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Feb 122008

This is a charming scene, isn’t it?

Apart, that is, from the two guys trying to steal a swan. When I appeared at the top of the steps and took their picture, the crouching crook released the bird and the two of them left, muttering something I couldn’t make out.

I must have looked sufficiently menacing and official with my camera because they didn’t beat me up or anything, I’m glad to say.



All right. I wasn’t going to say this, but since Krystian Kazerowski mentions it anyway in his comments, these guys spoke some Slavic language. They might have been Lithuanian or they might have been Polish. I don’t know.

I’m reluctant to publish this because I don’t want to give our home-grown xenophobes any ammunition, but Krystian has already mentioned it, so I might as well leave say so as well.

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