithuanians a mile off is not racist. It is an observation. When I was in London I could spot a Paddy a mile off as well. Is that me being racist??? Now who is being pathetic….. Please shut your beak if you have nothing constructive to say.


    Gilly: They are not irish. You can spot a Polish or Lithuanian a mile off. They have a completely different look to us and they tend to dress in a similar fashion. Bad enough they are driving around with cans of drink in their hands, eating our fucking swans as well – my blood is boiling.

    that is not racist at all :)

    We are all dress track stuits and drive drunk our cars…
    nice example of an open minded man :)


    Thanks MacKozer but I ‘m not that bothered. Hell, maybe I’ve eaten one without knowing it when I lived in Perth. Anyway I see a man was stabbed in the face with a screwdriver in Limerick on Monday night.


    Hey, is the guy in the tracksuit opening a bottle of ketchup?


    MacKozer: An open minded man?? Who are you talking about??

    Darwin: nice one – the other guy has a fork in his hand, to the ready.


    Look I’m sorry, really really solly, and I never meant to harm a feather of her plump tasty breast, and I wouldn’t have, I just like holding them close and hearing them purr. Boc you’re putting out a crazy story here, and I know, I’ve seen the subliminal thing, the name thing, the male swan name thing………….


    Gilly, at least you don’t deny that your context of your opinion was racist…

    as for being open minded. you just proved that you can see only Poles eating swans and being drunk in their cars..

    typical former emigrant attitude..

    Darwin: no.. vodka. We eat swans with vodka and then driving our cars being drunk :)


    or maybe not typical, but I met some former emigrants with the attitude towards us very the same like yours


    MacKozer: Where is the racism in my comment??? I am making an observation about physical difference between Irish and eastern europeans. In a separate sentence I commented about their drinking and eating swans. And by the way, I am a woman, and a very attractive one too. In fact, I could easily be mistaken for an eastern european, as I am tall with blond hair and blue eyes :)


    Gilly did you see any eastern european eating swans?


    I don’t think so!so maybe this conversation is pointless


    The bottom line is this: the two guys above in the pic are plainly not irish. And clearly they are not down feeding the swans. They were looking to be feeding on the swans for dinner. I have seen a lot of things in my life, but i didn’t see anything like this until today. Just when you think you’ve seen it all – you haven’t. What were they going to do – stuff the thing under their jacket in the hope that no one would notice?? Get over it.


    I don’t know what they were going to do with the swan. All I know is that I saw the man with the hat pinning both of the bird’s wings against its body, and that he released it when he saw me.


    the photo doesn’t prove actually anything..if you give me any proof they wanted to eat it I’ll agree with you,but as for now I think the article is just stupid!


    Gilly: I see no point of quoting again your first comment. The sentences were not separated, or you have different logic rules of the verbal communication than the other.

    Let me show prove, that even if you separate you sentences they are still racist generalisation:

    Poles wear the same

    They eat swans

    They drink and drive

    So? I would say we dress in so many different styles as the other nations of Europe
    We don’t eat swans. Swans in Poland live in peace on the river banks, lakes etc. Swan is not in Polish menu.
    We usually don’t drink and drive, thus we all would be banned of the road, no matter in Ireland Poland or whenever.

    In the same way I could say all Irish are junkies sniffing cocaine, and they are murders shuting themselves with the shotguns.
    And in Carlow I saw Irish kids, dirty ones, throwing stones toward swans and I warn them that I am going to cal Gardai. But it doesn’t matter.. I like Irish people and the bad people are everywere and kids left unattended are growing stupid no mater they are Polish, Irish or Escimo.

    and as I replied – don’t be excited to much.

    Actually I got used to such generalisations as yours, and luckily there is much more reasonable Irish opinions about us, both positive and negative.

    I don’t care if you are cute or not.


    Hey Gilly, sounds great, what’s your number?

    John25, you anything to the guy who goes to all the matches. Is he a younger brother?


    John25: I said nothing about eating the swan. Can’t you read?

    Dan Dare: I wouldn’t think John25 has any connection to John 3:7. John25 is writing to us from Poland.


    They were going to eat the swan.

    MacKozer: You keep insinuating that I am against all europeans. i don’t seem to be getting through to you at all, so I’m not going to bother trying any more.

    They were going to eat that swan, and that’s it.

    Dan: If I told you that, I’d have to kill you :-)


    Bock: a was talking to Gill not you;)
    dan dare: I don’t have a bro;)




    Gilly, I also suspect they were going to do that and I expressed it clearly in my first comment, but it doesn’t give you right to insult all Poles or Lithuanians with such racist generalisation and that is my point.

    Calm down and you will probably see that not all of us are bad ones.


    Swan whisperer, Bock? Swan botherer more like. The photo proves they were up to no good, they (or anyone else for that matter) shouldn’t be anywhere near the swans. Do they not learn the kids about the children of Lir anymore?

    See if it was a 357 Magnum you were packing and not a Canon A70 Powershot, you could have wasted the pair of them. And then we wouldn’t be able to speculate about their dining intentions at all.


    Bock: I’m glad you saw them when you did, or the poor bird would be covered in orange sauce by now.

    For the record: I am not racist. But i think we certainly have a few visitors we could do without. Oh, and I’m a vegetarian.

    Thank you.


    John25: Gilly didn’t write the piece. I did.

    Mackozer: Maybe it would have been better if you hadn’t mentioned their possible nationality in the first place.

    Dan: It’s not an A70. I was using a G9 this time, instead of the 40D. It’s easier to conceal and it looks harmless.


    You are cute and vegetarian :) any other excuses? :)

    My wife has been vegetarian for 15 years now and I was for 12 and we are helping animals having 4 cats and 2 dogs and saving horses in the special pound for horses… so what? it is not a point in the discussion.

    You just can not say “sorry I went to far in excitement”…


    Bock… no problem, as I said.. I am always the first to point out bad ones among my compatriots :) and name and rise the issues.

    Some of them hates me because of that ;)
    My credo is “no taboos” :)


    MacKozer: I didn’t use my being a vegetarian as an excuse. It was just a harmless afterthought. You are very quick to jump on every word I say. And I’m not remotely excited. If I was, I wouldn’t be on here, I’d be riding my boyfriend.

    Bock:I’m glad you put the picture up – the more people that see it, the more aware people will hopefully become.


    Bock – yeah I know.My comment concerned Gilly’s comments;)
    Maybe they wanted to eat it,maybe to kill it or maybe to hug it:P They shouldn’t be there but many people do the things they shouldn’t regardless their nationality!
    I’m saying that because we should stop judging each other.My English friends told me that they went to Poland last year for a weekend because it’s cheep and they did maaany naughty things there including drinking and stripping down in a pub:P

    We’re all similar we want it or not and there’re always people who are up to sth;) So stop arguing who’s better!


    but you seemed to be: my blood is boiling.


    MacKozer: Anger. Heard of it?


    Damn Gilly has a bf.

    Maybe these are Eastern European swans and the two guys were trying to point them home, like racing pigeons.


    ok.. anger is a kind of excitement.

    so… you did a racist generalisation in anger and you are strongly avoiding to say “sorry I went to far in anger’…

    the context was the same and you did understand what I meant.


    Gilly it’s beyond me how you can say the picture indicates they were there to eat the swan. Can you see a giant jar of mayonnaise or something in the picture? Is there cutlery? Did I miss something?

    I mean sure, they seem to have been acting suspiciously, but maybe they just like swans. I’ve seen lots of kids hanging around ducks and swans at Lough Gur, for instance, and nobody assumes they’re planning to make a meal of them.


    Darwin said one of them was opening a jar of ketchup.

    What you think that was for ?

    Well ?

    “A cob burger, a cygnet kebab, large chip and two cans of coke please”

    Some of ye are taking the total piss here


    Sniffle right click on the photo to open it in the full format. The bald guy wearing track suit has no ketchup or a jar in his hands.

    the white shape below his hands is a swan not a jar.


    but I am still suspicious about their intentions…

    and if so.. you are thinking they would eat it in the place with feathers and raw not boiled meat? :) C’mon… :D It is just stupid :D


    John25: I’ll have to explain it to you again. I did not say these people were Polish. That was suggested by Mackozer, who is Polish himself.

    Is that clear enough for you?


    MacKozer: In case I didn’t make myself clear earlier: I do not apologise for anything I have said. I won’t be not apologising again.

    Sniffle: I think Darwin was just trying to lighten things a bit. No one is making fun of it, rest assured.

    Skiller: Are you a Thicko?


    Go easy on the personal remarks, please.

    I’d recommend reading the comments policy on this site.


    Four cob burgers, no onions, two with sauce, two plain, and a battered cygnet sausage, please


    I didn’t say they are Polish either:P so what’s the point?
    My opinions didn’t concerned you as well, I only said that I don’t like the article and that I don’t agree with Gilly. We’re here to express our opinions freely,aren’t we?


    Gilly, I know, your philosophy is clear and it is not to apologise for any insult you did, and as we all can see you are insulting the others as well instead of discussion. :)


    John25: There is no guarantee of free speech on this site. All your opinions expressed here concern me, because I own the site and I’m responsible for it.

    MacKozer: Maybe it would be as well to just ignore Gilly’s comments. That argument is going nowhere, and I don’t think most people here are making any sort of generalised statements about Polish people. As I said, if you hadn’t mentioned it, I wouldn’t have identified the two guys as foreigners at all.


    Bock, head out again now with your camera, photograph some Irish people up to no good, ideally with Dublin accents, but don’t tell us.

    I just want to see what happens when you post it, and it might help get rid of the image I have in my head of an excited commenter riding her boyfriend – who just happens to be a swan.




    Bock: sorry if i was near the mark.

    MacKozer: You don’t get it so i’m not going to bother explaining.


    Eolai: are you saying I’m an ugly duckling? :(
    only kidding.

    Anyway, I think the general feeling is that the swan was up for dinner. It annoyed me a lot, and I got it off my chest. Bock scared them off with his candid camera, and some people became sensitive…. tough.

    I’m off now to visit my cousin who is a girl of 44 in hospital with cancer, and tell her all about the swan.



    They were buying them for fast eddie to sell outside Teds.

    They fly out the door on a Friday night.


    Stone the crows, over 90 comments about the swans – brilliant. Is Macman taking the piss or does he just not get irony. Is he really Polish & does that explain the humour gap or is this a racist question? Oh, those swans have a lot to answer for. I still think they were homing swans and that was a bird lover.


    gilly do you think they pluck the Swans before they eat them? I think they just wolf them down raw starting with the feet!


    It’s a swan. Who cares? Not like there’s a shortage of swans, judging by that picture.


    Who cares? Not you anyway, by the look of things, but I suppose there’s always a few dopes who know the value of nothing.


    Fructose: why are you asking me anything.


    dan: he doesn’t get irony. or anything else. i gave up.


    For to prepare a swan. Take & undo him & wash him, & do on a spit & lard him fair & roast him well; & dismember him on the best manner & make a fair carving, & the sauce thereto shall be made in this manner, & it is called:

    Chaudon. Take the issue of the swan & wash it well, & scour the guts well with salt, & boil the issue all together til it be enough, & then take it up and wash it well & hew it small, & take bread & powder of ginger & of galingale & grind together & temper it with the broth, & color it with the blood. And when it is boiled & ground & strained, salt it, & boil it well together in a small pot & season it with a little vinegar.


    Not that I had anything worthwhile to say…but I wanted to be the 101st commentator! LOL

    Who steals a frigging swan? Over here they get eaten by other animals….


    exactly Eliza. Exactly. Its a pity the swan didn’t bite the fingers off that prick. Anyway, i won’t get “annoyed ” over it again. I had enough yesterday.


    i just wanted to add my reckoning on the subject! ive sat here for the last 20 mins reading all the comments and i have to say that seeing some of the arrogance in these comments only backs up what i tho


    thought about these people anyway in the very start . im not going to start b****ing on about it or getting into any petty arguments all ill say is we dont think these things about other people without being given a very good reason.


    sorry bout the split in the comment i hit enter by accident, oh and by the way im with you gilly.


    To: Jimmy Page’s Trousers
    mate we are not taking your womans, they are ugly.
    We are not taking your jobs, you are too lazy to take it.


    Thank you Lou. It takes a certain type of individual to act in the way these chaps appear to be – I really do dispair sometimes.

    D: I won’t be getting into a row with you on the appearance of polish and irish ladies, but I will say this: I am a stunning looking woman, far better than your lot, who look like they could do with a good nights sleep and be dipped in a barrel of bleach. I am also taller and slimmer and I have natural, yes, natural long blond hair. Hurrah for me eh??


    And I have no doubt from that delicious desciption Gilly, that you’re as elegant as a Swan.


    And 100% Irish, Hoof as well, and proud to be.


    The simple solution is to kill all the swans in Ireland. Then, when one particular group of eastern europeans dies out, we’ll know who’s to blame.


    Twenty: Excellent solution. But then we are no better because we’ve killed all the swans?


    Where’s Pastor Niemoller when you need him…..”First they came for the Swans….etc.


    mmm… tasty swan tasty…. precioussss…. have to avoid cursesss…. not to be seen…. (and here comes typical polish/lithuanian mumbling) :D


    They’ll be spotted out in the woods next, digging for grubs. Goodnight all.


    do you suggest they’ll kill and eat blair witch as well? Gourmands ;)


    Are swans more protected than other wild birds (not classed as vermin or game birds)? I’m curious because there always seems to be huge numbers of them, especially in the waterways of our cities and towns. And I hate the little bastards. They are vicious and mean, for all their beauty. I don’t hate them enough to want rid of them, mind. I just think that the “ooh, look! aren’t they majestic” factor might make people a lot more angry about a swan murder than if it was a corncrake or another genuinely endangered species.

    According to this amusing article, Rowing teams often cancel practice because of swans on the water.


    Do folks get angry when ducks or geese are snatched by a bunch of pikers or Eastern Europeans or whoever these people are? If not, why not? Why the double standard with swans? Because they’re pretty? Should we hold a beauty contest where all the cute animals get to live and the ugly ones get eaten? Come on, now. There’s worse things in the world to get peeved at than somebody trying to eat a swan that is apparently too stupid to attack and defend itself.


    You know what, Johnny Dangerous (are you any relation of Johnny Dangerously?), I just had a drunken thought.

    Why don’t you fuck off?


    Bock, did you know that your swan story made it to the Irish Daily Mirror? I never read the rag but was subjected to it today whilst tucking into some grub at the parents house!Anyway…
    Whoever wrote the article used your pic and entitled it ‘Swan Bake’
    ‘Protected birds end up on dinner tables after poachers snatch them from rivers’.

    It doesn’t give the name of the reportor, who obviously stole your story(I’d be rather miffed if that was me!) It goes on to say that ‘Swans are in danger of being wiped out by hungry poachers who cook them for dinner, it has been claimed’.

    They have quoted Noel Shinnors from the ISPCA in the article.


    Did they, now, the thieving bastards? What edition?


    Saturday’s edition. If I get a chance, I’ll scan it in and email it to you. I’m sure your email is on your blog somehwere.


    Sue the bastards, Bock. Take ’em for every last cent – that stage-Oirish chip wrapper must be worth millions seeing as they save so much through not employing journalists.


    Johnny, actually yes. I believe some Romanians were homed in Millstreet some time ago, or maybe it was Macroom. Either way, a local carp-fishing lake was literally emptied by them. There was not one carp to be found. And yes, it angered me that they are eating our wildlife when there is enough available on a plastic tray in tescos. Beauty doesn’t come into it, so why don’t you cop on.


    having spent some time in Poland, I can confirm swans taste like a cross between cod and pheasant. delicious with some cranberry


    You know what is funny? that every day when I am comming back from work I can see irish scumbags (i’m talking about these funny guys with pants inside their socks and funny hair and square piercings in thei ears – why they all look the same BTW? Clons?) fishing along the canal. And believe me I’ve never seen Polish, Romanian, Czech, Chinese, Pakistani guys with fishing rod, irish only…so i guess that your carp lake was emptiet by hungry irish scums…


    Was it really “Swan Bake”? That’s the exact same headline used by The Sun, when they kickstarted this whole urban myth!

    Have a quick read of this


    D, the only thing they’ll catch fishing off the canal is cold or a shopping trolley.

    As for fishing lakes – some of these are stocked and maintained by angling clubs at a high cost in order to attract (paying) tourists and maintain stocks in local waterways. Having some pack of cunts no matter where they’re from, come along and clean them out in a day is not unusual, or an exclusively Irish habit!


    Hoof: True. I’d nearly bet everything I have that those guys fishing on the canal are doing just that. Fishing. Hobby. Apart from sea fishing, most irish guys who fish are doing it as a hobby, and will almost always put the fish back. I don’t think their haircuts are relevant. My brother is a fisherman, and a very decent chap. He’s bald. Does that count as “funny hair” i wonder. Oh, and he used to wear an earing at one time as well I believe. WHO EATS CARP??? Not us anyway.


    Well, stop that fight right now!!! i invite u all for a dinner tonight. I am making a swan roast





    Swans and ducks were going missing in east London when i lived there…same thing someone photographed some blokes feeding them and when the ducks came closer …grabbed them killed them,and under the jacket..The lady that reported it to the local paper said they were eastern europeans…so this is nothing new


    LOL I’m form Poland and it’s so funny. I have never seen something like that here, in Poland :)


    Well Peter, I don’t remember saying anything about Poland.


    That men have a czech beauty. Long hair and black hat it signs of czechs from Prague.


    I know i’m very late with this comment but how do we know that the lads had intended eating it. Who’s to say that they were’nt planning an amorous weekend with it before releasing it again.


    John23 was Italian.


    Looks like I’m late for dinner. What does swan taste like? Most people (including myself) are horrified at the thought. Why then do we eat duck without the slightest compulsion toqestion our behavior? Is a duck not another beautiful water bird?



    Oh my fucking God the Children of Lir are been stolen by the Blockers.


    How anyone can tell their nationality from those pics is incredible – you should submit applications to the Garda immediately, work in CCTV.

    I’m not one for generalisations but I’ve never seen a Pole in a pork pie hat, looks more like one of the Boom Town Rats.
    Just another casualty of the failing record industry :(


    Did you notice me saying they were Polish?


    Well all I can say is Blogska i ghyt o racitche. Migf Irdandghtov.
    Harsh I know, but it needed to be said


    as inspector for Limerick SPCA i can tell only last week i found 7 dead swans with there breast cut of thats what there doing now killing the swan and cutting of its breast,s, i did not report it as i think im now fighting a losing battle against these thugs, swans i found were in the clare side place called corbally about mile or so out side limerick, so i can tell you it is still going on soon we see no swans in our rivers, what can we do im only one man cant be every place at one time so hope other people like year good selfs can help catch these thugs


    I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, I’m just saying it’s a thing, doesn’t Dan Sullivan look spookily like the actor Brian Blessed? Up top, anyone?


    Did they have any form of transport neary by?

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